Concept of Vaastushastra :


Concept of Vaastushastra :

Vaastushastra, yogashastra ,Astrology, Ayurveda and Music, operate at the basic level of human existence – physical, phenomenal, psychological and spiritual deals with the micro level existence of body, mind and intellect consciousness. Bharatiya Darshanshastra defines Human life and its existence as single stream of consciousness – free spirit beyond any boundaries of Space & Time formulating the comprehensive perception in terms of energy — outward flow of mind and its interaction with external energy and matter.


Five Branches(Panch Upanga) OF Bhartiya Darshan Shastra    

Music    Astrology       Vastu                      Yoga          Ayurveda Notes   Constellations  Sun streams    Mudra           Kaf

Bits      9 Planets      Moon streams     Prana           Vat

Sound   5 Great Elements      5 Great Elements                Nadi                        Pitta            

12 Swara    12 Signs    12 Dieties                   12 chakra    12 Elements

The energy manifests itself in many forms & these five sub-branches of Darshanshastra are associated with various energy forms playing an important role for seed of life to flower and eternally experience the Sat Chit Anand i.e. "Kshema Yoga", the eternal euphoria. Macrocosm or outer spaces come under the preview of Astrology which deals with the cosmic link of 27 constellations, 12 signs of zodiac, 9 planets, in terms of Panch- Maha – Bhuta i.e. five great elements – Jal, Vayu, Prithvi, Agni, Akash with individual human life.

Astrology has been used for understanding and predicting an individual’s destiny, his state of mind, body, including any diseases, afflictions and handicaps deciding positivity or negativity.

Microcosm or the inner spaces come under the preview of Yogashastra. It has indicated two cosmic currents named as moon streams (Ida or Chandra Nadi), & sun streams (Pingla or Surya Nadi) and silent Shushubhna (Brahma Nadi) on the eight directions; with their positive effect on North /East and negative effect on South/ West respectively.

The North South geomagnetic flux is termed as Jaivik Urja i.e. organic energy –the eternal unidirectional flow defines, directs and propagates the existence at cellular level, whereas ever-changing multi-directional solar energy flux- dependent on the position of the sun relative to the earth, is termed as solar or Pranik Urja which is cruel & harsh. It defines the inter play of organic & solar energy flux.

Wherever friendship, unification or reinforcement of Jaivik Urja and Pranik Urja takes shape, life finds heavenly bliss. Oneness of Prana and Jeeva is termed as life i.e. Preeti-Sangam, the deities of the North zone, being Pavan, Som, and Ish  the place of positive confluence. Since solar energy is multidirectional when the sun lies in the south zone, the direction of the Pranik streams is exactly in opposition to Jaivik stream, known as Surya nadi. Thus Prana and jeeva are in juxtaposition, i.e. jeeva devoid of Prana is termed as yama lord of death- the life is subjected to hardship, pain, and sorrow.In Vastu-purush-Mandal this battlefield is defined through three deities - Agni, Yama and Nairuti.

Mutually opposite flows of Pranik and Jaivik fluxes is termed as Shiv Tandav i.e. demonic dance of Shiva Vastu- Purush Mandal symbolically represents the amalgamation .confluence, conversion ,fusion & diffusion of all these energies as a metaphor for explaining facts & procedures -the perfect one word expression for process involved.

Thus the definition of space is : space=void+energy. So eliminating voids through the art of planning the spaces to give helical stream of energy is Vaastushastra. The helical streaming of energy, traditionally termed as Mandlakaran. The accelerating moon streams and reducing sun-streams which leads to event manifest, is the purpose of Vaastushastra.

All the above postulates can be explained in terms of basic laws, and logic, law of conservation of mass & energy, quantum mechanics, particle physics, biochemistry and energy dynamics.

We can see the greatest & gravest exemplifications of vaastu mahadosha having disastrous ramifications  at such a vast scale, not only for the nations but for the whole  world in some of the following cases:-


Case 1- World Trade Center  The whole world was shaken by terrorist attack on World Trade Center on September 11 & its total destruction & defamation of the mightiest power of the world.

Vastu Deficiencies : The North side tower being higher than the south side one, had created a vedh. *The entire South, South-West and South-East area to the World Trade Center had a sea shore and depression, *had activated the pingala stream.

Case 2- Pentagon House - Pentagon represents an assembly of three triangles, and triangle represents the “fire element” susceptible to explosion and fire.


Case 3- Mrs. Indira Gandhi former Prime Minister of India faced series of evil events which made her life miserable & was assassinated by her  security guards in a brutal, cruel and fatal attack, at her house No. 1 Safdarjung;  where she  lived;  had severe Vaastu Mahadosha –

1. South West entrance. 2. Cross-axis. 3. C- opening in North-West, South-East and South-West. 4. Toilets in the North zone. 5. Raised plinth in the North-East zone. 6. North zone blocked by an additional office – building. 7. Anti clockwise entrance to the house. 8 House in the wrong zone


9. Slopes & load in the wrong zone.

Case 4- The 25-year old son of the owner died in a road accident.•Court ordered liquidation of property subsequent to a setback in business.

