Monthly Forecast for November 2018

Attention: Kindly note that these are general and broad predictions based on planetary movements and placement of stars in houses applicable to millions of persons across the world having the same sun sign. For precise predictions for individuals, your precise time, date and place of birth is needed. We will make your horoscope and conduct detailed analysis. Contact us to know your future in 2018

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March 21 - April 19

Planetary Position: Jupiter + Venus + Mars in 1st Mercury + Sun + Moon + Ketu in 2nd, Saturn in 6th, Rahu in 8th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov: May get some money between 1st & 2nd. Avoid eating out of the house and have only simple, bland food else stomach troubles may surface. If thinking starting a new venture, do so as you will succeed. Between 3rd & 5th Nov you'll give time to your family as well as discharge your official duties. Trade or profession will prosper well. The Moon in 3rd will make you display your personal excellence in a spectacular way. May meet some VIP who may prove very helpful to you later on. The tide may turn adverse from the 5th evening. On 7th Moon's transit may cast its adverse influence. Due money may be held back, upsetting all your plans. You may be ditched by your trusted friends. Drive your vehicle carefully.

8th to 15th Nov: Between 8th & 9th you will recover from the crisis by your own efforts. Good news regarding your education will be received. A good time for the students. Mars, your Rashi lord in his own house shall help you achieve important laurels. Your dear ones will help you grow. A change in your life will be noted between 10th & 11th when spiritually you'll grow. You'll feel light and tension free, though some of your close ones may feel antagonized. Between 12th & 13th you'll find time for your family. May go to attend some party or function. Be a bit stingy between 14th & 15th, else you'll feel out of pocket. Curb your expenses. Act prudently as the tide is not favourable for you.

16th to 23rd Nov: Between 16th & 17th Nov your hard work will be duly rewarded. You'll get success in the Government related works. But familial issues would have more significance for you at this juncture. Health will remain good and may achieve the fulfillment of some long lasting wish all of a sudden. Share investment will fetch you good dividend. Between 18th & 20th Nov your supremacy in the political sphere will swell and all your projects will be duly accomplished. Between 22nd & 23rd Nov, the 12th Moon may enhance your difficulties. Think twice before taking any decision and consider all aspects judiciously. 

24th to 30th Nov: Between 24th & 25th , money due to you will be held back, all your projects will be hurdled at the eleventh hour. You may feel cornered by the crisis, including the one from the government side. You will waste your time in useless work. But the Moon's transit to your sign and its association with Jupiter may give you a wind-fall of money. You will earn as much as you work. Familial peace and prosperity will swell. Between 28th & 30th the love related affairs will get success. You will feel quite relieved and happy, although the heat related physical troubles may surface.


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April 20 - May 20

Planetary Position – Mercury + Ketu + Sun + Moon in 1st, Saturn in 5th, Rahu in 8th, Jupiter+ Mars + Venus in 12th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd your hard work will pay and you may get a monetary gain all of a sudden. Tussle with the in-laws is likely. May buy something for your home. Time is ripe for intensifying your love relations. Friends will help but between 3rd & 5th Nov, you'll get mixed results. Your parents and senior will show affection. It is high time to take some rest as over-activities may exhaust you. A difference with your mother's family is likely. But a big problem will be solved. Between 6th & 7th Nov you'll enjoy your holidays. Spouse's devotion shall keep you happy. Marriage proposals may be finalized. This time you will succeed in whatever you do. Socially your chant and contact will spread wider. You'll finish your pending jobs.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th money due to you may be held up. You'll have altercation with someone. Don't give any money on loan as it will never recovered. Avoid any confrontation with your rivals and entertain no stranger. Between 10th & 11th you'll welcome guests and shall remain busy with them. A delay in your promotion may upset you. Bad news about your close relation is likely. May come in close contact with a VIP. Between 14th & 15th may have a tiff with your friends. May seek a legal advise from some expert. At work new challenges will confront you.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th your health will become better. But you'll have to face some government related major problem, in which you'll use all possible approach and influence to get out of it by hook or by crook. Avoid futile litigation. Between 18th & 20th with your tact and prudence you'll achieve your objective. Your kids will get their institution for higher studies. May attend some social function, and remain undaunted by criticism. You may get transferred on promotion to your desired post. Between 21st & 23rd your efficiency will be admired. Between 21st & 22nd the problem relating to relative will wane. Avoid futile expenses. On 23rd, you may get good money. Trade and profession will get you good results. 

