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March 21 - April 19

Planetary Position: Jupiter in 1st, Ketu in 2nd, Mars in 5th, Saturn in 7th, Rahu + Sun + Mercury in 8th, Venus in 9th and Moon in 10th in the transit chart.

Your sign lord Mars will be in 5th house at the beginning of the year, giving good indications for students.  Aries natives will also enjoy much familial happiness.  But Jupiter’s transition to your second house will ensure improvement in the financial conditions.  Your plans and scheme will be successfully completed, further strengthening your economic condition.  May celebrate some auspicious ceremony at home.  Domestic happiness of high order is expected.  Mars coming in Scorpio-in the 8th house shall further boost your chances of making profit, though occasionally rising expenses may disturb you a hit.  Ketu in 2nd shall not only add to your expenses but it shall also add to your social reputation and status.  Ketu, the significator of glory, will help you brighten your image as a domineering person.  Since your sign lord is mars, it is not your nature to remain subdued, which shall reflect on your working style.  Your superiors will be considerate to you.  Saturn’s full aspect on your sign may cause certain health related troubles occasionally.  Between 6th May and 4th August, a retrograde Saturn will destroy your enemies and diseases.  Senior family members’ blessings will further boost up your career.  But don’t let your targets get distracted from your sight.  Worship Lord Hanuman to get the desired results.  Patience and forbearance will produce good results…. Upto May, Jupiter’s position may slacken your activities a bit but you must not lose your heart and work with prudence and a cool mind.  Owing to Venus being in 10th, love relations will be subdued chances are your old relations may get exposed.

Physical Comforts & Health.  Rahu is 8th in transit may cause mild physical discomfort but nothing causing serious worries.  Nevertheless, since Saturn is fully aspecting your sign, don’t neglect any of your even minor ailment.  But despite these mild pin-prices you’ll get happiness and satisfaction.

Upto June mild stomach upset may trouble you, so you must be careful about what you eat or drink.  Mars’ position in Leo may occasionally cause blood pressure related problems.  Rahu in 8th may give diseases related to the body parts below you waist or even VD.  Barring the middle part of the year, physical troubles may keep on troubling you mildly.  Chant the Bay Mantra of Mahamritunjaya: “Om Haun Joon Sah” and wear coral to ward off these troubles.

Trade, Profession & Money: Financially this won’t prove to be a satisfactory year.  Despite your hard work and dedication, desired results may elude you, to make you a little sad.  Between September & November your innovative techniques employed in your business may enhance your profit substantially.  Installation of a new machine may also add to your profit.  You may expect your promotion between May & August.  You may travel a lot in connection with your business expansion.  May buy some moveable or immovable property between September & November.  With in this period you may also get transferred to some important position.  You will soon be accomplishing your half-completed projects as well.

Home, Family, Kids & Relations: Mild dispute will continue between the spouses in the first half of the year.  Mars will remain 5th upto June.  This may help you achieve something significant regarding your kids.  Upto 16th May, may come across some marriage proposal.  Love relations will remain sweet but between June & July a third person’s interference may cause some misunderstandings.  Nevertheless, you prudence will easily remove them.  Relations between father & son will be cordial.  This year your number of friends will increase tremendously.  However you should be quite wary as less number of good friends is better the more member of bad friends.

Studies, Education & Career: The Lord of 5th position and Jupiter’s position in Aries bode well for students.  They shall get good marks.  Shed off your lethargy and dilly-dallying tendencies as between February & May you may have to work very hard.  Jupiter remaining in your sign upto 17th May may occasionally cause loss of memory.  In order to propitiate adverse Jupiterian effect take bath with water everyday in which half a spoonful turmeric powder has been mixed.

Love-relations & Friends: For love relations, June & July will be significant.  Relations between the beloved and lover will be secret after some initial bitterness.  However, in between August & September some of your old affairs may at exposed. Friends will always be available whenever you need them, particularly in the hour of distress.

Vehicles, Expenses & Auspicious Ceremonies: In the later half of the year, you may spend literally in some auspicious ceremony at home.  Vehicle maintenance may also need a hafty sum between April & August.  Upto Mars budget may remain unstable.

Loss, Loans and Unexpected Happening:  May have apply for Bank Loan or some financial institution for expanding your business.  Some senior family member’s ill health and hospital expenses may warm a hob in your pocket.  You must wear a coral embedded in a Tamra Mangal Yantra.  You may incur loan but you’ll clear it by the year end also.  Some family member’s separation the following Mantra: “Om Rinamuktaaya Namah”, at least for 21 times and float Kanera flowers in some flowing water every Tuesday to ensure total redemption from the debt-trap by Lord Hanuman’s grace.

Journeys: Many short journeys are likely in connection with your business expenses throughout the year.  Between May & June, may go on a long pilgrimage with your family.  At the fag end of the year, may travel in connection with some auspicious ceremony.

Remedies: Wear coral with ring or Tamra embedded Mangal Yantra around your neck and keep fast on Tuesday.  Have close relations with your brothers and read “Sunderkaanda” or ‘Bajrang Baan” every day and feed Jaggery pieces and black grams to monkeys on every Tuesday to escape debt trap as other financial and emotional worries. 



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April 20 - May 20

Jupiter in 12th for Taurus natives may cause tremendous expenditure.  Ketu’s position may cause drastic fluctuation in health.  But Saturn in 6th will get them money from all possible sources to fulfill cherished wishes.  Taurus sign, ruled by Venus generally makes the natives quite epicurean in taste and temperament.  They love luxuries Venus in 9th will help them grow well professionally with Goddes Lakshmi blessing them all through your business expansion plans will be implemented successfully.  Mastering a new technique or getting a special knowledge they can brighten their future all the more.  All your ambitious can be realized this year.

On 17th May, Jupiter coming in its own sign will further pave way for getting more gains.  But after May your back or low back part of the body may be afflicted with some ailment.

Saturn in 6th, that too exalted, at the beginning of the year would help you get good money from all possible sources with your prudence and patience you’ll make things quite conducive to you.  Victory in court cases is indicated.  Those trying for good job may succeed after May.  Some solid plans will be made for business expansion but your own lethargy may not let them reach their logical conclusion.  Your some past love-affairs may get exposed.  Health-wise the period between June and September won’t be good particularly.  Stomach ailment may trouble you.  Marital relations may also remain strained occasionally.  April, November & December will particularly be favourable months for you in this year, as you’ll succeed in these months in whatever you do.

Keep expenses under check specifically upto May, lest you may have to incur loan.  However, any planning regarding your house construction will be successfully implemented.  After May Ketu and Jupiters combination may cause unwanted procrastination in your projects.  Results won’t be as good as the hard labour put in by you.
Venus, the sign lord, in 9th may give you good help from some person from opposite sex group to further brighten your career.

