Manglik Dosha

Whatever Aishwarya Rai does, becomes fashion. She is an icon and millions across the world adore her. The Miss World who is a roaring success in Bollywood has many feathers in her cap and known world over for the same.

But today, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, as she wants to now known as after marrying into the Bachchan family, has given a fillip to astrology. No doubt, the Bachchans believed in astrology and Amitabh even wore two diamonds in the same finger to avert crisis and his own well-being.

But the marriage brought into focus how a Manglik Dosha can be removed by conducting pooja and astrological practices. With Ash following astrology, millions and millions of young girls and boys have started following astrology. There is a sudden rise in Manglik rituals.

A number of young girls with Manglik Dosha are following after Aishwarya got rid of this dosha. Those with modern outlook and always looked at astrology with contempt and never bothered to care for its benefits, are flocking. But they must know what is best for them and who is the best astrologer for them.

Since those keenly following the wedding of Bollywood heartthrobs - Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan - know that Aishwarya is manglik, the priests had advised performing of ‘Kumbh Vivah’ before the actual marriage. In matchmaking, the most famous and vicious problem is Mangal Dosh. It means that there will be serious problems in the married life and it may even lead to break up,contenous fightand even death of a partner or both. In other words, removing such hurdles in the way of something auspicious or good work is known as Mangal Dosh nirakaran.

This Dosha is known to be a very big problem in married life. The mechanics of Kuja Dosha are such that it causes a person with Manglik Dosha to be attracted to a partner who by his/her very nature cannot blend or function compatibly for any great length of time with that person. In Hindu tradition, in order to offset the evil influence of manglik dosh, a woman should marry a peepal or banana tree before she ties the knot with her fiancé or she could even marry a clay urn which should be broken soon after the nuptial ceremonies, signifying that the bride has become a widow and the manglik dosh problem has been done away with. This is called Kumbh Vivah. Therefore, on the advice of other astrologers Ash married a peepal tree in varanasi, a banana tree in Banglore and to a God in Ayodhya. Finally she married Abhishek Bachchan on April 20, 2007. It simply meant that both have taken a great risk and she had to undertake three marriages before tying the knot to Abhishek.

Manglik Dosha may bring not only difficulties in married life, but it also delays marriages. If this Dosha is not remedied, it can alter married life into a war zone, and both husband and wife may experience horrendous difficulties even death. Besides this, adverse effect can also be witnessed on education, start of career, business etc.

What is Manglik and how to take its best advantage :

In the Hindu or Vedic astrology, a couple of things are often exaggerated, distorted and misrepresented with regard to it’s adverse effects on the native. One such is Manglik Dosha. The presence of this dosha is determined by placement of planet Mars in certain houses in your birth chart. Mars natal position in the 1st  , 4th , 7th , 8th and 12th house in the horoscope from the ascendant is generally called Manglik Dosha

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This is a very well known term and whether one believes in astrology or not, is aware of its implications and takes care of it. Mangal Dosha also contributes to a person personality and usually makes a person with such affliction in his/her birth chart who are not very adjusting in life and with some character defect. This also usually causes adversities between partners. One of the common misconceptions about the planet mars are that if a person is born on a Tuesday, he would be a Manglik or Mars-dominated native. But it is not true. Another misconception is “double manglik dosha”, which is a term being used by many astrologers. There is no such term as “double manglik dosha”, which refers to Mars being in any of the above mentioned houses and also in its own sign or in exaltation. On the contrary, Mars in own house or exaltation will considerably reduce the ill effects of the Manglik dosha. The most noted misconception is that if a Manglik person is married to a non-Manglik, then the non-Manglik spouse is bound to die.

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The above can be seen in a few cases where Mars is severely afflicted. But the overall strength of the horoscope also needs to be seen. Manglik dosha is primarily considered at the time of marriage. Many people consider Manglik dosha as a bad yoga and are reluctant to marry the persons who have this so-called dosha, even if the dosha is cancelled in the birth chart. The nature of the troubles in marriage absolutely depends on the nature of Mars in the natal chart and the navamsa chart. Also the birth charts overall strength should be assessed, especially regarding aspects from any benefic planets on the 7th house and 7th lord.

A word of caution through, just having Manglik dosha will not give all these bad effects and even the intensity will differ from person to person. So we would advise that such judgment is left to the experts and you do not fall prey to any conclusions without verifying the same.

Another factor influencing the manglik dosha is the age of the person at the time of marriage. For a manglik person, the malefic effects of mars reduce after the age of 28. But it needs to be checked. We analyze your horoscope for the following factors: 
Is Mangal Dosha present in your horoscope ?
What is the degree of this Mangal Dosha ?
Is Mangal Dosha cancellation present in your horoscope ? 
In match making, these doshas can be taken for both the boy & the girl to give excellent results for the married life. If any problem is there in matching, the type of problem & their solution with Remedies.

We charge Rs 500 per horoscope for assessing the Manglik Dosha and provide remedies.

Know About Manglik Dosha in Rs 500 PAY ONLINE

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