24th to 30th Nov – May start a new work between 24th & 25th. Friend's help will revive your held up projects. After 25th afternoon you may be sucked into some crisis owing to the Moon's 12th transit. Your rivals may hatch up a sinister conspiracy against you. In service or profession you get more tension. Your all almost completed projects will be held up. But between 29th & 30th your hard work and patience will eventually prove quite rewarding. But avoid consumption of intoxicating drugs or liquor. Some lady's help will boost up your career tremendously.



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May 21 - June 21

Planetary Position: Saturn in 4th, Rahu in 6th, Jupiter + Mars + Venus in 11th , Mercury + Ketu + Sun + Moon in 12th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – The beginning of the week may start with worries. Between 1st & 2nd someone may deceive you, so invest your money after much deliberation. Your negative thinking may damage your interest. Division in the house is also likely, due to differences with your brothers. Between 3rd & 5th major change is expected. You'll have firmer relations with your subordinates. You'll be admired in conferences and seminars. Money inflow will be good. You'll remain happy. Between 6th & 7th you'll tactfully show your prudence to elicit praise from all for your talents. In politics you'll rise higher. May have a good deal through e-mail or telephone which shall improve your position. In religious field you'd indulge in charity and may visit religious shrines.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th you'll have good time: may attend family functions, go on a rail journey to meet your old friend. May find new friends. But on 9th evening you may have a tiff with someone. Between 10th & 11th insults may be heaped on you. One of your old friends may ditch you – so be careful. Work pressure will mount to leave some jobs incomplete. Between 12th & 13th students may enrich their knowledge. Between 14th & 15th your sources of income will swell. May go out to enjoy with your friends.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th you'd brighten your image by indulging in Yoga and learning the art of conversation. May also practice good writing. Between 18th & 20th you may go out on a sight-seeing tour. But owing to outing you won't be able to complete your pending official jobs which may upset you a bit. May try to use some peace formula heard in a religious discourse, or visit as astrologer. This shall prove to be a progressive phase for lawyers, judges and engineers and doctors if they remain alert. Between 21st & 23rd you'll go out for shopping. Guest will come. You'll like to renovate your home. This week may prove quite progressive.

24th to 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th you may go out with kids and elders for deity – darshan in a temple, wearing new clothes. May have food outside. Journey is possible between 26th & 27th. Some good news shall really delight your heart. Spouse will be happy with you. But between 28th & 30th the Moon in 12th would make your every job going topsy-turvy. Your advice to some one may be taken as challenge of hostility. Some chronic ailment may surface. Be careful about any disease connected with kidney, blood pressure or heart and have been checked regularly. 


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June 22 - July 22

Planetary Position: Saturn in 3rd, Rahu in 5th, Jupiter + Venus + Mars in 10th, Ketu + Mercury + Moon + Sun in 11th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – A good opening will show you some place where you'll be honoured and also earn some money. Although expenses will be there, good income will square it up. May enjoy a music between 1st & 2nd. But between 3rd & 5th the Moon in 12th may create troubles, health may deteriorate to force you visit a doctor. You may have a help with your family members. Keep your tongue in check. May go to attend a funeral. But from 5th evening you will have better time as upto 7th Moon in your sign will make you take a bold decision. Avoid any confrontation or altercation at every cost to ensure your mental peace. You'll have good meeting with like minded people. You'll also look after your vital interests.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th you'll be particularly careful about your home and family. A distinct change will come in your outlook. You'll develop a philanthropic view. Professionally you'll earn good income and regulation. Between 10th & 11th you'll set your fresh goals and try to achieve them successfully, working with great style and discipline. In love and the field of spiritualism you may have some novel ideas. May also get some important achievements. But between 12th & 13th you'll feel restless. May have to undertake a journey. Expenses will mount and work pressure will also be heavy, making you neglect you domestic duties. Between 14th & 15th, you'll have good time to relax and rest.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th, you'll have all avenues open to have dialogues with all. But you'll have to work hard to put your ideas into practice. Many held up jobs will be revived. May have good profits in share dealings between 18th & 20th. May develop a new hobby or game for you to have good time with children. Of course, you'll try to achieve success in may spheres, but it would be better if you concentrate in one particular field. Between 21st & 22nd avoid indulging in any hazardous job, else you may suffer badly. Some old wounds may again open up. Past memories will haunt you. On 23rd you may get betrothed if you are still single. Personal and professional considerations may weigh heavily at this juncture. May start a new partnership business. 

