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Those who think that costly Gems and diamonds alone can solve their problems and miseries, they are sadly mistaken. Trees and Herbs can give you the same relief as by Gems. India’s astrological research undertaken by Great Saints, spanning over thousands of years in Himalayas, caves and jungles, has found some herbs and trees which are as pure & effective as Gems. If Gems can make fortunes, so these freely available wealth. Gems can be successfully replaced by herbs and trees. But these herbs should be used only on the advice of leaned astrologers and experts.

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There are 27 Nakshatras and 12 Science associated with the 9 planet in the Zodiac, and each Nakshatra is associated with a specific load. There is specific herb associated with each Nakashtra. A person gone in specific Nakshtara should worship that particular herb only. Since the planet’s position keeps changing, the worship of the herbs and trees should also keep changing. Secondly, one should not only worship but also grow the herb & use its parts like roots, stem, leaves, flowers in day-to-day life. It can do miracles.

Some herbs like Basil, Banyan, People are being worshiped is Indian homes traditionally for nearly 4000 years. In ancient India, the Saint and great teachers, who studied the science of planets and practiced astrology, found names of Gods to worship each planet. Consequently, the names of Gems and Trees and other methods to please the each Nakshtara or the God were also discovered. These are remedies for ill effects for the native born that Nakshtara.

A Person born in specific Nakshtara, must worship the tree or herb associated that Nakshtara only. If the malefic effects of a planet are prolonged then one should recite the hymns associated with that planet and use herbs in Yajna. The smoke generated by that Yajna fire has a soothing effect on the body and environment. Like Yajna if some herbs are dissolved in waters and the native take a bath then he is cured of the malefic effects of that level.

It is also said that growing a tree instead of raising temple is bigger service of the mankind and the religion.



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