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Heard Peter Senge, renowned management guru of the MIT !

In his recent work, the author of the ground breaking “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” has put forth a vision where global companies of the future will focus on a triple bottom line- Submit Your Request To Hiring A Person

People, Planet and Profit.
(The Economic Times dated January 7, 2005)

So the role of planets is as important as people and profitability.

How you know the planets?

You will know only if you want to know.

If you want to know who will tell you what planets say ?

Who else can do a better job than the Astro scientists.

Interviews are conducted by companies to hire the right people.

Head Hunters are put on the job to hire the right people.

They assess qualities, scan degrees, get medical check up done.

Why not take an astrological analysis report ?

You will know person’s real traits - hidden or otherwise,

Strength and weaknesses, temperament and character.

So why wait?

Hire the right person

We give the right Astro Advice .

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Sign of the Month: Gemini

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