Physical Comfort & Health:  Ketu’s position may keep your health not very good which may further get deteriorated due to Jupiter joining Ketu after May.  Some blood related ailment may crop up.  Mars will be in 4th upto 22nd June.  Take special care of your health upto November.  In November & December Venus’s sojourn in Libra, own sign, will cure you from all diseases.  Wear an opal gem embedded in Mahamritunjaye Tantra round your neck for quick relief.

Trade, Profession & Money: You may establish many records this year in your trade or profession.  Professionally you’ll do very well.  Expansion, branching out will be done successfully.  Your hard work shall pay you well.  May get good offers between May & August.  Grab them and implement your plans seriously to shake the proverbial Pagoda Tree.  May also come in close contact with some VIP politician or business tycoon who shall prove very helpful.  Property sale & purchase cold be fraught with risks but worship of Goddess Lakshmi will see you coming out of them with flying colours.  Irrigate Peepal and Chant ‘Shree Sookta’ text every day.

Family, Friends & Relations & Progeny:  Those nubile will hopeful tie the nuptial knot this year.  Kids’ exams result may cause tension but you’ll have good relations with your brothers, dissolving the dissensions if any.  However, be careful about your jealous relations as they may create hurdles in your way.  In the middle of the year, some senior family member’s health may cause concern, forcing you to make rounds to the hospitals.  Relations between father-son and mother-son will become warmer.  Spouses will also enjoy rare intimacy.  However, from your kid’s father-in-law you may exchange a light banter.  Some auspicious ceremony may be held at home at the end of the year.  Arrival of a new guest in the family is quite likely as well.

Studies, Education & Career: Owing to significator of education, Jupiter being in 12th at the beginning of the year, initial results won’t be encouraging.  A little lethargy may cause quite serious consequence.  Avoid bad company and distracting trends, else you may ruin your career.  Mercury & Rahu’s combination in the beginning of the year may cause some memory-loss, so be warry.  If appearing for the competitive exams don’t let your objective lose your sight.  Foreign study dream may be realized.  May get a new job between May & August this year.  Students must wear Ganesh Rudraksha’ for success in educational pursuits.

Love Relations & Friends:  Since the sign lord is Venus, you may have special attraction for the opposite sex persons.  But Rahu in 7th won’t let your love affairs remain secret.  The exposure may cast an ill effect on your family life.  Students should be wary of such relations as they may ruin their career too, although friends will always help you in distress.

Vehicles, Expenditure & Auspicious Ceremonies:  You may feel an uncontrollable urge to buy a new vehicle since Taurus natives love fancy things.  But maintaining such costly vehicles may be a problem for them.  As far as auspicious ceremonies or functions are concerned, chances of your holding such a ceremony on a large scale – like Mundan, House warming, religious feast etc. – are bright.  But this function may upset your financial budget.  You may have to take some loan.  But that would be repaid timely.

Loss, Loans & Unexpected Happening: May suffer separation from some of your close relation.  Before May be especially careful about elderly relation’s health.

As far as big boss possibility is concerned, there is no likelihood.  On the contrary, this year you will be fully out of the debt-trap, the process might commence after August 2012. 

Journeys:  You may travel frequently in connection with your profession/trade or its expansion.  But Jupiter in 12th upto May or June may make them mostly futile and worthless.


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May 21 - June 21

In this year 2012 AD, there are strong chances of your earning good money, though physically some problems may trouble you a bit.  Nevertheless, Jupiter’s transit in 11th gives you good profit in business or profession.  In the family also you may get some big success.  You’ll work with full devotion to get favourable results.  However, Saturn in 5th upto 13 May may give you some worry from progeny’s side.  Competitive exams result will also be against your expectation.  Disobedient progeny, bad school results could also add to your tension from progeny’s side.  Economically this shall prove a very satisfying year.  You’ll be able to encash your talents to the hilt, even in the most trying circumstances.

Physically from health’s point of view, it won’t be a good year.  But June & September both months may get the desired thrust from your luck.  New opportunities in the career are waiting to the grabbed by you.  Monetary gain, professional growth and success even in the political field may give you much satisfaction.  In astrology, Mantra-Tantra, religion etc. will also appear quite engrossing to you.

Rahu in transit will be in 6th and Ketu in 12th throughout the year, raising the benchmark in the field of personal competence and Parakrama, though enemies may keep on pin-pricking you.  But you shouldn’t worry as they won’t be able to damage you in the least.  May get success in competition or even in the law case.

Jupiter in 11th upto 17 May indicates good success for the students.  They should not only irrigate the Tulsi Plant every morning but also swallow a leaf from it for sharpening their memory.  The 6th Rahu may cause separation from someone close.  Jupiter in 11th may also make you more inclined towards religion and spiritualism.  Between April-May the debilited Mercury may cause some financial loss.  Think twice before making any fresh investment.   

Between May & August a retrograde Saturn coming in 4th house may give you a cause for familial happiness between this period.

Mars will remain in 3rd (Leo) upto 22nd June, after which you may go for buying some assets or even landed property.  Court cases, after initial hiccoughs, may give you eventual victory.  However, check your expenses as Venus in 12th after 17 May could enhance them in a substantial way, forcing you to incur a loan.  Chant every day the Mantra “Om Rin Muktaaya Namah” and put in your Pooja-place a Shree Yantra with Navratna embedded (in the Vimshotri order).

Physical pleasures & Health:  Health may keep on fluctuating for the entire year.  Mars in 3rd in the solar sign upto 22nd June may give rise to some blood related ailment.  Owing to Jupiter in 12th your body’s natural resistance level against the disease will be low.  Seasonal ailments may also trap you; though nothing of serious nature will afflict you.  You will remain obedient for your parent and senior family members.  For keeping good health, chant “Om Haun Joon Sah’ mantra every day.  Lord Shiv’s grace may keep the diseases in check.  Exercise regularly and have yourself properly checked by your family physician.

Trade, Profession and Money:  A good year for immovable property and you may buy one in the middle of this year.  Old vehicle may trouble you – so it is better you change it in due time.  Mars in 3rd may cause a rift between you and your brothers, leading to a legal battle.  Trade conditions will remain favourable, though 6th Rahu may keep your enemies active.  After August you’ll outwit all your toes.  The year is fraught with quite drastic changes.  Between April & August with quite drastic changes.  Between April & August you may have a substantial wind-fall from some landed property or you may buy some with a wind-fall received from other sources.  Your boss is going to give you either Promotion or Increment due to work performance before May.

Family-Progeny & Relations:  With your tact and prudence you’ll manage to keep your family atmosphere congenital.  This year shall be also a year for your familial achievements.  Some auspicious ceremony may take place.  Venus in 8th may disturb your marital life with aspersions cast even on your character.  The Sun in 7th make cause occasional tiff between father and son.  Progeny may cause tension but all such worries may end by May.

