Sign of the Month : Leo



Happy Birthday! Leos (Jul 22- Aug 22)



Sign Lion
Symbol & Shape Lion
Ruling planet
Fiery Sign
Character Ability and desire to be center of attraction
Part of Kalapurush Stomach
Birth Stone Ruby
Favourable Colour Orange, Gold
Auspicious Days Sunday
Favorable Deity Sun
Fasting Day Sunday, Wednesday  
Favorable Number One
Favorable Dates 01/10/19/28
Friendly Sign Aries, Gemini, Virgo
Specific Personality Lust of power, Ambitious
 Positive Attitude Dynamic, Generous, loving
Negative Attitude Overconfident, Violent.
Know yourself ! Leo!
Fire sign ruled by the Sun, symbol of strength and pride. Like the lion of your sign you are brimming with confidence with an inborn tendency to make your presence felt, as you stand apart in a crowd. Born commanders you are proud, passionate, ambitious, honorable and loyal in all relationships. Like the king of the forest you are self assertive, bold and ready to accept challenges.  You are optimist and one of your forceful traits is their being able to react to defeats. Because of your determination, usually you are good workers and are able to range easily between different kinds of jobs: the only important thing is to excel. Most of your energies will be put into some scheme or the other in order to achieve power.  You love people and are helpful to those in trouble both with your time and money and do not expect anything in return.  Since you maintain good relations with most people, you have a large circle of friends whose company you delight in.  You are also a favorite in your family circle.  Money means a lot to you and you will set about acquiring wealth believing this to be a sign of good status. You love living in luxury, riches, and the pleasures of life and hate mediocrity. You understand as what is that you want and then put your heart and soul in it but though you like working but you work in phases and this is not enough to satisfy your ambition. Correct this and you will find the going easier as you may have experienced sometimes. You have vision and ambition which could turn out to be very useful in case you decide to make use of it in connection with your ambitions. You depend too much on others for support and this could turn out to be a setback for you and is not as desirable. You are quite harsh in your temperament at times and this usually produces bad results for you especially as far as your working life is concerned. You are very ambitious but need to keep control on yourself if you wish to achieve the success you dream of constantly.  Romantic by nature, you however, do not like to surrender to romance or to your partner. This being the case you are unable to steep yourself in love and therefore love often eludes you.    We give below how you relate to other signs and your compatibility with other signs.
Compatibility of Leo with other sign.

Leo your best Zodiac matches are: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

Below represents the briefest view of how you relate to other zodiacal signs. There are further details and indications. Let us elaborate on some of the highlights.
Caution: First, we would like to caution you that this is a general prediction relating to the compatibility of Taurus with other zodiac signs. It is applicable to billions of people across the globe. But one must remember that these predictions are general in nature. If you want a specific report about the specific effects on you and your partner, kindly do not hesitate to send your particulars to us. Consult our experts and enjoy your life with your partner.

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(May 21- June 21)
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(July 23-August 22)
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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Capricorn
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March 21 - April 19


Two fire signs together. Fire with fire is a positive combination provided you do not both try to be boss; this can be a stimulating duo. The signs are well aspected together. Aries & Leo, represent originality, independence, and a new approach. Both signs are outgoing, extroverted, warm & vibrant The Mars of Aries, with your sun spells action. You completely understand & appreciate the drive & passion that you see in each other. You can compliment each other in a very significant way.  Beware of a major clash of wills, since neither likes to relinquish power. You could easily end up in an emotional stalemate. Leo will always try to dominate his/her Aries, but sooner or later Aries will do what he/she wants. If their moon or rising signs are compatible, this relationship will work.
April 20 - May 20


Leo and Taurus: a fire and earth sign together. Earth with fire in two such strong willed signs can cause conflict & opposition unless you both agree to make compromises.  May be not the most secure of matches, but certainly romantic! Leo can turn the world of Taurus upside down with new sensations and daring activities. Taurus and Leo are both very proud and noble creatures in their own right. Their hearts are fiercely loyal to each other. Leo has its famous pride, and Taurus is notoriously stubborn. With Taurus, be patient. Together the combination is interesting, but might not get off the ground. However, if it does, then there is every likelihood that both will benefit. A little compromise on both sides will work, if they can negotiate! Otherwise, this relationship will not survive.
May 21 - June 21