24th to 30th Nov – Likely to prove a cheerful and happy week, this end phase of the money may give you good opportunities for growth. Between 24th & 27th you may change you job, residence, office or even profession. House renovation may need much expense for which you'll have help from quite an unexpected quarter. May succeed in some competitive exam. Between 28th & 30th may have to undertake some vital journey. Personal relationships with parents, relations will be further fortified. You will be able to achieve even some difficult targets. But drive your vehicle carefully on 30th evening. Health of the senior family members may cause concern. Get them duly medically examined. A callousness in this regard may cost you very dear.

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July 23 - August 22

Planetary Position: Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 4th, Jupiter + Mars + Venus 9th, Mercury + Sun + Ketu + Moon in 10th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd you'll get riddance from the contradictory trends of time. You'll have full profit. Also your interest in spiritualism, religion, Tantra-Mantra and astrology may rise. Your long journeys may partially safeguard your future. Enemies won't be able to face you. Between 4th & 5th you will have an introspection and shall study well. Economic gains are also expected. Socially your reputation will rise. In you routine exercises you'll include Yoga. Money inflow will be good. But between 6th & 7th some of your close confidant may deceive you. Your all plans will be ruined. Your close relations may add to your problems which may remain unsolved to vex you all the more. Clashes between the spouses may add to your tension and disturb your official life as well. So be wary.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th things will be normal. May meet someone close and receive gifts. Health will improve. New sources of income may open up. May have to discharge some responsible duties. Between 10th & 11th you'll feel much mental satisfaction. May do something very good for someone and receive good news. Between 12th & 13th some progeny related worry will vanish and you'll have swell time with family. Some senior's problem will be solved. Between 14th & 15th the students won't feel interested in studies. Your going back on your words will cost you dear. You'll long to have a big deal for better future. Non-cooperative attitude of some high official may upset you. Some of your close secrets exposure may upset you. Lovers won't find good response from their beloveds. Some lady may ditch you. Don't trust anyone and be alert.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th your fundamental thinking will set your fresh programme. Someone will praise you. Legal cases will be decided in your favour through someone's intervention. You'll also accomplish some religious ritual. Between 18th & 20th your relations with your neighbours will be quite cordial. The government servants may have to go out. State will honour you. Support from the mother's side is also expected. Between 21st & 22nd your office colleagues or boss will be quite cooperative. Socially you will be quite active. You will face every challenge with a resolute courage on 23rd. May buy something new for your home. May show your magnanimity to your subordinates and shall receive kudos from them. 

24th to 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th your almost accomplished jobs will be held up. Despair and sadness will surround you. You'll feel lonely and lost. But between 26th & 27th a ray of hope shall emerge. You may have your wishes fulfilled. Spouses will be considerate to each other and shall help each other when most needed. A change for better may occur in career, with the solution of a nagging problem. Between 28th & 29th way to your promotion may be cleared. You'll realize that alone hard work can't achieve the desired objective unless supported by luck. On 30th your luck will favour you. A contact with a VIP will take you far on the path of success.


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August 23 - Nov 22

Planetary Position – Saturn in 1st, Rahu in 3rd, Mars + Jupiter + Venus in 8th, Mercury + Sun + Ketu + Moon in 9th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd religions activities and social commitments will take most of your time. May plan to visit a far off place. You'll discharge your duties well to coin appreciation from your boss or seniors. Between 3rd & 5th heat-generated problems may afflict you. May finalize a land or building deal. Domestic dispute will eventually be resolved. Some senior family member's health may deteriorate. On 6th your presence in a family function will make you full of enthusiasm. But on 7th the money due to you will be held back. Enemies or rivals may try to outwit you. Work will appear disinteresting. In your love relations some closely guarded secret may be exposed to embarrass you.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th your almost completed projects will be held up. May receive some bad news since you Sade Sati is on; don't buy anything new for the house, as you could be duped or cheated. Be careful in whatever you do. Don't give any loan or receive it from any one. Between 10th & 11th work will keep you busy. In service you'll get a good offer. Spouse will be fully cooperative. Religion will rivet your attention. Senior's advice will show you the right path. Something may happen which may lower your reputation. But on 14th & 15th your boss will praise your efficiency. Money will be received from every transaction. Held up money will also be realized.

