Sign of the month : Libra


Happy Birthday! Libra (Sept.24- October 23)

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  Sign Libra
  Ruling planet



Airy Sign

  Direction West 
  Rashi Gem Daimond
  Favorable Deity Lakshmi/ Santoshi Mataji
  Fasting Day Friday
  Favorable Number Six
  Favorable Dates  06/15/24
  Friendly Sign Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius
  Specific Personality


  Positive Attitude Impressive voice 
  Negative Attitude Envious, Proud, Cunning 


  Know yourself ! Librans!

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are beautiful, refined, artistic & refined people. You are affectionate, easy going, intelligent & standup for justice. Libra is seventh sign of zodiac, house of marriage. You are serious about love & marriage. You are romantic, emotional in love & can be easily deceived by a beautiful partner. In business you tend to be soft with your competitors & therefore tend to lose money. You have the power to influence anybody with your charm, so you can sell anything to anybody.

Family life is very important to you and in this respect you are quite home loving. You are fond of good company and usually you have an intimate circle of friends with whom you are comfortable. You set for yourself high goals and make it a point to put in the efforts required without relying too much on other people’s help. Your imagination is of great use to you in improving your work life.

You also have a lot of energy and can work hard at long stretches untiringly if the work gets you nearer your goal. Optimistic to a very large degree, even in the face of obstacles and drawbacks you do not panic but hope for the best to happen. You have a very sharp intellect and are capable of seeing both sides of a problem before taking any action. You can be a good leader and a balanced one at that. You do not get carried away either by applause or praise or with discouragement. The balance is reflected in your overall personality and you do not get swayed. It is sometimes that this equilibrium is disturbed. An intellect blended with gentleness and charms signify your emotional intelligence along with which a sense of justice in what you do and what you want for humanity. Maintaining a good interaction with your seniors and colleagues comes quite naturally to you and this will e helpful in your career too. The glyph- the symbol of Libra too clearly indicates the duality-reaching for the stars with feet firmly planted on the ground. Your sign is the sign of love. Not much of sex, but of love and admiration and fulfillment. You are a sensitive lover. Love makes you happy but if it is one sided can lead to tragedy.


How you relate to other signs:

Most compatible with Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Can be good with Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo

A 50-50 chance with Pisces, Taurus

Doubtful with Capricorn, Aries, Cancer

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Our Predictions

Libra your best Zodiac matches are: Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.

(March 21-April 19 )
(April 20-May 20)
(May 21- June 21)
(June 22-July 22)
(July 23-August 22)
(August 23-Sept. 23)
(Sept. 24 - Oct 23)
(Oct, 24 - November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Capricorn
(December 22- January 19)
(January 20-February 18)
(February 19-March 20)


March 21 - April 19

Libra and Aries: an air and fire sign, together. They are opposite signs but they enjoy each other! Libras inspire and treat the Aries with a calming effect. Arians affect part of your life relating to marriage, partnerships, public & social relationing. Aries will fulfill your wishes. On the negative side you will absorb each other’s energy. You become alive, but moments of joy will be marked sometimes with exhaustion, tensions. On the positive side, a genuine attraction can overcome all obstacles There is an undeniable instant chemistry between these two, but the Aries has to learn how to handle the Libra with kid gloves. Libra will not take kindly to being knocked off balance from Aries. These signs attract each other but on the other hand, they may hurt each other very easily. If Aries cannot control his impulsivity, this relationship will not last. The Libras have to maintain a fine balance in all aspects of life with Arians. You will be attracted to Aries, you might join forces with Aries, and it is certainty within the realm of possibility (and more) that you will find happiness with an Aries. But it won’t always be easy


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April 20 - May 20

Libra and Taurus:an air and earth sign, together. . Lord of both signs is Venus. Bond between them will be of deep involvement, appreciation of each other’s beauty & charms. This is a pleasure seeking combination. Taurus is linked with that part of life relating to earnings & monetary gains, charity & legacies They are sensitive, strongly intuitive, affectionate, and demonstrative, and can soar together. Both look for the same things: luxury, good food, passion and love. It seems they have many things in common, and have the perfect balance between strength and harmony. Basically, the Libras will enjoy with Taurus. Taurus an earthy sign is a stubborn sign. Libras are demanding & you could hurt Taurus emotionally. But once Taurus rises there could be tension in relations. Relationship survives as long as you take care. It’s for enjoyment rather than on a long-term basis. Thereafter, it depends how the other parameters harmonize. It however is worth a try. .. If their moons are compatible, this is a very good relationship.


