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March 21 - April 19


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd you could be drawn in some controversy.  Financial activities will take most of your time.  You can take a wrong decision with respect to your career. Your confidence will be shaky.  Between 4th & 5th things may come on proper wheels.  You will improve the impaired work. Cooperation with your spouse will help you gain better health and mental peace.  Between 6th & 7th some long standing worry may vanish. Good news about your kids may cheer you up.  Relations with seniors will improve.

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 11th some big responsibility be given to you.  You'll succeed in getting your government related work duly accomplished.  Between 12th & 13th be careful in your work as even a little lapse may cost you clearly. You may pass through a very trying phase.  Keep your expenses in check.  Between 14th & 15th relations with spouse may go warmer.  Your social life will be active.  Students will succeed in competitive examinations.
16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 18th your school going kid's health may vex you.  Those who are trying to get job may get good offers.  Your allowances and other facilities may get a raise.  Between 19th & 21st Love relations may become bitter.  People will take undue advantage of your good nature.  Between 22nd & 23rd   you will receive some good news. You may go to some beautiful place. Your mind will be focused on praying, religion, meditation etc.
24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th you'll have peaceful time.  But endeavours won't be duly rewarded.   But you'll feel quite satisfied.  Economically you feel secured. Between 27th & 28th you will save good money. In business you will be enthuastic because of some good order or getting a good deal.   But between 29th & 31st you may get cornered by troubles.  Your almost completed projects will develop hurdles.  There might be health issues of your close ones. 
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April 20 - May 20


1st to 7th May- On Between1st & 3rd you’ll have a gainful period.  You’ll have good time.  Your achievements will be admired and you'll get honour.  At home your opinion will carry weight. Between 4th & 5th it is ideal time to start a new venture.  Those in media & communication business will get a boost in their career.  Marriage proposals in the family will be finalized.  With kids you'll have good time.  Between 6th & 7th Stomach ailment etc. may surface.  Be careful about your food and drinks.
8th to 15th May- Between 7th & 8th an outward journey is possible. May go on journey connected with your business deals. Be wary of making any financial deals with the strangers. Between 9th & 11th you will get interesting results at your workplace. You will establish relations with influential people.You will be full of self confidence.   Between 12th & 13th you may get good money.  New contracts and social work will prove advantageous. Between 14th & 15th as you'll feel quite tired and exhausted.   You can participate in some recreational activities.

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you'll enrich your knowledge. Family related tensions will disappear.  You might buy something new for the house.  Between 18th & 19th you’ll do your work with total devotion whose rich results you'll reap.  The passage of time is smooth.  Between 20th & 21st there can be disputes with somebody.  Keep a distance from the company of bad persons and stay away from bad habits. Between 22nd & 23rd your domestic responsibilities will swell which may appear rather taxing.  Expenses will mount.  Be careful in the love-related matters.  
24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th you may accomplish some religious deeds.  Your romantic feelings at the moment are dominated by hope and optimism, but if your dreams are not fulfilled it is all too easy for you to become disillusioned.    Between 27th & 28th some major responsibility may come on your shoulders.  May also get good news about the kids. Between 29th & 31st   you may be involved in some minor accident so be careful.  Take care of your health as well; else you may have to go to the medical clinics. 
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May 21 - June 21


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd high officials will prove very helpful.  Your PR circle will also widen.  You'll complete your all task with your and other's influence.  Between 4th 5th you'll have good time with your family members to discuss marriage proposals for the nubile members. Between 6th & 7th you may accomplish some very noble and meritorious deed to earn fame. You will have internal energy and you will accomplish some big task.   Ties with loved ones will get stronger. 

8th to 15th May- Between 7th & 8th you may remain worried due to kids' or senior family members' actions.You will not be successful in clearing interviews, competition etc. Between 9th & 11th a long drawn-out conflict which has cast a shadow over your affairs could now be settled. Working relationships are more closely under the spotlight than any other, so it is here that the greatest effort may be required.  Between 12th & 13th career or professional matters could be going through a rather disappointing phase. If so, the reason is that your hopes are now meeting really head-on, while the solution for most problems lies in a change of prospective.  Between 13th & 15th benevolent stellar alignments are on your side.  Try laying the foundations for a different kind of life, one which takes into account your determination to go back to the past. 