Studies, Education & Career:  Owing to Jupiter’s so journ in the 11th house, success in all education pursuit is indicated.  With exalted Saturn, success is ensured in all endeavours provided one works hard, by the Grace of Lord Ganesh.  But there shouldn’t be any room for lethargy and carelessness.  However, Mercury in 6th may not let you concentrate fully.  Familial situations will generally be favourable.  But guests frequent arrival may disturb your studies.  From the career point of view May to August period is likely to prove quite significant.  New job or fresh opportunities of growth may be available.  May get a job with lucrative salary in a big company if you try within this period.

Vehicluar Comforts, Expenditure and Auspicious Ceremonies:  between March and February regular expense on vehicle maintenance is possible, forcing you to buy a new one.  Jupiter in 11th in the beginning of the year may make you hold an auspicious ceremony involving significant expenditure.  Health may also need occasional expenditure for its maintenance.

Loss, Debts and unforeseen Happenings:  between June & December, business loss is possible.  Your seniors in service may remain unhappy with you.  In order to avoid the situation forcing you to incur debt, chant Rinmochan Mangal Strotra and offer Jasmine oil at Lord Hanuman’s idol.  Also drive your vehicle cautiously and wear helmet and tighten belt whenever you drive your vehicle.  Things may go a bit tragic by the sudden demise of your some family member.

Journeys:  May visit a religious shrine between April & May or go on a pilgrimage with your family.


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June 22 - July 22

The year 2012 indicates that whereas Jupiter in 10th foretells professional progress, augmentation of more source of income, the effect of Saturn’s Dhaiyya would be apparent from the very beginning of the year.  Saturn in 4th would make your enemies keep you rather frightened.  After 16th May 2012 and upto 4th August 2012 Saturn, going retrograde, would be in your 3rd house to give you many opportunities of earning good money.  With your intelligence and prudence you’ll revive your all held up projects.  But Mars’s position in 2nd may make you spend money in the maintenance of your house and property.  However, Rahu in 5th may make you somewhat worried due to progeny.  Be careful, lest you get misled to indulge in some immoral act.  You may spend on the auspicious ceremonies concerning your kids – as also on their education.  May plan elaborately for your business expansion upto 16th May but the same may get implemented only in the middle of August.  You will quite enthusiastically participate in religious rituals and the related activities.  Saturn’s Dhaiyya may cause minor fluctuation in health which may adversely impact on your work schedule.  Although business may grow you’ll not be able to pay due attention to it.  Conjugal relations will remain happy.  Your spouse will help you in the most trying situations.  However, partnership deals may have some money related controversies.  But you’ll be able to successfully tackle all these problems as you have the capacity.  This year your dream of having you own house and some immovable property would be duly realized.  But Saturn in 4th may cause ill health of minor native to your parents or senior relatives.

Physical Comforts and Health:  In general you’ll have satisfactory health having only occasional seasonal sicknesses.  Lord of Cancer is Moon which makes the nature quite ambitious.  But they may have some blood related problems.  Between 16th May and 4th June your health will be totally satisfactory.  Only the beginning and the close of the year you may suffer physical ailments like windy troubles, indigestion etc.  Ladies may suffer some problems in their privates.  Some chromic trouble may surface.  Timely consultation with your physician is advisable.  Keep your diet and exercise schedule undisturbed.  Wear a MAHAMRITUNJAYA YANTRA embedded in the CHANDRAKANT MANI.

Business, Profession & Income:  There are bright chances of your earning good money.  You’ll plan for expansion of your business and shall also successfully implement the same.  But while you can make others do their work well, you won’t be able to do the same efficiently.  During Saturn’s retrogressive period work load may remain heavy.  But you’ll also earn well in this period (between May and August).  But you may have to suffer the consequences of tax evasion-like Sales Tax, Octoroi, Royalty, VAT etc. including income tax – which may prove quite heavy.  Because of the professionals who may try to inch you out of the competition.  Be cautious about any wrong investment and wrong advice which may trap you into the trouble.  But introducing a new technique into your profession or a new machine, you’ll enhance your output as much as to feel financially comfortable by the year end.  You’ll feel strong economically as well.

Family, Progeny and Relations:  Your conjugal and familial life may be full of achievements this year.  May get some good family related achievement after July.  Your social and family image will be further brightened.  However, Rahu in 5th may cause you concern due to progeny.  Also, since the 5th lord Mars upto June will be in 2nd house, you may have to spend much in your progeny’s career related prospects/marriage or in education.  The newly married couple may be blessed with some issue.  Your spouse will be quite helpful in every walk of life but some senior family member’s health may force you to do rounds to the physician or the hospitals.  Some relations may also appear quite jealous of your prosperity.  They may start a tirade of condemnation against you at different places.

Studies, Education & Career:  The year 2012 may prove quite worrisome for the students, due to Rahu’s presence in the 5th house.  They will be off-tracked from their aim and might spend time in useless pursuits like gossips.  They must concentrate on studies if they want to succeed in studies.  Your Moon sign lord is Moon itself which is by nature fickle and makes the mind unstable.  Be careful about concentrating it.  Rahu in 5th indicates that little callousness may adversely impact on your career.  Those in service must develop a good rapport with their superiors.  You can expect a promotion between June 22nd and 14th August owing to Mars stay in the third house.  However, try to be very careful in your work as a minor lapse may cost you a fortune.

Love Affairs and Friends:  Owing to your sign lord being the Moon, you are by nature quite sentimental.  But your sociable nature and soft speech will draw people to you.  You’ll have many friends but 7th house Venus may cause a tiff with someone from the opposite sex category.  By May 2012 you may get over it.  Since Mars will be in the 2nd house upto June, you should not rely on any of your relation during this period if you want to escape deceit.  Nevertheless, you’ll be naturally attractual towards the opposite sex persons.

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  Jupiter in 10th upto May may make you spend liberally on holding religions functions.  May go for pilgrimage with your entire family.  In order to ensure peace and prosperity of the family you’ll continue to hold religions rituals.  Vehicles and progeny may also force you to spend money.  As for investments, be doubly alert about make any as you can also sink your money.

Loss, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  May have to take a small loan for holding religious ceremonies which shall be repaid timely.  May suffer death of your some close friend or relation.  Business loss is possible between June and July.  Don’t give any loan to any one during this phase as it may never be recovered.  Chant the Mantra ‘OM RINAMUKTAAYA NAMAH’ atleast 108 times on every Tuesday to get relief from debts.

Journeys:  May travel to far off places in which you’ll spend liberally.  However if planning to go in your vehicle, you are advised not to drive if yourself.

Remedial Measures:  Wear a Pearl embedded in the Chandra-Yantra, duly consecrated, mound your neck.  Read SHIV CHALISA every day.  Offer water oblation to Lord Shiva’s idol and sprinkle a part of it on your body as well.  Keeping fast on Mondays may also prove beneficial to you.


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July 23 - August 22

You have indomitable courage and capacity to proceed forward whose indication is clearly seen in 2012 A.D.  But be wary as enemies may also remain quite active.  Although you’d not care for them, this might cause damage in immoveable property.  Rahu in 4th will help you settle paternal property related disputes amicably.  This year due to good effect of Mars in own sign, Saturn in 3rd and favourable sun this Money inflow will be good upto 16th May.  In service, try to take maximum advantage of the favourable situation before 16th May.