16th to 23rd Nov – Keep a check on your tongue and temper between 16th & 17th. Education and marriage prospects of children will give you tension. In service you'll not find the work interesting and may scolded by your boss. Between 18th & 20th health of some senior family member may force you to rush to the hospital. Domestic engagement will make you official work suffer. But between 21st & 22nd you will devote your attention to your profession. Your profit may swell. May meet some VIP and you'll try to exploit this association to the hilt. May receive encouraging news. On 23rd you'll get mental peace. Love-relation will be sweet and satisfying. Domestic problems will be duly solved. 

24th to 30th Nov – On 24th on a minor issue you may have tiff with your partner. But the Moon in 7th will ensure your mental peace soon. Between 25th & 27th you may admitted to a hospital. Meet strangers with great caution, as you could be deceived. Your mental concentration will remain disturbed. Your mental concentration will remain disturbed. Some matter will put off your mood. But between 28th & 30th the tide will change for better. You will assert your position and may slight someone to prove your point. You will show your self confidence in whatever you do.


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Nov 23 - Nov 22

Planetary Position – Rahu in 2nd , Jupiter + Venus + Mars in 7th, Mercury + Sun + Ketu + Moon in 8th, Saturn in 12th house in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – May face new challenges on 1st & 2nd and mounting expenses may force you to earn more at the cost of family contact. At work place you may be saddled with additional responsibility. But between 3rd & 4th your held up projects will be completed. Those in export-import business may have very good time. Young entrepreneurs may get good offers. Between 5th & 7th your social life will be very sparkling and gainful in every way including getting honour. Friends will admire and new sources of income will open up. Even at home your command will become wider spread.

8th to 15th Nov – Help from unexpected quarter on 8th but between 9th & 11th you'll have to work hard to put your plans into action. Be patient and not hasty if you want to succeed. Your mental tension will rise. Between 12th & 13th you'll make efforts in may a filed but you'll get success only when you concentrate in one sphere only. You'll feel quite energetic and all your confusions will vanish. Between 14th & 15th you'll devote special attention to your personal work and relationship. May opt for a new partnership. You'll feel happy to get due reward of your labour. Friends and brothers will be helpful.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th a windfall from some unexpected trust, fund or public property will cheer you up. Economically you'll feel quite strong to pass time in enjoyable company. Between 18th & 20th your opponents or enemies may cause hurdle in your business. Liquid money will be less in hand to make you feel rather hard pressed. Keep a check on your tongue or you'll be admonished by your boss. Between 21st & 22nd you'll go for your intellectual development and read good legal or classical literature. On 23rd you account will be fairly balanced. You'll have good terms with your subordinates. Property related matters will be settled. May get honour from some society or community.

24th to 30th Nov – Success at work place between 24th & 25th will get you good gain. May have to rush to your in-laws due to some urgent work. Between 26th & 27th you'll get good result of your patience. You will feel economically well established. May receive unpleasant news between 28th & 30th. You'll have to look after your family and kids. Their indifference may hurt your feelings. Avoid committing obvious mistakes. May have a tiff with some close relation or friend.


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Nov 23 - Nov 21

Planetary Position – Rahu in 1st, Mars + Venus + Jupiter in 6th, Mercury + Moon + Sun + Ketu in 7th and Saturn in 11th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd, you'll have contact with far off people. You'll feel happy with your achievement. But between 3rd & 5th you must look after your health. You may try to escape your responsibilities and may feel listless. You'll have to take recourse to yoga-pranayam to become mentally remain busy in gardening to relieve your stress You will have whatever you want during this phase.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th you may appear to be quite finicky about your eating preferences. Your dictatorial behaviour at home may subdue your spouse and kids. You'll succeed in brow-bearing your enemies. Between 10th & 11th you'll get success in whatever you do. Money will come to you thick and fast. Relations with your neighbours will be cordial. You'd like to help them. But between 12th & 13th your noble gestures will be countered by wicked moves – so be careful. You mustn't talk on mobile while driving your car and employ all security measures. Between 14th & 15th your exalted position will frustrate your foes' plan to tarnish your image. On the contrary they will be exposed before all.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th your image will become brighter and your character's transparency will influence people. Things will be in your favour. Between 18th & 20th you'll progress fast in your profession and your fame will also swell. May go out to attend some party or function. But between 21st & 22nd you'll feel mental tension. You'd be apprehensive of losing something very dear to you. Someone close may deceive you. On 23rd you'll be involved in religious activities/fasts etc to ensure mental equanimity.

