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    Marriage is the most important institution in human life and vital bond between two partners. The two are not human bodies but  convergence of two souls as well. How to synthesize and achieve a successful married life ?

    Vedic astrology has the answer how to make it successful through your life span. In order to ensure  a healthy, wealthy and pleasant life  partner  through the traditional method of Vedi astrology of horoscope matching  is known as “ Gun Milan method” . A  thorough research by some renowned researchers at the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and observation over decades through time tested cases , even this “Gun Milan Method” is not the ultimate answer of a lasting marriage.  

    Reason: the concepts of marriage have changed in modern times. In the traditional method ( milap)  of  the 36 scoring points, a minimum of 18 points were required to be matched for a happy marriage. Our research,  based on analyzing the horoscopes of 100-odd couples,  has established that even after matching 30 out of 36 points, the marriage has ended in a disaster.  Similarly, where matching points are less than 15, it was found most successful. So what type of matching is needed as per astrological parameters ?    

    Therefore, we will do a detailed and personalized marriage report rather than a computer-based report card. There are soft-wares that provide instant match-making report the moment you fill the required dates and particulars. But we will guide you about the compatibility with your partner, best or worst times of your marital life and provide you with facts of  your present and future relationship.  Our experts will co-relate both the horoscopes  and reveal areas of affinity and discord between two of you and give an overall view so that you can enjoy the fruits of such a relationship. 

    We will answer all the questions you have about your marriage and life partner. 

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    If you are not married
    Has Kundali (Horoscopes) Matching of both partners been done ?
    Are you and your partner compatible as per Kundalis ?
    Do you know the best time and date of tying the knot ?
    Should you have an arranged or a Love marriage ?
    Are you experiencing delays in marriage ?
    Are you apprehensive about your married life?
    Will your engagement work?


    If your are already married
    Are you having trouble in your married life ?
    Are you having trouble in compatibility of Marital life ?
    Do you enjoy complete marital Bliss?
    The best or worst time of your marital life?
    Are you looking for a divorce ?
    Is there a another marriage in your Kundali
    Is your partner cheating on you ?

    We suggest suitable remedies -wearing of gems or Rurakshas, performing pooja,  worshiping a particular Yantra and chanting of matras. If necessary we would recommend you to perform specific pooja for a particular planet. To know all this a proper analysis of your horoscope is necessary.  

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Rahukaal January 2019

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Sign of the Month: Capricorn

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