Between 16th August and 16th September, the Sun in own sign will make you succeed in whatever you do.  May get a new order or a new project as well.  Your career will touch in peak owing to Mars in 1st from the beginning of the year till June.  Bet be cautious about taking your decisions.  A haphazardly taken decision may cost you dear.  By the later half legal court decision may be favourable.  But between June and August you may be trapped in some government related problem, forcing you to bribe your way out of it.

Between 16th May and 4th August Saturn in Gemini may make you suffer due to over-reliance on your partner.  Be cautious in reposing your faith in anyone.  Between September and November expenses may mount.  You may play an important role in the auspicious ceremony held at some relations’ place.  Owing to Jupiter’s sojourn in Aries upto 17th May your father or some senior family member’s health may cause concern.  The position of Mars and the Sun will make you competent enough to the desired educational institution.  But the parents shouldn’t pressurize their kids for studying hard as they would do so on their own, provided they care t give them subjects of their choice.

The period between 17th October and 16th November may give you much hardship and grief owing to the Sun being in its debilitated sign.  May you have to incur even loan.  However, those willing to join service may get a good job.  But they must check their expenditure, particularly between 16th August to 16th September, else inflation and subsequent recession in the market may hit you doubly.

Physical Pleasure and Health:  For Lions, this year shall provide much physical pleasure and happiness.  But those of advanced age should remain guarded about their health, particularly about blood related problems.  They must avoid friend dishes and be careful about their work schedule to avoid tension.  They must have full sleep.  Offering oblation to the resting Sun with the chanting of the Mantra ‘Om Ghrim Suryaaya Namah’ may help you keep good health. 

Trade, Profession & Income:  May spend liberally on maintenance of your home and landed property.  Business expansion will also be planned.  But all your plans may not be duly implemented.  Your outside contact will help you greatly.  Between September and December you may try with the idea of altering your business.  You may have to spend much during this period, willingly or unwillingly.  May earn a lot through speculation, shares and brokerage.  You’ll discharge your duties with full dedication to get enjoy profit much more than before.  May buy some landed property as well.  But between April and June, owing to your callousness you may lose a big contract or order.  If in service, may get promotion and desired place through transfer between 16th August to 16th September.  You may have to travel a lot in connection with business. 

Family, Friends, Relations Kids etc:  The lord of your sign, Sun in 5th and the lord of 5th Jupiter in 9th in Aries sign make this year especially significant for your kids.  They will have good rise in their career and shall remain obedient to you.  Friends and relations will always be helpful.   With your spouse, upto June, light altercation may continue but Mars in 2nd will make you quite irritable, ruining your conjugal life.  Physical comfort level will rise, with your buying some comfort enhancing luxury item for your home.

Studies, Education & Career:  This year in educational sphere you’ll have tremendous success.  Jupiter in 9th will help you get admission in the desired institution.  The Leons are even otherwise good at studies and rarely get bad results.  Even in service or other competitive examination you’ll get favourable results.  However, between June and September, your confidence may dwindle in the interviews or tests.  The students should concentrate only in studies and eschew distractions like romancing if they want to score well.  Wear a Rudraksha in a red thread to hone up your memory and keep on chanting the Mantra ‘Om Ganeshaaya Namah’ quietly in your mind.

Love Affairs and Friends:  In the love relations thing will rather be dull owing to Venus being in 6th in the beginning of the year.  Although your romantic bent will be quite pronounced between April and June, you must not forget that love relations can disturb your career quite dangerously owing to Saturn’s position in the 3rd.  As for the friends, you may have more psycophants than true friends.  Not many such friends you may have who could help you in distress. 

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  You’ll spend liberally even on petty pursuits and may even incur loan to ensure your family’s happiness.  You may remain satisfied with the vehicle you have.  Nevertheless you must drive it cautiously and coolly, never rushing.  Else something untoward might take place.  Don’t drive yourself if you are going on a long drive.  Some auspicious ceremony at home is quite likely at the end of the year. 

Losses, Debts and Unforeseen Happenings:  Between 17th October and 16th November – when the Sun be debilitated, some unforeseen happening may force you to incur a loan.  Be guarded.  Spend cautiously and do not indulge in fresh investment if you don’t want to sink your money.  As far as old debts are concerned before June it would be squared up.  Chant ‘Rinmochan Mangal Strotra’ or the Mantra: ‘Om Rinatriya Vimochanaaya Namah’.  Lord Hanuman’s grace may end this problem soon.

Journeys:  A long journey, possibly a foreign trip may materialize in the second half of the year.  May go out with family to a coastal city.

Remedial Measures:  The Leons must wear a 5 rattis Ruby gem embedded in the Surya Yantra round their neck and offer water as oblation to the rising Sun at about 8 a.m.  Chant every day the ‘Aditya Htidaya Strotra’.  Develop good and servile relations with some highly placed government officer.  Keep fasts on Sundays and keep a perfumed red handkerchief ever in your pocket to ensure Lord Sun’s favour.  Also, in case you want some of your cherished wish’s fulfillment, float 11 red flowers in a flowing water while offering water as oblation to the Sun God at least thrice during the worship.


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August 23 - Nov 22

Saturn’s position in the 2nd house indicates drastic fluctuation in your health.  Even Jupiter in 12th would make you disease prone.  As for luck’s favour is concerned this won’t be a significant year.  It may be only 63 percent productive year.  Your greatest weakness is likely to be your over sentimentality, which you must get over.  Saturn in 2nd may also create hurdles in amassing wealth though you’ll earn much this year.  All earning would be consumed in expenses.  Mentally also you may feel occasionally disturbed.

In the worldly affairs Saturn’s adverse influence may create some disturbance regularly.  Promotion and progress in service or politics would be possibility after 17th May 2012 when Jupiter would enter 9th, the house of beck.  Then your financial position would also improve significantly.

With Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th would certainly give you a series of success.  You’ll show your exalted class and get recognition, honour and prestige as well.  But you must be cautious that you should not feel complaint about your achievements.  Over-trust on your partner may give you a setback.  Avoid business expansion plan at this juncture, else you’ll be drawn in the vortex of financial complexities.  Think twice before making my fresh investment.  Also beware of the sycophants who may frequently mislead you.  You’ll also have inclination towards religion and spirituality and after 17th May, due to Jupiter’s sojourn in the 9th house, you may hold a big religious ceremony.  You will gain in social reputation and may become a VIP.  Financially the period between June and September may prove quite favourably when you’d implement your business expansion plans as well.  Mercury’s strong position may prove lucky for you.  Using your intellectual talents and prudence you’ll progress well.  However, remain cautious about your health between 16th May to 4th September.  Also be wary as you may fall victim of some deceit played on you during this period.  Make no fresh investment during this phase.  May suffer separation from your close relation during some auspicious ceremony held at home.