16th to 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you'll have bad time; friends behaving like foes and enemies becoming powerful – Be careful.  You can be betrayed in love.  You can get caught up in other people’s problems. Between 18th & 19th you may go out for some knowledge enhancing program me. Students will do well. You will take career related decisions with a lot of thinking and with the advice of your friends. Between 20th & 21st of May, you'll devotedly complete all your pending jobs.  A new project may give you some quick money.  Partnership business will also prove productive.  Between 22nd & 23rd you will feel more satisfied and give yourself grand results.  You will think of change in order to improve yourself.

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 25th politically you may have to eat dirt; business may also give you loss.   Do not swim against the tide; take time to tie up the loose ends.  Between 26th & 27th your held up work will be duly revived.  Tide will remain favourable you will have the blessings of elders as they could be pleased by your services that you will render them. Between 29th & 31st you'll have good romantic escapades.  May also attend social functions.  You may enter a big deal regarding a big chunk of ancestral or any other landed property. 

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June 22 - July 22


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd your PR sphere will grow.  Mental worries will be considerably lessened.  Your voice and abilities will influence people greatly during this phase.  Between 4th & 5th your tension and worries will lessen.  The completion of your some pending job will delight you.  Family atmosphere will be happy.  Between 6th & 7th is the time to make the direct approach in all matters. Do not hold back in false humility or unnecessary hesitation.  Fall back on tried and tested routines, whenever you are in doubt, and you won’t wrong.

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 10th your voice and abilities will influence people greatly during this phase.   May get good job opportunities.  Your renown and fame's graph may take an upward swing.  In the field of education you will also achieve great results.  Between 11th & 13th family peace will be severely disturbed. Unwanted expenditure may force you to incur loan.  You will find yourself trapped in confusion. Between 14th & 15th there are times, when you need to leave logic on the door and cater to the sentiments of others; this is one of those. 

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you may be trapped in the fold in the cunning and cheats, though you will be imbued with the altruistic spirit and thinking about everyone's welfare.  Enemies and foes will succeed in their designs to cause you much tension.  Between 18th & 21th a little carelessness may blot your career.  Some bitter fact will be revealed before you, though your work will progress well.  Gains from friends are also likely.  Investments made on 22nd & 23rd will fetch good returns, though physically this won't be a good phase. 

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th the Moon's transit to 11th house will open up gates of all kinds of success for you.  You will get money from all sources.  This is a good time for taking   long term academic/professional decisions.  Between 27th & 28th tide may turn adverse. Follow rules and regulations in their spirit and be willing to interpret them liberally, if humanitarian considerations require so.  Between 29th & 31st the Moon's transit to your own sign will make the life again comfortable.  With your prudence and the gift of gab you will make things again favourable for you. 

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July 23 - August 22


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd May face insult or ignominy.  If your efforts are met with undue resistance; do not give up; look for alternate approaches that can help you to find your way right through the obstacles. Between 4th & 5th you may not receive expected help from your relations. Avoid unnecessary controversies and ego tussles, as they will only be an unnecessary drain on energies and resources. Between 6th & 7th your enemies or opponents won't be able to face you.  All your missions will be duly accomplished. 

8th to 15th May- May get good information between 8th & 10th.  Your enhancing political chart in the government circles or in politics will make you happy and tension free.  Your cherished work will be easily accomplished.  Between 8th & 10th projects or relationships   begun during this period may tend to fall in disarray; so back off for a while, and take a careful second look before taking major decisions. On 14th & 15th quality counts more than quantity during this period. Handle legal matters with alacrity and due diligence.

16th 23rd May- The period between 16th & 17th will give you mixed results.  Love relations will keep you engaged.  Telephonic talks with friends will keep you cheerful.  Excessive expenses may keep you a bit tense.  Work-conditions will be normal.  Between 18th & 19th using all your abilities you will manage to enhance your profit.  But stay away from getting entangled with the top officials.  But between 19th evening and 21st you'll face problems from every side.  Some government related problem may trap you due to the Moon being in 4th house.  Don't poke your nose in other's affairs.  Between 22nd & 23rd students will succeed by dint of their merit.  Departmental exam will have favourable result.  You will succeed in your work generally

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th avoid hasty decisions or impulsive moves.  You will feel happy with favourable tidings, though expenditure may cause you concern.  Digestive problems may upset you a bit. Between 27th & 28th Promotion in service is expected. Family-peace and happiness is indicated.  Love relations will cheer up.  The beloved may have rendezvous with their lover.   Between 29th & 31st you should be responsible   in your romantic   choices during this period.  This is an excellent time for socializing activities, or for spending quiet moments with loved ones.