Vaastu Deficiencies - 1. North zone & the North-East South-East zone are polluted due to the location of kitchen & toilets respectively. 2 North & East are closed. 3.The house has a C-shape opening toward the West zone. 4.Huge swimming pool in the South-West zone  5.The entire house is subjected to Western streams.

Some of the historical examples of Vaastu dosha are -Rawan’s Lanka which was destroyed by fire , Delhi’s Old Fort, The Fort of Tuglakabad & Red Fort – where Mughal kings had to face lot of problems and lived nuisance life.

Vaastu principles are applicable to religious places also. There are some religious places; despite having  difficult terrain & dilapidated structure, located in a remote places and not easily accessible, bustle with believers from all religious faiths throughout the year, bestowed with wealth and financial resources e.g.Trymbakeshwar Temple at Nasik Maharashtra, Haji Ali Dargah at Mumbai, while some others despite their grandeur  hardly have any visitors  e.g. Syagogue Lal Deval Temple in Pune  

The above examples show that wherever there is violation of basic principles of Vaastu the result is death, destruction, devastation, & discontinuity.  The reason is that the network of negative energy creates a vortex and torque in and around the house & voids and vacuum absorb the cosmic breath. We know that ‘Sky’, i.e., ether, is full of events. Events flow along the natural streams of energy. If these streams are blockage free, impedance free and frictionless, only then one meets a positive network of events in life.



I have therefore endeavored to write about these esoteric science, study of which is not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those natural laws, which constitute nature and control mankind.


Vaastushastra is the art of living with natural forces in harmony and peace. It is a science of fortune making, is much beyond the physical orbit of present science.

Vaastu Practice & Remedies

Every human being needs cosmic and direct forms of energy as per his genetic code, daily routine and work. Each person is projected with different type of stress and strain in his daily routine, accordingly his energy requirement varies.

Any additions, deletions, cuts, irregularity in  shape of plots and non alignment of geometric & geomagnetic axis (as shown in following figures) lead to imbalance in the cosmic  body of Vaastu Purush & are paid back as penalty to the occupants and residents of house in the coming future.

In the extremely urbanised scenario of high rise buildings & flatted complex it is almost impossible to find an ideal Vaastu oriented place to live & work. But our ancients have given us such a magnificent system which suggests the ways to balance the helical streams of energy without demolishing the existing structure.

Energy being the basic module for decision of everything in Vaastushastra which manifests through vibrations, sound, light and waves. These four parameters & the main factors which reinforces these virtues in the house &  are used through the following mediums.

1. Crystals, gems, pearls, Pyramids, mirrors, Colours, Stones, Metals, Lights, Vaastu Yanatras- All these have the aura of planets & five elements, their biosensitive behaviour; help in holistic cure of the environment. protects and nurtures the microcosm as a prism connects this microcosm to immensity of macrocosm by channeling the cosmic energy in a particular way. (mind is defined a Tejas Dravyam i.e. material formed light.)

2. Plants & Trees- depict divine plan & are associated with qualities of Gods e.g. – Lord Brahma with Lotus, coconut tree with Lord Shiva. Banyan & peepal tree are worshiped in India. Biophysics also speaks of biorhythm through plants leading to intellectual synchronicity and natural frequency.

3. Fountain & Water Bodies - Jal Tatwa ( water) is denoted as Amrit (nectar) having within its fold Jyoti (light) and Ras (essence) Cleansing the voids, purifying & revitalizing the spaces and streaming the energy. These are three important qualities of water e.g. Gangajal, bathing in rivers in India.

4. Sound -Bells & Chanting of mantra - Mantra Recitation -The entire universe is the embodiment of Nada without which neither song nor dance can exist. The consciousness of Nada Brahaman leads to enlightenment. The notes of music have symbolic meaning, they evoke varied moods. Each note activates & effects the different cells of the body & mind. Positive sound is productive; it creates greater understanding & unity & is closest to the divine; connecting us  to the source of all creations. That is why Gods are associated with music e.g. Nataraja with Damaru, Krishna with flute, Saraswati with Veena, & Narada with Tanpura. Legendary musicians Tansen brought rain, Thyagaraja brought to life a person presumed dead by singing the raga Malhar & Bihari respectively.

Chanting is recommended by all religions. It helps activate resource center in our system; produce electromagnetic waves at different points of brain restoring physical mental balance;  leading to Pranav dhvani - the ceaseless, primodial reverberations within - resonance of the last syllable ‘OM’ is healing sound .It elevates the spirit & effects positively both mind & body. Bell’s reverberating sound cleans the negative spaces; creates a holistic pause in human mind to give immense peace. Sound is a powerful force  - it can heal it can  destroy also.

Astrology, Yogashastra and Vaastu science, when used together, serve as catalysts, give a good solution to all vaastu faults, rectify the cosmic alignment of an individual, without demolition & restructuring the existing building can provide a holistic curve for all the problems in the world & succor to human mind that has lost its way in the confusing scenario of the modern era, have profound effect on us at all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, leading to positive relationships, satisfaction in all his endeavors, happiness, bliss, and grace.

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