Physical Comforts and Health:  Saturn Sade Sati effect may not let you remain healthy.  The Virgo natives generally suffer from joint pain and weakness of the physique due to gastric disturbances.  Between 15th May and 4th September you could even be hospitalized.  Jupiter in 8th may give rise to stomach troubles as well.  Be cautious about rise to stomach troubles as well.  Be cautious about your health as well as that of the senor members’ of the family to drive relief from Jupiter’s benign influence.  The three months viz – February, October and November may prove quite worry causing due to adverse health. 

Trade, Profession & Income:  You may lose your money in over reliance on the stranger.  Be careful lest your all expansion plans may be jeopardized.  In service little lapses may entail serious punishments and rebukes.  You won’t be able to work in tandem with your colleagues.  You may have to travel much but with no gain in the end.  In case you want to expand your business do so only between June and September.  In money matters, don’t trust anyone no matter how close.  Keep the Shree Yantra, Kanakadhara Yantra and Kubera Yantra – all the three at a time – in your coffer to secure your reserve funds and make them well.

Family, Progeny & Relations:  This year 2012 would be quite peaceful from familial point of view.  Conjugal relations will be sweet barring occasional exchange of a light banter.  Your progeny will get admitted into the desired educational institute.  But growing expenditure may upset your budget a bit.  Yet you will manage to meet your household needs squarely.  Be careful about the health of your senior family members.  Between May and September family atmosphere may become somewhat tense, with occasional misunderstandings cropping up among the family members.  But your strong Mercury would keep on diffusing the tension and blunt the edges of the differences.

Education & Career:  Virgo natives, generally, score well in exams.  If the sign lord Mercury is well placed in the natal chart, they make others low before their intelligence.  This year, however, the students would get only mixed results.  Much disturbance in the career-oriented professional courses.  Exams results won’t be as expected by them, though they won’t be much discouraging.  Chances will be bright for those in service after June when they can hope for promotion.  However, those willing to go abroad for high studies may face hurdles due to not getting their papers ready.  For those who are not studying as hard as they ought to be, wearing a Ganesh idol embedded Rudraksha Mala around their neck on Mercury may enable them to concentrate better and get good results.  The guardians are advised not to force their choice or decision upon their wards.

Friends and Love Affairs:  Adverse planetary influence may threaten exposure of secret love affairs.  Poor health and professional disturbance may prevent you indulging in love affairs or warming up your conjugal relations.  An exposure through a phone-call, love-letter or any other incidence may cause a violent shape in your married life.  Particularly in the months of February, October and November many misunderstandings may crop up but gradually you’ll manage to remove them.  However, you friends will continue to be very loyal and shall be of much help in your hour of distress.  

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  Virgo natives are generally very methodical in their expenses and use their every paisa to the hilt.  You’ll continue with your old vehicle though after its due repairs.  In your work you’ll continue with your old machinery after due repairs but this miserliness may adversely impact on your quality of the product and production as well.  You will spend liberally on your children’s education.  All told your nature of spending money when it is a must would emerge as a very practical virtue.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  Monetary loss due to adverse Sade Sati impact apart from theft of something precious and dear to you are the general indications.  A little laxity in trade may enable your rival to out-market you – so stay alert.  Growing expenses may force you to incur some loan as well which won’t be easily repaid.  Senior family members adverse health may also force you to spend beyond your capacity.  In October or November some unexpected happening may compel you to spend a big amount.  Wear a Coral (Moonga) embedded ‘Mangal Yantra’ to round your neck to escape the debt-trap. 

Journeys:  Not much but those undertaken won’t give you any encouraging result either.  A pilgrimage programme may be shelved at the eleventh house due to some unavoidable reason.

Remedial Measures:  Wear for general welfare an Onyz embedded ‘Budha Yantra’ round your neck to ensure favourable conditions and good income from business.  You can also keep fast on Wednesdays for this purpose.  Love your kids and worship Lord Ganesh with the Mantra ‘OM GANAPATAYE NAMAH’ (at least 108 times).  Offer Poorva grass leaves (108 in number) to a Ganesh idol on every Wednesday and have ‘Prasad’ of Modak (Ladoos).  Lord Ganesha’s grace can ensure all kind of prosperity and affluence to you.


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Nov 23 - Nov 22

Saturn’s position in your sign may make this year quite trying for the Libra natives.  However, Jupiter in 7th would add to your fame and glory almost regularly.  Upto 17th May Jupiter in 7th would be directly aspecting the first house.  So the beginning of the year will be fairly good.  You will plan for your business expansion and shall also implement the same.  Employing some new technique or technology you can enhance production of your unit substantially.  But the government related jobs would cause much hurdles.  So shall the court related cases in which you’ll have to do much running around.  The health of the spouse may not remain good.  The students would get the results as per their hard work.  However, being the Libra native, you know how to strike balance between the opposites.  Adopt a scientific approach to proceed further unhampered.  Most of your coveted wishes will be fulfilled.  But after May, Jupiter in 8th may cause you illness and physical problems – mostly stomach or blood related problems.  The later half of the year may keep your business or profession rather slack.  By nature you can’t tolerate injustice which might give you more troubles and foes.  You must work attentively as any lapse may give you a long charge-sheet.

Family / relations wise June to September period may prove good when all your family members will act in a unified manner.  Children’s exam results will be favourable particularly upto May.  Relations among the family member will normally amicable and you’ll ensure this by your efforts as well.  Conjugal relations will also be good.  Separation from someone close is possible.  The students are warned not to waste their time and energy in love-affairs and dating.

 Physical Comforts and Health:  Barring the seasonal minor sickness, upto 17th May your health will generally be good.  But after 17th May, Jupiter in 8th may keep you sick, forcing even surgical operation.  Stomach ailments will cause more worries.  Between September – October, your sign sign lords becoming debilitated may give you accident, fall from height, BP fluctuation, sugar, heart complications etc.  Barring Sundays and Tuesday you must irrigate a Peepal tree early morning every day and chart OM HREEM JOON SAH’ the Mahamrityunjaya Brij Mantra, every day.

Trade, Profession & Income:  Librans are generally good business persons and with their balance outlook they get good results.  However this year, business would give you may trying occasions.  Even those in service would not be able to fulfill their targets.  Trouble with your partner on profit sharing may cause much tension.  Avoid making any fresh investment; else you’ll sink your money down the drain.  Don’t repose faith in anyone – whether close or stranger, as this could be your blunder this year.

Family, Kids & Relations:  This year will give you a rare insight in your relationship and you’d know who is truly yours.  Only your spouse will be fully cooperative and loyal to you.  However a third party’s intervention can create misunderstandings.  Good news from your progeny is likely to prove exhilarating.  But still your child may not succeed in getting admission in the desired institution.  You will have good relations with the spouse.