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August 23 - Nov 22


1st to 7th May- Between 1st& 3rd  Things may not be what they seem to be on superficial appearance. Undertake independent research before committing yourself   to major long term projects during this time.   Between 4th & 5th   your plans may need not to be modified to comply with regulation. Handle legal issues carefully and objectively. Between 6th & 7th the completion of your some pending job will delight you.   Have the courage to take some hard decisions if reality demands so during this period.

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 10th innovative financial strategies can help you to laugh your way to the bank in profit.  Uniqueness of style and sincerity of approach can help you to win hearts during this period.   Between 111h & 13th you may have to introduce modifications in your plans to suit the preferences of influential persons.  It is better to have modified version of your plans cleared   rather than having the whole idea dropped. Between 14th & 15th your inner peace will sharpen your intelligence.  Religion and spirituality will rivet your attention.  The elders will also bless you.

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you’ll invest in maintaining property.  Your projects will be duly finalized.  Unconvential ideas may help you to achieve vital breakthroughs.  Between 18th & 19th the period will be quite trying.  Work will develop hurdles.  You may suffer loss in partnership business.  Your haphazard working style will add to your troubles.  Between 20th & 21st you'll receive blessings from some great man. Correspondence will get you good news. Success in any competition/exams/interview will cheer you up.  Between 22nd & 23rd new job opportunities will be unveiled.  May receive help and support from unexpected quarter.  You'll work hard to earn good money and enhance your savings. 

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th new contact will help you earn well in partnership business.  It is high time you started fresh dialogues and made new contacts.  Money will come and go.  Between 27th & 28th, a serious health problem will make you rush to the physician.  Home situation will also be unsatisfactory.  Between 29th & 31st you'll be able to make the seniors happy and accomplish your job in hand.  Your held up payment will be received through mail.


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Nov 23 - Nov 22


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd with hard work you'll mould even the odd circumstances in your favour.  Enemies will be brow-beaten.  Contacts established between 4th & 6th will benefit you in a variety of ways.  You may pass some time in entertainments.  Your occult science's studies will fortify you as much as to face any circumstances with confidence.  You'll have wealth but expenses may mount tremendously.  Journeys may be plenty but short; new relationship will be made.  Your thinking sphere will broaden.  But an unwanted tiff with the neighbours is likely.

8th to 15th May- On 8th less income but much expenditure trend may disturb you.  Keep a check on your temper if you don't want to further deteriorate the situation.    Between 9th & 11th you'll get some breathing space.  New friends will enhance your zest a bit.  New avenues may be searched in business and profession.  Friends will be very helpful.  Between 12th & 13th words would bring enemies, though not intentional the outcome will be like that.  So think patiently & filter your words. Between 14th & 15th despite expenses your budget will remain stable.  You'll be committed to have a simple but principled life.  The atmosphere of your house will be very peaceful.

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you'll try to trap others in a controversy but it would trap yourself.  You will quite jealous at your close one's success.  Between 18th & 19th the four planets combination may cause much problems arising simultaneously.  However, Mars transit in its own sign will get you benefit from landed deals or business transactions.  You may feel attracted towards a member of the opposite sex.  Between 20th & 21st you may have to go out in connection with your work.  In a marriage function, you may meet some VIPs who will prove very helpful later on.  Between 22nd & 23rd you'll enrich your knowledge and feel intellectually much advanced.  May pass sometime with your spouse.

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th you'll get a series of worries, related to your parent-in-law or your own progeny.  May get trapped in some problems.  Between 27th & 28th higher studies and spiritualism may draw your attention.  Professionally your meeting someone influential will help you immensely in future.  Between 29th & 31st you'd like to complete all your pending jobs. You'll be full of verve and energy.  Travelling is also possible. It may be for a celebration also. 


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Nov 23 - Nov 21


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd channelize your energies productively along safe channels to get optimum results. There could be laborious assignments.   Unless the works are properly handled and supervised, one has to face severe consequences. Between 4th & 5th you will be mentally relaxed. Your image will improve and at work you will work with team spirit. Between 6th & 7th you'll enrich knowledge.   Success in exams is also expected.  You will be relieved of stress and worry that has been a cause of concern for a long time. 