24th to 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th a good financial advice given to you will be implemented to your total satisfaction. You may brood a little on the fast pace of life. Between 26th & 27th you may receive some good news to cash in on a golden opportunity. Between 28th & 29th you'll pass good time in the company of your family/kids. Your spouse will support you. The tide may remain favourable till 30th noon, then some untoward happenings/persons may cause nervousness.


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Nov 22 - Dec 21

Planetary Position – Jupiter + Mars + Venus in 5th, Mercury + Sun + Ketu + moon in 6th, Saturn in 10th and Rahu in 12th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Good news will be received between 1st & 2nd and your work hurdle will be cleared. Some family member's health will recover to cheer you up. Differences with the spouse will be removed and you'll enthusiastically participate in religious festivals. Between 3rd & 5th you'll remain busy in public affair buy may have to visit hospitals for your spouse's treatment. Working women may have to work hard. Between 5th evening and 7th disputes among the family members will arrive. May have to suffer a bit due to the spouse's misbehaviour. Health will deteriorate a bit. You may suffer business loss.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th success in law courts will cheer you up. Your enemies will remain subdued. Some VIP's heal will solve most of your problems. But you'll feel rather listless. May have to arrange for repaying loan etc. Between 10th & 11th partnership business will prove rewarding. May earn from Share Market, gambling and speculation. You'll remain busy in repaying loans. May feel relieved by the solution of your kids related problem. May buy a costly item. Between 14th & 15th monetary loss is feared. Exposure of some love affair may bring you infamy. Family atmosphere will remain tense.

16th to 23rd Nov – May attend a religious function with your family. The Moon in your sign will make things easy for you in every field. May get money from secret sources. Business will give you desired results. But between 18th & 20th you will get only mixed results. May have to help some needly close relation. May held up, between 21st & 22nd, will be duly recovered. But you may suffer a business loss on 23rd Nov, so be guarded. 

24th to 30th Nov– Don't poke your nose in other's affairs between 24th & 25th, lest you get yourself trapped in the trouble. Work hurdles, senior family member's health may upset your schedule as you'll have to devote your time in his care. Between 26th & 27th love relations may give you success. May go out with your spouse/beloved to see a movie. Relations with colleagues will become smoother. Between 28th & 30th you'll work seriously. Property dispute related results will be favourable.  


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Dec 22- Jan 19

Planetary Position – Jupiter + Mars + Venus in 4th, Mercury + Ketu + Sun + Moon in 5th, Saturn in 9th and Rahu in 11th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd all your kids related problems will be solved. You may get good news about them as well. You may learn new techniques and high quality literature as well. Between 4th & 5th you may get good wealth through right means. May get promotion or posting at the desired destination. You will progress firmly and steadily to reach your target. Between 6th & 7th you may get sudden gain. Good news received will further boost up your morale. Some jealous person may try to obstruct your way but you'll move ahead undaunted.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th ( 9th you may feel rather hard-pressed financially. Money will give you worry. Relations with the spouse will be strained. Avoid starting any new venture. Between 10th & 11th you'll strike a right equilibrium between work and entertainment. Journey chances are strong. Between 12th & 13th you may have a new guest. You will remain hopeful to realize your ambitions and shall work hard. Between 14th & 15th you may come across new opportunities. May get a big award. Shares, speculations etc. may give you some money. Business in black things, particularly iron with give you good money.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th you may face many problem. Your feet may ache. Avoid any confrontation with anybody and act with patience. Also eschew taking any financial risk, lest you suffer loss. Between 18th & 20th you'll remain busy in learning new hobbies and reading enlightening literature. If you act carefully you may save good money. Between 21st & 22nd may go out for the treatment of your some relative. On 23rd you may get unexpected money as well as good results of your past efforts.

24th to 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th agriculture and landed property may rivet your interest. Deal relating to a house may prove fruitful. Marriage proposals will gather momentum. But between 26th & 27th someone may deceive you to give you a severe blow. Professional loss is likely. Between 28th & 30th you must work irrespective of any return since you'll surely get good results. You'll remain busy in the worship of God. Journey will be fruitful. You'll have good time with your close ones and enjoy comforts of high order. 