Education Studies & Career:  For Libra students this year may prove good with all interview / test results proving favourable.  In career or service you may be entrusted with important assignment.  Particularly before 17th May you’ll get what you desire.  However, the students must remain aloof from love affairs and dating.  They shouldn’t waste time in useless pursuits.  Only concentration and devotion can make them succeed.  After May 2012 your attention could be distracted, so be wary.  Chew a few Tulsi leaves every day and chant the Mantra: ‘Vidyanidhiye Namah’ for improving memory. 

Love Affairs and Friends:  The Librans believe in ostentation (showing off) and get easily attracted by the opposite sex persons.  Between November and December you may be lucky in the love affairs but at times your wrong decision may adversely impact your work and studies.  Nevertheless relations between the lovers and beloveds will be sweet.

Vehicle, Expenditure and Auspicious Ceremonies:  Vehicular maintenance could be heavy this year.  You may toy with the idea of buying a new vehicle.  In the beginning of the year some auspicious ceremony could be held of home.  Indisposed health may also cause some expenses.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  May have to incur loan in the later half of this year for meeting your certain necessary expenses.  Something untoward may take place involving a vehicle as well.  Your money in the business could be trapped irretrievably.  Investment won’t give you any relief.  All told financially you may continue to be hard pressed this year.  

Journeys:  Not many, only casual ones for those particularly who are struggle to get a foothold in a solid career.  Many of them may prove unproductive. 

Remedial Measures:  In order to ensure better results you must wear a Shukra Yantra having Opal gem embedded into it.  Always carry a scented white handkerchief in your pocket.  Also float sever white Mogra flowers ever Friday for seven Friends in a flowing water to ensure blessing from Mother Durga.  Alternatively, wearing an American Diamond  in the ring finger will also help.


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Nov 23 - Nov 21

The year 2012 will prove quite progressive and auspicious year for you, though health may not remain very good.  Rahu in your sign and Saturn in 12th may make you travel much but in vain.  Upto 22nd June, Mars the sign lord in 10th will make you receive the auspicious news from the state which you waited years for.  All told, you may get in general mixed results.  You are advised to work methodically.  Jupiter in 6th upto May, may quell your enemies and end all those who are jealous of you.

The tenth Mars will expedite the house building process.  You may also buy a landed property – a plot or a house.  Auspicious ceremonies will also be planned but upto 16th May some of your relative’s health will cause much concern.  You will be able to buy some silver or gold also.  You being the Scorpio native have the capacity to make circumstances favourable to you by dirt of your strong will.

Between 16th May and 4th August will be very favourable period for you in every way.  You must exploit it to the hilt.  Have your nubile progeny duly married into reputed families and affect the business expansion as you wanted.  During this period new arrival in the family and fo those in service, transfer or posting to the desired station is quite possible. 

Students must labour hard and remain focused to their target if they expect desired success.  They shouldn’t waste their time in worthless pursuits if they desire a bright career.  This year despite the court cases / police cases getting decided in your favour, you’ll have to spend much time and money in these matters.

Physical Comfort and Health:  Health-wise it won’t be a happy year for the Scorpio natives.  Rahu in your sign may cause much crests and troughs in your health graph.  Mostly blood related diseases like B.P., anemia, blood sugar etc. may trouble you.  Digestive system may also cause some concern.  Also Saturn 12th house transit may give migraine like headache due to excessive worries.  Before 16th May some surgical operation may also be a possibility.  Try to postpone it and have it done between 16th May and 4th August if it be unavoidable.  You must keep your food and exercise schedule unaltered and undisturbed if you want to remain in good health.  However, treatment of the disease may put a hole in your pocket which may be unavoidable.  Wearing a Mahamrityunjaya Yantra embedded with Navaratna may give you much relief in the health matters.

Trade, Profession & Income:  Drastic fluctuation at the business front may be witnessed by the Scorpio natives.  Between 16th May and 4th August, you’ll plan for business expansion as in the remaining parts of the year the Sade Sati impact may make all your plans a non-starter.  However upto 16th June, Mars in Leo may widen your area of contacts which may come handy at times though in general your professional performance may not be very good.  Over-reliance or your relations and friends may give you a set-back.  In service you may be transferred to an unwanted destination upto May.  Your worthless tiff with your boss may result in grave consequence.  Avoid it and don’t make your adamance a prestige issue.  Also keep aloof from indulging in any risky venture in business, else you’ll be buried in the weight of the debts and likely to get trapped in a debt-trap for the entire year.

Family, Progeny & Relations:  Familial conditions will be generally favourable to you.  You’ll receive blessings from your seniors and parents whose falling health may be a source of constant concern.  May receive a familial good news between August and September.  Despite not doing well in your profession, you’ll feel quite light hearted and relieved.  Minor banter may continue to be exchanged between the family members.  May have a child birth in the family.  Your family will ever be supportive whenever you feel distressed.

This year will also be good from the conjugal relations point of view.  The unmarried may get married between August and December.  While most of your family members will happily welcome your growing influence, your rivals and foes will make a jealousy also.  Some senior lady member of the house may fall ill for which you have to do rounds to the hospital.

Studies, Education & Career:  Not a promising year for the students and they will have to work very hard to get good results.  Sade Sati influence may make their mind wander from their aim though the Moon in 5th at the beginning of the year may make things a little favourable.  Jupiter coming in Taurus from 17th May may again make them study – oriented a bit.  They may also fill the form for some competitive exam or other career related test.  But they should avoid evil and misleading company.  Befriend the books which can take you towards success.

Love-relations and Friends:  Venus in their in the beginning of the year indicates that this won’t be any spectacular year from love relations angle.  You may have repeated tiffs with your beloved.  Mars in Leo indicates that you must have moderate relations and should never cross the limits of propriety, particularly upto June.  Things may go out of bounds after that and your affairs may be exposed to cause you embarrassment.  Love needs sacrifice which you must realize.  As for the friends, they will be quite helpful and you’ll have many new and genuine friends this year.

Vehicle, Expenditure and Auspicious Ceremonies:  A major expense due to progeny is indicated in the very beginning of the year.  An auspicious ceremony or related with progeny’s education is expected before 17th May.  You may also spend liberally in some religious ritual or in a social function or in a public welfare scheme.  You may present your progeny a new vehicle to please them, though your own vehicle may need frequent repairs.  You may perform some religious ritual at the yearend which will also improve your financial condition.

Losses, Debts and the Unexpected Happenings:  The Scorpio natives may have to incur some loan to meet their needs between June and August.  Business may give you loss and hence in this year your financial condition will be in doldrums.  However, by the end of 2012 you’ll be free of the debt-trap.  You must chant the Mantra “OM RINAMUKTAAYA NAMAH” every day and offer Chameli oil to Lord Hanuman’s idol’s right foot for quick relief.  Also stay guarded between the beginning of the year and June as something untoward might take place.

