Monthly Forecast for October 2018

Attention: Kindly note that these are general and broad predictions based on planetary movements and placement of stars in houses applicable to millions of persons across the world having the same sun sign. For precise predictions for individuals, your precise time, date and place of birth is needed. We will make your horoscope and conduct detailed analysis. Contact us to know your future in 2018

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March 21 - April 19

1st to 7th October: Between 1st & 2nd moon in 8th may give you much trouble. .  Be careful.  Your adamance will make you eat a humble pie.  Avoid confrontation and altercations at all cost.  Things will improve between 3nd & 4th    trade or profession will appear to be improving, money will come.  Your hold and supremacy will swell.  Your senior officers and boss will be happy with your work.  You'll make a balanced budget taking in view the future need.  Between 5th & 7th conditions will improve and with your prudence you'll bring your life back to the proper track May receive some happy news, particularly about some landed property.    

8th to 15th October: On 8th you'll remain busy in buying something new and shall feel encouraged about your future prospects. Between 9th & 10th you'll fully utilize your capabilities to the hilt.  Your spouse may have inclement health but financially you'll be better off.  You'll receive blessings from senior members and may indulge in some auspicious ritual.  But news between 11th & 13th October may upset you and cause depression.  Lack of interest may make lose some lucrative project.  Your disinterest may make you lose some lucrative projects.  The tide may again turn favourable between 14th & 15th.  Working with peace you’ will progress to get the desired success.

16th to 23rd October:  Between 16th & 18th   Jupiter and moon combination in your 3rd house would give you success in whatever you do. Your friends and associates will be quite helpful and cooperative.  The new venture will encourage you further.  Your some cherished wish is about to fulfilled.  You will be hailed by all.  Your enemies and opponents won't be able to even face you.  Between 19th & 20th   the tide may go against you. Money loss is feared.  Avoid any new investment. Your plans may be upset. Between 22nd and 23rd be more careful about your children’s studies.  If unemployed you may get good news. \ 

24th to 31st October: Between 24th & 25th family peace and prosperity will grow.  Your hard work shall be duly rewarded.  Enemies and opponents may feel pulverized before you.  Between 26th & 27th you'll get some mental peace.  Mars and Moon combination will get you good money.  Between 28th & 29th differences with the brothers will be resolved amicably, with you getting the favour.  Your personal valour will show its impact.  People shall recognize your merit.  But the period between 30th & 31st is quite trying, so stay alter and watchful.


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April 20 - May 20

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd you may get mixed results owing to Sun, Venus & Moon's conjunction.  The laxity in your work may upset you a bit.  But success is indicated in love affairs.  Between 3rd & 4th health may be indifferent but conditions at work place will improve.  Boss or senior officials will be happy with you.  But between 5th & 6th you'll have a tiff with someone close for no rhyme or reason.  You'll have to cut a sorry figure.  Tension at work place would adversely affect your domestic life.  On 7th things will be normal and you may attend a function with your relatives.

8th to 15th October – You'll have much energy to tackle the tricky situation on 8th and would use all your resources to brow beat your enemy.  Between 9th & 10th you may participate in some noble and philanthropic work.  Love relations will be induced with additional warmth.  May use a new technique to improve your business prospects.  Between 11th & 13th with your hand work and labour you'll scale new heights.  You will discharge your official and domestic duties well.  But drive your vehicle carefully between 13th & 15th.  Try to propitiate Jupiter on 15th for better results.

16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th you'll remain charged with a high level of energy.  You'll try to achieve something spectacular.  May get one or two better offers of job.  You will achieve your targets and your boss will happily grant you even promotion.  Between 18th & 20th October your honour and prestige will rise high.  May have a chance meeting with your old friend.  But don't take any risk step in an emotional fervour.  Between 21st & 23rd you need to stay alert as your talks may be secretly taped and used against you.

24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th you may receive some unpleasant news to intensity your tension.  But keep you temper under control, else you may suffer big monetary loss.  Despite your hard work, gain would be negligible.  Between 26th and 27th you may go out on journeys. Higher studies and research may give you good knowledge. You will set your priorities again and reframe your targets.  Your luck will help you.Between 28th & 29th you'll like to take full rest.  You will have something creative created to your delight.  You will finish all your due work to enjoy good economic position between 30th & 31st October.


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May 21 - June 21

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 3nd you'll accomplish some major deal ensuring you a hefty profit.    You could have your house renovated also.  Between 4th   & 5th your work progress will be normal – no gain but no loss as well.  May go out to attend seminars and conferences.  New chances for growth and golden opportunities will be unfolded before you.  Between 6th & 7th all good jobs would be completed under your leadership.  You must exploit this phase by widening your social circle.   However be careful about money matters as you could be duped by someone.  Enquire first before you befriend your new acquaintances.  Opponents may trouble you.

8th to 15th October – between 8th and 10th your social or community engagements may exhaust you. .  Success in the interview could be possible.  Between 11th & 13th you'll enjoy the results of your constructive working.  May meet someone who shall not only allow you much profit but relief also.    Between 13th & 15th   act judicially to get out your shell and diffuse the self created tension. You may show your creative abilities to get away from the rest.