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May 21 - June 21

An earth and air sign together. Although air has little affinity with earth, mercury rules both signs and this can be a stimulating catalyst. Both share a sharp intellect, sense of humor, and tongue. Not all of these fare well in this relationship. Since both of them are unemotional beings, they will enjoy a great time in each other’s company. They follow a practical approach towards social, mental and business matters, and believe in realism. Both need and like to talk. There are some intrinsic differences between Virgo and Gemini, notwithstanding their common ruler ship of Mercury. First and foremost, while the Virgo concentrates one thing at a time and is not at all a risk taker, Gemini always has 100 different ideas going inside his head and would involve himself in a lot of things; even risky ventures. Virgo will not always go along with Gemini’s multitude of plans or scatterbrained ideas. Neither is over-emotional, so common ground will include practical, social, mental or business interests. Realistic and systematic. Mercury blesses this pair on all levels of communication and this takes the relationship to great levels of friendship and camaraderie. They can also be good business partners. If their moon and rising signs are compatible, this is a great and stable relationship.


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June 22 - July 22

Cancer, the watery sign & Libra, the air sign, are not much compatible. But their lord’s moon & Venus blend to attract money & responsibility. There are some similarities between you, and also some significant differences in your temperaments and needs. Cancer enters that part of your life relating to your social status, comforts & important enterprises. Cancer may be too practical for you but there are common bonds, which hold you together. Your ambitions are awakened in association with cancer. Moon Venus combination is romantic, but not necessarily capable of withstanding rough spots. Finding common ground for emotions natures to interact would be a priority for this combination to flow smoothly. In all this is an interesting combination and might spell a success story. On the emotional level, much depends on how each sign “gives” and how many concessions are made on both sides. Libra is most happy when married (and can feel incomplete when not), and Cancer loves home and family. Both are on the same page. Cancer's home is his castle, no matter how modest or luxurious it is; but Libra needs to spend time outside, too, to enjoy entertainment. Libra loves luxuries, seeing them as necessities that provide him with joy and energy; this is not a Cancerian priority. Only if their moons or rising signs are compatible, will this relationship have a chance to last.


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July 23 - August 22

Leo, a fiery sign & Libra the airy sign are compatible with each other. But their lord’s Sun & Venus are not friendly. Sun is a spiritual planet & gives religious tendencies, while Venus gives materialistic tendencies. Their relationship is largely built on romance & illusion. Neither Leo nor Libra takes kindly to the criticism, flaws repel both signs. The two signs together tend to get involved in some unbelievable situations. The key is to separate illusion from reality. Signs have natural ability for enjoying many of the good things in life. You will share lots of happy times although Leo wants to be boss, and Libra can easily manipulate to fulfill its wish. Libra & Leo both seek perfection. When practical matters impinge on the relationship, the durability of the combination rests on whether or not there is sufficient maturity. Libra will endure this good-naturedly, to a certain point. If the Lion pushes the relationship too far, Libra will make a quick exit and later on will punish the Lion.


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August 23-Sept 23

Virgo is an earthy sign & Libra an airy, both are not much compatible with each other, but their rulers - Mercury & Venus - are friendly & complimentary to each other. Mercury is a planet of mind, knowledge & Venus is a planet of love & arts. Both seek same degree of perfection. Libra with Virgo can be successful, but there are also undercurrents of discontent as Virgo experiments, changes his style often, while Libra has a balanced & justified life style. This can be most unusual; so don’t get involved with Virgo, if you can’t handle him diplomatically. One possible problem is when Virgo starts getting persnickety with Libra. Libras hate being nagged, judged or criticized. They may defend themselves for a time, but usually they leave. The fate for these two is definitely not happily ever after. With Virgo you can face embarrassment, but you will more certainly, learn where you stand on the ladder of experience. And this could compensate for whatever negative actions result. But ultimately it must be left for individual Virgo & Libra to choose their destiny. . If their moons or rising signs are compatible, this relationship has a chance to last.


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Sept 24 - Oct 23

Libra with Libra, both airy signs. Venus the planet of love, beauty, peace rules both of them. Air easily & readily mixes with air without any conflict. Both of you want to see beauty & love in each other and are sensitive to each other. Both are kind, peacemakers, and very sociable. A match made in heaven because they both understand each other so well. These two do not love to fight, they just love to argue and this could be their undoing. They will instigate rows, and will discuss, discuss, discuss...not all out war, but lots of arm wrestling. The good news is the rounds will be short since neither of you likes fighting. You share numerous beautiful experiences of love, laughter & arts. This relationship is good for fun, enjoyment but in permanent settlements, problems do arise. It can work, but it requires wisdom & maturity. You come down from the clouds to face everyday realities and the relationship undergoes a marked change. You both are born easy going & lack fighting spirit, so you do not make a progressive team. You will have to be considerate to each other, Otherwise there is always the fear of losing each other.