Journeys:  Religious travels or pilgrimages are expected between April and June 2012.  Your all work related journeys may prove useless in the results eventually.  Family matters may also make you travel between June and August.

Remedial Measures:  Worship Lord Hanuman for relief from all troubles.  Wear a Coral (Moonga) embedded Mangal Yantra round your neck.  Donate Masoor Dal, one fourth of your body weight, to some Sadhu or ascetic or the priest of your temple.  Feed black grams and jiggery to monkeys on every Tuesday and have the Lord hanuman idol consecrating will Til Oil.  Donate Sindoor for the idol and keep fast on Tuesdays.


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Nov 22 - Dec 21

For Sagittarius natives this year will be full of happiness.  Relief from problems, lady luck smiling particularly when Jupiter in 4th and 5th and happy news from every direction.  May celebrate some auspicious event.  However, health-wise things, may rather be unstable with some mental agony.  But your business will be blooming, your new experiments will get their very encouraging results.  But after 17th May Jupiter in 6th may give you blood related diseases.  Jupiter, your sign lord’s influence, will give you many offers for better jobs, new contracts and big orders to swell you coffers.  Upto 16th May, those in service may expect good position, transfer with promotion and a raise in status.  But after 16th the retrograde Saturn going into 10th house may strengthen your enemies who may hatch conspiracies to trouble you.  So remain guarded.  Upto 16th May, Jupiter’s benign influence in 5th may make your progeny achieve something spectacular, though you’ll have to shell out a big amount – may be his or her going abroad for higher studies.  However, Jupiter’s transit in the 6th may make some senior family member sick, forcing you to rush to the hospital repeatedly.  Rahu in 12th would also lengthen the expenditure list but it would make you earn enough from export-import business as well.

At home may auspicious events will be celebrated.  The conjugal relations between the spouses will be extremely sweet.  In fact all family members will have good terms with each other.  You make take certain tough & important familial decisions this year and plan for celebrating some more auspicious ceremonies.  You’ll implement your plans very effectively and if you repose enough confidence in yourself, gold future will be right with in your grasp.  May go out for some big purchase and realize you long cherished wish of having your own abode eventually.

Physical Comfort and Health:  Sagittarius natives are known for being indifferent to their health but this year your health may fluctuate rather drastically, though nothing of any serious or permanent nature will occur.  January to March some seasonal sickness and occasional digestive and blood related diseases may surface.  Due to mental tension, a boot of migraine could be possible.  But in the later half of the year health will remain in a fine fettle.  Every Monday burn the Guggal incense and spread its smoke in the entire house for ensuring a good health all through.

Trade, Profession & Income:  The Sagittarius natives will have money from all sources.  You will put all your attention towards your aim.  In your unit, installation of new machines & accessories will make your profit quadruple.  In service your boss will remain happy with you.  Good money inflow will keep you in a happy mood.  May get a huge order or a lucrative deal in business.  Recoveries of the old debts, but you are advised not to give anyone any fresh loan.  Don’t rely on any one in money matters.  Partnership business may be profitable but don’t totally trust your partner.  Jupiter’s position in 5th will make you exercise your discretion with great aplomb.  Your introduction of new technique in the traditional method will prove very rewarding.

Family, Progeny & Relations:  Family atmosphere will remain quite cordial throughout.  You’ll enjoy all familial delight this year.  Auspicious ceremony will be held at home a number of times.  Your son or daughter may go abroad for higher education.  Good conjugal relations and the light banter between close relations will be the spice giving elements of this year.  Partition of the paternal property may become a legal case between you and your brothers.  Parent or some senior family member’s health may cause concern.  Good relations between father and son are indicated.  All told, family and relation wise this shall be a good year. 

Education & Career:  If you are a student, then 2012 will be significant year for your success in exams, foreign trip for higher education, determined concentration for achieving your target are the salient indications.  Upto May, Jupiter in 5th may give you success in competitive exams as well.  Technical students will also fare very well.  But be cautious lest you ruin your career by wasting your time in love affairs / dating at this vital juncture of your life.  Those in service will also have favourable time.  Chances of promotion and posting at the desired stations and the boss’s benign support to you before the seniors.  Should there be a departmental enquiry that would also be decided in your favour.  

Love–relations and Friends:  Venus will make you succeed in the field of love as well though occasional misunderstandings are not ruled out.  However, keep you emotion in check, lest you commit a lapse or mistake assailing your heart throughout the life.  Some of your love affair may get exposed.  As for contact with friends it would be less owing to work load pressure and domestic duties.  However, your selection of friends wold be judicious and they’ll be genuine in every way.

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  Mars will be in 9th from the beginning of the year upto June, so you may buy a new vehicle in June.  If you already have one you’ll liberally spend money to grant it a new look.  May have to spend on the celebration of the auspicious ceremonies at home.  In home decoration and in buying furniture you’ll also spend money with an open hand.  In the religious rituals and in the social function you’ll also spend money voluntarily.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  In the later half of the year you may suffer separation from your some close relation.  Loss won’t be incurred but beware of your trusted persons who may try to stab in the back.  You’d get out of the debt-trap by August this year.

Journeys:  May go out on religious or socially important journeys and also in connection with your progeny’s educational pursuits like admission etc. or their marriage.  Professionally you may not travel much.

Remedial Measures:  Wear ‘Suneilla or Pukhraj gem embedded in a ‘Guru yantra’ round your neck and offer food to ascities and holymen on Thursdays.  Keep a yellow hanky inside your pocket every time.  Chant ‘Vishnu Sahastranaam’ and apply white sandal and saffron mixed mark on your forehead.  Also, render religiously your services to a temple.  Add a little turmeric powder in the water before taking bath with it also strengthens Jupiter.  Use more yellow things in edibles.



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Dec 22- Jan 19

Good wishes for 2012 year.  This year is likely to prove fortunate for the Capricorn natives as Saturn in exaltation since the beginning of the year won’t let you be submissive to anyone.  With Venus already in your sign, your personality will become more attractive.  But be careful about maintaining a distance from the opposite sex person, else you may land in some controversy.  Mars remaining in 8th till June may complicate some property related issue.  But from 16th May the exalted Saturn may open up the gates of fortune for you.  You’ll get whatever you want for sure.  Business atmosphere will be favourable but may be full of struggles, as the rivals will be throwing challenges repeatedly before you.  Those in service may have to work hard as the targets will be achieved and their boss will right over their head.  If planning any business expansion, do so after 4th August when Saturn becomes again direct in its sign of exaltation.  Then a court case may have its permanent solution, Jupiter in 4th may go to 5th in Taurus after 17th May.  Then you may take an important decision about your kids.  May arrange funds for sending your kid abroad for higher education.  Even though kid may not get the due result, don’t force him / her and let him/her continue in their line if they want.

Familial peace-wise this shall be a good year with all the members having amicable relations with each other.  Conjugal relations will remain sweet, though elderly family members’ health may weaken a bit.  May have to take them to the hospital.  Your spouse and your mother may have hot and cold relation occasionally.