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Jan 20 - Feb 18

Planetary Position – Jupiter + Mars + Venus in 3rd, Mercury + Sun + Ketu in 4th, Saturn in 8th, Rahu in 10th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – Between 1st & 2nd domestic peace will be disturbed. You may suffer a minor accident. Your friends may become your foes. Differences may surface between the spouses. Four planets combination in 4th house may give you jitters. Don't buy anything or you may cheated. Senior family members' health may cause concern. Between 3rd & 5th much hard work may be needed to achieve normal results. But friends will be quite cooperative. Act with a positive frame of mind and avoid getting agitated. Some auspicious ceremony may be celebrated at home. Between 5th & 6th expenses will be high in maintenance of the house and vehicle etc. But long due, held up jobs revival will cheer you up. Money will be recovered. On 7th the Moon in 8th house may cause an untoward incident.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th friends will be very cooperative but relations with the spouse will be strained. At home matrimonial proposal may get active consideration. But between 9th evening & 11th, the 8th Moon may appear damaging. Court-cases may crop up. Money due may be held up. Between 11th & 13th the sign is favourable. May get a good deal of profit in a surprise transaction. Between 14th & 15th the disputed land deal may find its favourable solution. However, you may still have a wavering mind. Some short journey may be undertaken.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th good professional opportunities may be received including a good job offer. Try to be honest in your deal, else you'll suffer. Your little efforts will you big profit. Despite hectic schedule you'll find time for your kids. But between 18th & 20th you may suffer a big business loss. Financial crunch may surface and you'll feel tired and exhausted. But between 21st & 23rd journeys will prove quite productive and fame-enhancing. The worry due to children will vanish. Senior family member's health may remain good. On 23rd, you'll get a mixed bag of results: happy and sad both.

24th & 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th lover will have their rendezvous with their beloveds. New professional deals will be signed which will prove very rewarding later on. But between 26th & 27th you'll have an altercation with someone. You may get transferred to an unwanted destination. Some sad event may upset you. Keep a check on your tongue and temper. Your incapability to take quick decision may make you lose a big contract. Between 28th & 30th you'll be surrounded by problems. May receive unhappy news. This month may end on a sad note.  


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Feb 19 - June 20

Planetary Position – Jupiter + Mars + Venus in 2nd, Mercury + Ketu + Sun + Moon in 3rd, Saturn in 7th, Rahu in 9th in the transit chart.

1st to 7th Nov – May visit a beauty-parlour between 1st & 2nd to attend a social meet. You may decide to change your line of work after indulging in a bit of self-introspection. Between 3rd &5th you'll have a very disturbing time. Attending a sick relative, feeling the financial crunch and suffering further losses are likely. Between 5th evening and 7th things will normalize. Family get together will delight you. Children will be obedient. You'll plan a lot for further. You will manage to influence people with your refurbished image.

8th to 15th Nov – Between 8th & 9th you'll work according to the norms set by your role model. With the elders' blessing you'll succeed in your mission. Keep a yellow hanky always in your pocket. Between 10th & 11th you'll look after your spouse and kids and fulfill their needs. You'll look after your spouse and kids and fulfill their needs. You'll maintain good relations will all. Your hard work shall be duly rewarded. But between 12th & 13th you'll find yourself in dilemma. Avoid all controversies and disputes as much as you can. However, you may have a heated discussion with someone. You may feel quite lonely and helpless. Between 14th & 15th you'll feel tired and lethargic. You may earn some quick money through speculation at this juncture.

16th to 23rd Nov – Between 16th & 17th your reputation and prestige shall take an upward plunge. You'll share your experiences of the tour and travel with your family and other relations. You'll be able to influence them with your lies (some of them). Between 18th & 20th you admirers and friends sphere will spread wider. With friends' advice you'll also complete your some land and business deals successfully. Between 21st & 22nd some family member's health may cause concern. You must keep a strict control on your diet, else you may suffer a severe health problem. On 23rd, you'll check the inventory of the goods at your shop or factory. Your bank-balance will rise. You'll also have very warm relation with your friends and colleagues.

24th to 30th Nov – Between 24th & 25th you may go to visit a religious holy place. You maywin a lottery. Suddenly you may have a windfall of money. Between 26th & 27th you'll lead a very well regulated life. May visit talkies or theatre for entertainment. May also do service to senior citizens. Between 28th & 30th again you may visit a religious shrine. Your vehicle, however, could be damaged. Property disputes may again rise to make you have a heated discussion with your siblings. However, assured of your position and status you'll move ahead, undaunted.


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