16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th you may pick quarrel with someone.  Seasonal disease may afflict you.  Something untoward may happen at home to upset you.  Try to get over the situation   with your prudence and   tact. But between 18th & 20th situation will improve.  You'll feel tension free.  Your pending government related job may provide you relief.  You'll enhance your friends' circle.  It is a good time to have partnership type business.  Closeness and warmth in relations will make life more enjoyable. Between 22nd and 23rd things will be quiet conducive. You'll feel contented.

24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th much running around will exhaust you. .  You'll like to improve your image and take right step.  Between 26th & 27th your ego may create hurdle in your works.  Your moralist stance will give you strength.  . But you must keep your tongue soft and subdued.  Between 28th & 29th you'll earn a good name in theatre, performing arts and painting.  Between 30th & 31st you'll learn to exercise right type of self-control.  Owing to your publicity you'll be the cynosure of all.  You will  feel mental peace and contentment. 


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June 22 - July 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd   an inauspicious start will make you get trapped in an unwanted controversy.  Sudden financial loss and other problems will confront you.  Between 3rd & 4th will get you some relief.  You will have an uncanny experience as much as to make even your enemies apologized.    Despite your busy schedule you'll have time for your family.   Between 5th & 7th you'll feel mentally satisfied and cheerful.  Your hard work will be duly rewarded.  You'll like to brighten your image for which you'll evolve new policies.    Your self-confidence will make you preside in friends' gathering with great aplomb.   

8th to 15th October – On 8th you may finalize your plans for your office, residence, godown etc.  This phase will be marked with drastic changes. Between 9th & 10th your inability to devote any time at home may cause some clashes there.  But you'll have to take care of your parents and kids.  Between 11th & 13th you will have good time indulging in your hobbies.  Between 14th & 15th you'll have good cooperation from your friends and relations.  Health will improve.  You will pay much attention to your personal improvement.  

16th to 23rd October – Between 16th & 17th. Your domestic budget may go haywire.    Avoid all financial deals at the moment and check your expenses. Between 18th & 20th    although your progress will be slow, you will manage to get over all your past problems.  You must take care of your health and pass time with your family. Between 21st & 23nd you will devote good time to keep your whole family happy and prosperous.  Members of the family will also be very cooperative.  May go out on sightseeing  tour as well.

24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th high officials will be very helpful and cooperative.  You'll be the centre of people's admiration.  May spend liberally on the things that enhance your comforts and luxury.  Between 26th & 27th May also receive good news through phone. Dialogues and agreements will make your life active.  But between 28th & 29th your enemies of opponents may create hurdles in your work and business.  Health may also deteriorate due to your carelessness.  Don't take vital decisions now as the time is not conducive.  Between 30th & 31st you’ll adroitly balance your business budget in order to enhance your margin of profit.  Matrimonial proposals will be finalized.

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July 23 - August 22

1st to 7th October – Between 1st & 2nd your morale will be quite upbeat.  You will get money from your business in accordance with your capability.    Your hard work will be duly rewarded later on.  Between 3rd & 4th mentally you'll be dissatisfied owing to forced to work with persons of drastically different thinking.  At times you'll have clashes with them.  Don't rely anyone in money matters.    Between 5th & 7th Nuptial relations will be further strengthened.  You will help the needy ones out of sympathy.  Routine jobs will be easily accomplished.  New plans will be made and implemented. 

8th to 15th October – Between 8th & 10th you will indulge in all tricks to ensure your progress in which you'll succeed as well.  You will meet some persons who will be quite helpful.  In property matters you'll be lucky in this phase.  You'll achieve your targets.  Between 11th &13th New things will be purchased, marriage proposals will be finalized. Beware of overindulgence   in emotion, food or drink.  But between 14th & 15th   mental differences in personal relationships are with friendly considerations and a loving attitude.   

16th to 23rd October – On 16th & 17th Despite heavy competition you'll succeed in your attempt.  May attend many interview, seminars or conferences in which you'll show your class.  Between 18th & 20th you will work with redoubled enthusiasm and vigour to work freely.  Lovers and beloved with exchange costly gifts.  But at home tension will rise.  Progeny's health will worry you.  Keep a check on your tongue and drive your vehicle carefully.   Between 21st & 23rd the tide will change for better, you'll meet old friends.  Your social reputation will swell.  Physical comforts will attract your attention.

24th to 31st October – Between 24th & 25th you will feel quite energetic and shall achieve a big feat.  All held up projects will be accomplished.  You will discharge all your responsibilities with great ease.  Between 26th & 27th your partnership hassles will be amicably resolved.  Love relations will become stronger.  Between 28th & 29th the period will be very favourable.  Move ahead and achieve your targets.  Socially you will also become busy.  Between 30th & 31st some futile responsibility may be thrust on you.  Avoid such commitments as much as you can.


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August 23 - Nov 22