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 11th you may have differences with your relations but soon they'll be removed.  Love relations will be sweet.  You may receive good news. Have the intelligence to avoid unnecessary ego tussles with anyone.  Between 12th & 13th do not force change just for the heck of it; jumping headlong into situations without making a realistic assessment can prove to be your nemesis.  But between 13th & 15th eighth Moon may cause worries.  Health may also not remain good. You may need to take a few calculated risks to get things moving forward.  Do not hold back in unnecessary fear 

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th things will again be better. New investment will give you good returns.  Be patient in service and professional matters.   Try to curtail your expenses.  Between 18th & 19th you may feel a bit exhausted and tired. Avoid short tempered outbursts against anyone.   It is an ideal time for higher studies and research.  Between 19th & 21st may get good opportunities for professional growth.  This is a great time for research and learning activities, and for devising business strategies.  Between 22nd & 23rd attempt to consolidate your current position before attempting   to expand the range of your activities.  Be extra –vigilant, while handing financial matters during this period. 

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th you may go out on a journey.  Though hazards will be more but you'll derive profit from your travel.  Between 27th & 28th Health may not remain stable.  Vexatious legal issues can be brought to satisfactory conclusion, by adopting a refreshingly new approach and by relaxing hopelessly rigid egoistic stances. Between 29th & 31st May you’ll be content with your achievement.  May get honour by your college or institution. You may also attend a religious discourse. 


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Nov 22 - Dec 21


1st to 7th May- Between1st & 3rd Benefit through children is very clear.   Avoid clashes within the family.  You will be targeted severely.  Minor rift with co born is possible. Between 4th & 5th you'll give time to your kids and family. Your energy levels will be at an all-time high. However, your health may see a few ups and downs. You are also likely to suffer from both physical and psychological issues if you do not take due care. Between 6th & 7th your mental health may improve. It is advisable for you to stay calm while taking important decisions. If you have confessed your love to your loved one, you are likely to get a positive response during this period

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 11th you'll discharge your paternal responsibilities.  You will be quite adjustable to mould situations in your favour. Students may not feel that much interested in their study during this time, and may feel directionless as well. It is advisable for you to do meditation in order to calm your mind and focus in your study.  Between 12th & 13th don't entrust your job to subordinates, lest you suffer damage. But try to maintain warm relations with all.  Between 14th 15th religion, spirituality and other world related issues will figures in your mind.   Do not let irritability or egoistic urges impel you to do things that you may regret later.

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th you'll remain busy in strengthening your PR work and shall gain popularity.  You may witness closeness in your relationship. There are chances that your friendship may get turned into a relationship during this time. Between 18th & 19th you are likely to experience many ups and downs regarding matters about your family and children.  Take extra care of your children’s education and guide them in their studies. . Encourage your children to strive hard for better results. Your support is of paramount importance to them. Between 20th & 21st one has to get separated from home, for higher studies or for professional compulsions. Reasons may differ, but travelling abroad is quite possible.   Between 22nd & 23rd financial position is not very encouraging. You’ll devote time in revising your decisions and improving them where the need be. 

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th the stars are favourable for matters pertaining to heart. In short, good period boosting love and relationships. Fantastic opportunities may come your way, if you have been looking to woo a sweetheart, Journey if undertaken within this period will prove productive.  Between 27th & 28th religion and spirituality will draw your attention.   Period may begin on a low note but your enthusiasm will increase later. Though, no health issue is foreseen, you will not at all be in a mood to go extra mile for anything or anyone.  Between 29th & 31st be very careful with your words, a small thing can lead to a big issue between you and your family members. Try and have an understanding attitude towards each other. Disputes regarding property and house might arise but try and solve it very calmly. 


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Dec 22- Jan 19


1st to 7th May- Between1st & 3rd Due money may be held back. Avoid important decisions for the present.  Those in politics may strengthen their mass-base.  Between 4th & 5th, you need to try and focus if you want to move ahead on the career path. You need to self-analyze whether you are in the right career field.  Between 6 th & 7th are knowledge enhancing days. There will be chances of gains, but you will not actually gain.  You may remain busy in amassing amenities.

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 10th in spite of troubles at work spot, apathy of higher-ups and secret inimical activities of your foes, you will not be disturbed professionally.  You must try to get the support and goodwill of your subordinates for success at work field. Between 11th & 13th Health may cause problems.  Be guarded while moving out.   Disputes and disagreements with life partner may arise. Some family members may stand in revolt against you. Between 14th & 15th your honour, prestige and reputation shall swell. May get a golden opportunity to go out.  Encash the good time as much as you can.  

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th change of job or a vocation is likely.   Your responsibilities will rise with authority. Your colleagues may not support you.  Between 18th and 19th Businessmen may witness their competitors going ahead of them.  There are chances that you may have to face losses due to incorrect decisions in your business. Between 20th & 21st you'll get good money inflow.  Wise spending and investment are suggested. You'll have more physical comfort.  Between 22nd & 23rd you will try to keep yourself fit. In spite of   proper diet and physical exercise, sickness may attack, which will require medical treatment.  You may also experience physical strain. 