Leo and Gemini: a fire and air sign together.  Air with fire will help maintain interest between these two signs, particularly on a mental or an intellectual level. Gemini tries to improve you & you try to improve Gemini. Gemini is active –associated with Mercury & this combined with your Leo Sun in a manner that ignites ideas, travel. This is an involvement that both will find hard to resist. There is an instant, mutual magnetism between these two. Both are generous, sympathetic, passionate, and expressive and love entertaining.  Gemini & Leo are a match for each other. Whether, they are a good match depends, of course, on background, environment & the more sophisticated points in each horoscope. But overall, this combination is favorable. Leo loves bright lights, flattery, & excitement, & Gemini provides these in abundance.
June 22 - July 22
Leo and Cancer: a fire and water sign together. Water is not compatible with fire, but their respective rulers, the moon & sun complement each other. There is basic attraction here. The Cancer moon & your Sun represent symbols of attracting opposites-Male & Female, Hot & cold. You have to put it briefly, an appetite for each other. In spite of their different natures, there will be a strong bond. Cancer will often will have to give way to dominant Leo but Leo has qualities, which make Cancer moon shine more brightly. Leo needs appreciation & attention, which Cancer is happy to give. The partnership could become very deep & strong, bringing abundance & joy for both people concerned. Be aware of maintaing balance in all aspects, as you both need to go to extremes. .
July 23 - August 22
Two-fire signs together, fire with fire in two such positive, strong willed people can be very good or very bad.  With another Leo, it is a question of who is going to give up the spotlight. Two individuals born under Leo, when together, represent charm, entertainment & personality plus To make the relationship succeed each Leo must be willing to step back, to permit the other to show off special talents & abilities.  Mutual give & take will be necessary to make this combination work.  Alternatively, one will have to play second fiddle-but which one? There is nothing you could not do if your goals & methods happened to agree. True love can most definitely prevail in this circumstance if both your goals & priorities are complementary to each other. If their moon and rising signs are compatible this is a great match!
August 23-Sept 23
Leo and Virgo: a fire and earth sign together. There are dangers in this combination, but any problems can be overcome. We like to think that the differences these two faces can, instead, be made to complement each other. Fiery Leo is extrovert & likes to dominate. Earthy Virgo is modest, retiring & more inclined to be subservient.  They both admire each other's intelligence, stability, sincerity and devotion. The success or failure of this combination depends on which sign is male & which is female.  Virgo touches that part of your chart, directly associated with money, possessions & valuables. Virgo makes you aware of domestic & financial responsibilities. There is harmony & a degree of attraction- but it is like taking strong drink or very sweet sweets; you want more and you press & Virgo presses- and, if you are not careful, there is an explosion, a separation. That’s Leo & Virgo.  The Leo Sun & the Virgo Mercury combine to shine with ideas & plans, & the danger always being that light will become so bright it will burn out. But if you select the best that Virgo offers, there are definitely benefits.
Sept 24 - Oct 23
Leo and Libra: a fire and air sign together. Fire is compatible with air & since both signs have natural ability for enjoying many of the common things in life, they will have lots of pleasure time.   Naturally sympathetic to each other, these two although differing in method usually have the same long-term goals. They share visions. They complement each other beautifully. Leo will, purely by his nature, tend to be bossy and domineering. Libra will endure this good-naturedly, to a certain point. There could be a lack of solidity in this relationship. Basically, the stimulation of such an association is favorable. You have great sympathy for Libra. And Leo, you revere intelligence. This being the case, the right kind of Libran certainly could be the right person for you.
Oct 24 - Nov 21
Leo and Scorpio: a fire and water sign together. This can be a stormy combination.  Both are decisive leaders and this is where tensions will lie. There are obstacles here. You want freedom. With Scorpio there are additional duties, responsibilities.  You share a huge respect for each other, as well as a protective loyalty There is almost no limit to what this team can achieve if their goals coincide & you strive together.  Also shared is a love of drama, and by drama we mean dramatic scenes!  We must not forget that Scorpios are secretive and will lie and wait for an opportune moment to strike back when they feel miffed.  Open & clear lines of communication between these two can bring success & strength to this relationship. 
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Leo and Sagittarius: two fire signs together. What a great couple. They share a fun-loving optimism that is contagious. Their house will be filled with laughter, romance, music and passion. Their sympathetic and understanding natures will get you through the tough times and petty squabbles.  Physical attraction is featured. The Jupiter of Sagittarius & your sun blend to provide stimulation. With Sagittarius, you seldom are satisfied with status qou; you want changes & variety. Jupiter & sun create an air of optimism. With Sagittarius, you could be happy because you are kept creatively active. The Jupiter of Sagittarius helps you overcome any tendency towards depression. If you want someone who locks the door to your creativity, you have found the right person in Sagittarius. These are two fire signs; the light could burn bright & result in happiness & achievement. 
Dec 22- Jan 19
Leo and Capricorn: a fire and earth sign together.  Fire with earth highlights the great difference between these signs & their respective rulers – the brilliant grandiose Sun & conservative, austere Saturn. Some restriction is evident; The Saturn of Capricorn & your sun spell responsibility, long range plans (often interrupted) & some financial pressure. With Capricorn, basics are involved, including basic chores & basic misunderstandings. Capricorn is reserved & you can be flamboyant. Capricorn takes this in stride, while you would prefer surprise, applause, and gasps of appreciation. They shine together, often basking in each other's dreams. There is a great mutual respect as the Capricorn and the stubborn Leo realize that each has met its match. Peace often flourishes due to this stalemate. These two love stability, and therefore if their moon and rising sign are compatible you will often find them living harmoniously in married bliss.  It’s not easy, but the relationship works if both work at it.
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Leo and Aquarius: a fire and air sign together.  Although fire has a natural affinity with air, these two signs are attracted, but much in the manner that opposites attract each other. They are opposite in the astrological wheel and the opposition attracts. The noble Leo is often drawn to the Aquarian's affectionate, gentle nature. These two will have to make some adjustments as their signs do lie exactly opposite each other. However, in this case they seem to be complementary opposites. You both have fixed opinions, strong determination & minds of your own so, without compromise, there will be clashes of wills. Being Leo, you feel justified in claiming most of your partner’s attention, so you will it difficult to accept the fact that Aquarius likes to share interests, activities, ideas & affections with more than one person. Leo will not understand why Aquarius should be so unpredictable, detached & uncatchable- and at the most unexpected times. Certainly, Leo, this kind of association will provide challenge. Maintain your balance; don’t paint yourself into a corner.
Feb 19 - March 20
Leo and Pisces: a fire and water sign together. These two do not mix. This means that there are obvious problems-but there is also intrigue, which builds into magnetic attraction. Pisces does fascinate you; you want to impress, to show that you are not only worthy, but also desirable .Leo is one of the frank, open, extrovert signs. Pisces has deep, mysterious, elusive qualities, which are almost unfathomable to most people. Leo never really knows what Pisces is made of but the later admires the strength & purpose of Leo. Pisces exhibits a tendency to serve you, to placate, to anticipate your desires & moods. Be, sure, Leo, that you know what it is you really desire. Playing games in this area is inviting fire & flood.  However, if you are mature & sincere, there could be benefits.



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