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Oct 24 - Nov 21

Scorpio a watery sign ruled by masculine Mars will have electric effect with Libra an earthy sign ruled by feminine Venus, Can create a strong physical, emotional & sexual attraction. There is mutual attraction between Libra’s charming allure & Scorpio’s sex appeal. There is physical magnetism, you are drawn to scorpions. There is also conflict. You and Scorpio both desire to be first both want to be Boss. It is an exciting relationship. With Scorpio, you become more independent in thought & action. For this relationship to survive; preferably there should be division of authority. This is delicate, but necessary with Libra & Scorpio. Scorpio is fine for you in connection with new projects. It can help you raise capital, help you obtain genuine bargains and add to your possessions. If moons or ascendants are compatible this relationship will last, otherwise Libra will not be able to deal with his/her Scorpio.


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Nov 22 - Dec 21

Sagittarius, a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter& Libra airy sign ruled by venous will harmonize. Their union increases their qualities of love, happiness, success & the ability to enjoy life. The Jupiter of Sagittarius, with your Venus, combines to make dreams come true. A wonderful dream is the keynote of this association. Your mental faculties are challenged with Sagittarius; there is much activity in personal, professional & social life. Sagittarius encourages you to become self-starter. Both of you love a party and are often as friendly and compatible as carbon copies. Sagittarians tends to be more enthusiastic and grandiose in their ideas, dreams and plans than the Libra. On the other hand, the Libra, being the more sensible as well as sensitive of the two, tends to bring strength and stability to the relationship. Sagittarius is a bit gun-shy of being committed, tied down or spoken for. You become practical & expand your area of influence. On the negative side, Sagittarius can confuse you also. Too much activity can make you nervous also. Both have to give less & share more fruits, happiness & enjoyment. The combination can be pleasant & even fruitful. Give this a try, it could be a beneficial.


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Dec 22- Jan 19

Capricorn, an earthy sign ruled by Saturn & Libra, an airy sign, ruled by Venus do not easily combine. Capricorn does not provide a problem free relationship for you. Capricorns are not demonstrative and do not openly indicate warmth of love and affection which Libra needs. Their combination symbolizes responsibility, discipline & restrictions. There is likely to be some common purpose or destiny when these two signs form a long-term association. The two signs are different but not opposite to each other, different in the sense that where you love beauty, luxury& comforts, Capricorn takes life seriously, attracts responsibility & has the theme of simple living & high thinking. Saturn makes demands; this means that most of the concessions will be on your part. A pairing between these two will work if they divide up responsibilities and do not try to change each other or step on each other's toes. The Capricorn will most likely plod along, securing the future, while Libra will take the time to keep the couple’s social calendar full, as well as their romantic calendar. Capricorn will have no choice to be romantic with his/her Libra If you can’t it is better to get out. Know this and make adjustments.. If you have reached basic security in your personal evolution, you have found the right person in Capricorn.


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Jan 20 - Feb 18

Aquarius & Libra are both airy signs, so easily mix with each other. Their rulers, Saturn & Venus, are friendly. Since these signs are naturally friendly & need the company of other people, you can share these pleasures together. They are graceful and picture perfect. There is attraction & desire to be one. Emotions run deep. They both love to talk, although Libra tends more toward a give-and-take dialogue while Aquarius will talk in ideas and concepts, but cannot be pinned down with an opinion. Libra will do best not to dwell on or try to change this Aquarian trait. Both signs love to be surrounded by people and are interested in entertainment. Aquarius is the epitome of personal lover whereas Libra is the universal lover who needs to share interests and affections with many people. You are physically attracted to Aquarius, there is dynamic element here. With Aquarius you are inventive with greater independence of thought, action. Aquarius can be an inspiration for you as it helps you come alive. But in this relationship this fast track is not conducive to your loving & peaceful nature. You must not make yourself too vulnerable. Be vulnerable to the extent that you receive something in exchange. One thing about Aquarius: they are "as is", and trying to change them is as useless as trying to catch a handful of air. Aquarius loves his freedom and Libra believes in marriage. The Aquarian will have no choice but to become more relationship-oriented or else Libra will not hang around For this relationship to be harmonious, neither should make impossible demands on the other, yet they can have togetherness if they allow freedom to each other.


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Feb 19 - March 20

Pisces, again a watery sign & Libra an airy sign do not mingle easily. But their lords - Jupiter & Venus - are friendly to each other & this bridges the gap between them. Both of you are emotional; appreciate beauty, arts, love, entertainment, harmony, gentleness & the magic of romance. Both make a great couple, both being romantic, lovable, compassionate and good-natured; however, Pisces is the more tolerant of the two. This relationship offers a good balance between the two signs with a lot of traits in common. All this brings both of you together. Exciting experiences can result from your relationship with Pisces. There is however a basic conflict. It centers around whether to accept the practical or to break bonds to defy conventions. It is good to learn the rules before breaking them. Be mature enough to know exactly what you are doing. Listen to your conscious before doing anything. Libra’s innate sense of balance & judgment will help counteract Piscean confusion, decision & impracticality.


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