Worried about Health ?

Worried About Health ?

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Aastrology can detect, diagnose and treat.

If you are worried about your health, you must consult your doctor. But your astrological chart is more important. Your horoscope can tell you, the moment you are born, how will be your health medical astrology. Its tested from time memorial. There are numerous examples in our Vedas, Puranas and history books as to how predictions about Kings' and rulers were made by those who had the powers to predict.

The modern allopathic diagnosis demands an elaborate understanding of the pathogenesis of a disease requires a long years of training. Similarly, an astrologer can also provide an elaborate scientific diagnosis about the timing a likely illness & determining it's outcome.

Astrology helps you understand metabolism of your body

Astrology helps to understand metabolism & health. Zodiac signs are related to different parts of the body. Each one of us is born with a certain energy level in our body determined by the planetary configurations at the time of birth. We need particular medicine, nutrient from food, herbs, mineral, vitamins or other forms of therapy when we are under specific planetary influence. These planetary configurations & their aspects govern various physiological processes in our bodies. The Nutrients & medicines help to transform certain imbalances within our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Science explains these imbalances through hereditary & genetics processes. The astrology also explains through planets & signs and different planets have significant role in the health of the native.

Human body divided into 12 parts like your horoscope

In Astrology, human body has been divided into 12 parts and they have been correlated with 12 houses of the horoscope. There are nine planets & 12 signs to be studied in a horoscope. All these signs & planets have their natural characteristics influencing the physical & mental growth of the human being & the things around him. All these planets & signs have their natural characteristics & represent different parts of the body, both external & internal.

For example Saturn represents excretory system, teeth, muscles, wrist & feet while the Aries represents head. The nature of these planets & signs is fiery, earthy, airy & watery. In a horoscope for example malefic Mars might give rise to symptoms of toxic fire: blood impurities, rashes, feelings of despair and futility, indecisiveness, fear of the future etc. On the other hand in a balanced chart, there are no malefic or benefices, just adequate & balanced. In such instances, Mars does not give rise to temper or fever, but rather to decisiveness, initiative, action, self-confidence, and courage. It is neither reckless nor brave, malefic or benefic, merely the signal for the Time for action. Likewise, excess air indicates that the nervous system needs attention. Excess air tends to make one very nervous & anxious. Then, we refer to the airy planet Mercury & can tell that Vitamins such as B complex, magnesium & manganese support the nervous system.


1 ARIES MARS Affects Red blood Cells & natural oxidation, brain and functioning of sexual organs
2 TAURUS VENUS Ears, eyes, nose, tongue and vital parts of face. Regulation of sugar & carbohydrates in body
3 GEMINI MERCURY Mental functions, creativity, collar bones, breathing & even blinking
4 CANCER MOON Heart, Lungs, water retention, blood flow, digestive motion, and cellular moisture
5 LEO SUN Energy, heart function, upper abdonmen
6 VIRGO MERCURY Governs mental functions, breathing, navel bones and lower abdomen
7 LIBRA VENUS Ears, eyes, nose, tongue and sensery organs of body like semen and genitals
8 SCORPIO MARS Red blood Cells & natural oxidation, kidney & bladder
9 SAGITTARIUS JUPITER Physical growth of the body, Thighs & limbs, inlufences toxins, liver & kidneys.
10 CAPRICORN SATURN Bones of the body, basic inner stability in our skeletal systems, bone density, knees, Present in cartilage, teeth, nails etc.
11 AQUARIUS SATURN Plays most important role in bone density, distribution of calcium & fortifying vitamins, shanks & breathing
12 PISCES SATURN Governs bones of the body system, affects bone density, distribution of calcium & fortifying vitamins, cartilage, teeth, nails & feet


How 9 planets control your mind, body and soul

We determine which vitamins & minerals are needed in your body through your horoscope.

By analyzing the natal horoscope, we can know the physiological imbalances in your body. First, we make an elementary analysis for the lack or excess of certain elements. The lack of certain elements in the horoscope may indicate the need for a particular nutrient like the Iron is often required by one lacking fire; hard aspects of the Sun, Moon or ascendant on Sagittarius may indicate a lack of silica or chromium ruled by Jupiter, especially when combined with hard aspects to Saturn. Taurus, Sun, Moon, or ascendant receiving hard aspects may indicate potential thyroid difficulty, resulting in a lack of iodine or copper ruled by Venus.

After studying the natal horoscope, we consider the transits and progressions to the planets, ascendant, and mid heaven. Under transits of Saturn, one tends to have problems with teeths and bones and needs more calcium; Uranus transits call for more B complex, magnesium, and manganese to nourish the nervous system. Neptune transits often bring on allergies and lowered immune system response; plenty of vitamins A, C, bioflavonoid, zinc and potassium are usually required. Transits of Pluto may affect the hormonal balance, the reproductive system, and the excretory system; often vitamin E and selenium are needed.

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