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th your cherished dreams may be realized.   Hard work will pave way for your success.  You will get official favours. You would be helped and benefitted by those on power and authority. Between 27th & 28th your enemies or opponents may vent out their spleen against you.  Some untoward incident may also take place.  Between 29th & 31st actions speak l ouder than words. Your sincere efforts and honest intentions will motivate others also to put in their best. You'll be like a friend, philosopher and guide to them. People will follow you, but it has a darker side to as many will even over take you. It is certainly not a pleasant sight to see opportunities pass by!


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Jan 20 - Feb 18


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 2nd, you'll enrich your knowledge and learn something new in the process.  Avoid taking extreme postures regarding any matter and be as balanced as you can, in your approach to all situations.  Between 3rd & 4th vibes of co-operation and harmony will be felt making this a good time for resolving vexatious issues by consultation and negotiation. Between 5th & 7th your creativity will help you implement your plans effectively and work devotedly.    You'll have to face certain detestable events and persons as well at home.   

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 11th you'll feel rather uneasy and like to complete your work quickly but delay and procrastination wouldn't be avoided.  You may breach the trust of someone.   Between 12th & 13th your strategies during this period should have the right mix of cautious approach and adventurous spirit. Do not go overboard in any directions. Between 14th & 15th loved ones may have pertinent remarks to make about current situations; leading them a patient and attentive ear can prove beneficial to you. 

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th some property related issues may crop up but you are advised not to take any final decision at this juncture.  Between 18th & 19th you’ll be more work oriented during this phase.  You'll come forward to help the old and needy persons. Between 20th & 21st those in public life and official positions must be responsible in their public utterances, to avoid unnecessary flare ups.  Between 22nd & 23rd, money inflow will be thick and fast.  Your intrinsic knowledge will help you even in financial transactions.  Financial and romantic stars twinkle optimistically during this period.  

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th Heat related problems may disturb you.  You need to devote more time for ensuring good health during this phase.  Avoid working over time.  Between 27th & 28th the unmarried may hope to tie the nuptial bond.  You can also be promoted in your job.  You may also think of change in order to improve yourself.  Between 29th & 31st travelling is possible which may be for a celebration also.  Pleasant picnic trips would make you cheerful.Your earnings will be  average but you will be satisfied. 


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Feb 19 - June 20


1st to 7th May- Between 1st & 3rd you'd have quite peaceful times; things will be done timely, suggestions coming from the most unlikely of sources may prove to be money- spinners.  Between 4th & 5th you'll have to work against your wishes.  You'll find all roads leading to success getting closed on you.  Act with tact and patience to let this phase pass. Between 6th & 7th   Success in test or interviews is expected owing to your fine performance.  Lovers will meet their beloved.  May indulge in charity work.

8th to 15th May- Between 8th & 9th old troubles will be solved, you may start a new project.  Business will improve to strengthen your financial position, but you'll have to work hard.  Between 10th & 11th  pangs of inexplicable  anxiety  may trouble you now;  discuss  your concerns  with trusted  well wishers  to get things  in the right perspective. Between 12th & 13th you may receive wealth through legacy.  Enemies won't be able to damage your interest. Health may get a bit disturbed. Between 14th & 15th things will worsen.  Hard work, bad health due to some addiction, mounting expenses will trouble you.  Be positive and act with patience.  

16th 23rd May- Between 16th & 17th entertainment is indicated.  Work with prudence will enhance your confidence. Technocrats will get particularly good results.  Between 18th & 19th Profit and gain in whatever you do and an honour from the state is expected.  Avoid radical financial moves just for the heck of it.  Between 20th & 21st problems at the work place may crop up.  Professionally it will be a tiresome period.  Focus on approaching issues with the right approach rather than trying to take short cuts to ensure results. Between 22nd & 23rd Mounting expense may upset you a bit. For sum unemployment can be a problem.      A keen look at your budget , will set forth a  correcting course for the next few weeks.                                                                           

24th & 31th May- Between 24th & 26th job-oriented efforts will be successful.  Promotion can be expected.  Higher officials will appreciate the execution of work assigned to you. Between 27th & 28th Expect material gain, but in small sums only. In spite of obstacles , you will forge ahead and promote your business.  Between 29th & 31st   people could be more sensitive than you realize; avoid   indulgent   critic or passing careless witty remarks, as things can snowball into unnecessary issues during this time. 


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