Expenses may be high with Jupiter in 5th but its aspect on 11th will make you earn as well.  Journeys will also be many.  Avoid any immoral act to realize your ambition in excitement.  May buy some landed property and after June Mars in 8th may also inspire you to buy some electronic gadget.  Students may loose concentration.  Some auspicious occasion may be celebrated at the end of this year.  However be careful about investing your money since Saturn in 10th may trap your money in some ideal.

Physical Comforts and Health:  A good year health-wise with expected relief from chronic ailments.  May be you go for a surgical operation to eliminate the very root cause of it.  Jupiter in 5th will help you get rid of ailments though in May seasonal problems may trouble you a bit.  Mars in 8th may cause something untoward as well.  Stay guarded while driving your vehicle etc.  In January-February joint pains may surface up, so be careful. 

Trade, Profession & Income:  Saturn exalted will help you achieve something spectacular in the business field.  Expansion plans may be executed to enhance your production; you may get a big foreign order.  Economically you’ll remain sound and consolidated.  Modern techniques will be amply applied to enhance your profit.  But Rahu in 11th May warn you to keep check on your partner’s intention to escape deceit.  Share market’s fluctuation may cause loss to the speculations.  In trade seek guidance of your seniors and experienced persons.  May start a new venture between August and December.  However, be specially alert in trade between May and August as a minor lapse may cause a deadly consequence later on.

Family, Progeny & Relations:  You being Capricorn native, are by nature sentimental and imaginative. Your family atmosphere will be quite congenial, though senior members’ health may cause concern occasionally.  Avoid sentimentality lest you take some wrong familial decision in an emotional charge.  Generally business occupation may keep you too busy to give you any time for domestic activities.  Those struggling for a good career may get an offer for buttering your prospects.  Students must study devotedly to succeed in tests/examination and interviews.  But for success they have to leave no stone unturned.  Students of the higher studies may get loan, scholarship etc.  Foreign studies prospects are bright.  Wear a Ganesh Rudraksha in your neck for getting good results of your educational endeavours.      

Love Affairs and Friends:  Love may dominate your romantic relations and misunderstandings may be removed.  Friends will be helpful.  Be cautious of limits in love matters,  Venus in your sign may make you very attractive for the people in general.  Extra influence of Venus may make you beloved your spouse this year.  This year offers you a good opportunity to test the loyalty of your friends in your hour of distress.

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  The position of Mars in 8th may cause you damage through your vehicle.  Keep it always in fine trim.  Expenses on progeny’s education are likely, which may treated as being auspicious in their own right as it would pay good dividends later on.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  No business loss is indicated but for children’s education and performing certain auspicious ceremonies for them you may have to incur a loan.  Mars in 8th may cause something unexpected and untoward to happen.  May suffer separation from some of your close relation in this year.

Journeys:  Medium distance related travels may be plenty; may go on pilgrimage with family between April and June.  Also exalted Saturn may make you travel more in connection with your business which will prove quite fruitful.  

Remedial Measures:  Must employ measure already given for propitiating Saturn’s adverse effects.  Feed the ants and Urad Dal Kachori to the beggers.  Wear dark blue, indigo coloured clothes in general and also weal a ‘Shani Yantra’ embedded with the ‘Neeli’ gem.


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Jan 20 - Feb 18

This year will prove to be a year of achievements for you.  You may suddenly get good money, better jobs or opportunities for them.   Jupiter in 3rd may give occasional clashes.  Health-wise the former half won’t be that good with minor health problems emerging.  Mars in 7th is casting direct aspect on your sign, making you irritated and nervous at little disturbances.  You may be drawn in some government related scandals upto June 2012.  But court cases conditions will be favourable.  You must win over your natural weakness of trusting everyone easily.  Between April and June, Mars in 7th may cause a minor surgery on our body.  You may have foot the medical bills of some family members as well.

After June, Mars coming in 8th would give you a kind of relief from the domestic problems.  Occasional conjugal tidbits may be there but with your tact and intelligence you’ll get over them.  Although Saturn in 9th May to 4th August and coming to 8th house, may make your enemies quite active.  This ‘Dhaiyya effect’ may trap you in some conspiracy with no way out appearing possible.  During this period your money could be trapped in a business transaction.  Investment may give results contrary to your expectation.  Some relation’s health may often cause concern.  May buy some electronic domestic gadget for home.  Between May and August your spouse’s falling health may also give you tension.

Success is indicated in love affairs but students are advised to stay away from dating and love affairs, else they may ruin their career.  Businessmen may plan expansion of their work units which may be implemented between August & December.  Minor banter may continue be exchanged among the family members.  But they should be careful to test others patience with in limits.  For service persons this shall prove to be a fruitful year, though at times you may grudge the sycophants coming closer to your superiors than you.  You’ll not compromise with your principles and ideas and hence in practical field you may appear lagging behind.  However, you integrity and honesty may take you far.  The noble work should be started as early as you can.

Jupiter in 3rd upto 17th May, may cause you some worry regarding your children’s education and their result or admission in the right institution.  But you should let your children choose a career of their liking.  Don’t thrust your opinion on them, as it may prove counter productive.

Physical Comforts and Health:  Health will be so-so of the Aquarius natives, barring seasonal ailments / fevers troubling occasionally.  Mars in 7th may cause the need for surgical operation and in the later half of the year, knee-point problems and joint-pain like diseases may rise, needing the medical check up.  Female natives should be careful about troubles to their private parts.  Those afflicted must chant MAHAMRITUNJAYA MANTRA at least 108 times every day and wear a Shani Yantra or Mahramritunjaya Yantra with the gem ‘Neeli’ embedded in it.

Trade, Profession & Income:  The natives of this sign this year shall receive the favours from Goddess Lakshmi.  With your own effort you will manage to multiply your sources of income.  Of course, hurdles will trouble but with your grit, determination and hard work you would beat your rivals hollow.  Partnership business will fetch good income but you must closely monitor your partner’s activities.  Those in service may manage to be on the right side of their bosses or seniors.  However, between May and August, business will be rather slack owing to the Dhaiyya effect, despite your extra hard work.  Also, be alert as in carelessness you may lose some golden opportunities.  All service matters or business plans will come on the right rails between August and December 2012, filling your coffers in the process.

Family, Kids & Relations:  A good year for familial peace and bon-homie barring occasional minor banter among the close relations or between the spouses.  Rahu in 10th may cause drastic fluctuation in your parents or elderly members’ health but no major trouble is apprehended.  Children’s education related issues may cause some tension but you need not worry.  Rahu+Mercury combination may ensure their success if they are not found wanting in preparing this subjects.  Students should concentrate on their studies despite tempting offers of distraction.  Relations may offer help but most of them may be jealous of your progress and prosperity.

Education, Studies and Career:  Those who are through with their studies and awaiting good placement may find this year 2012 full of laurels for them.  Between August and December Saturn in Libra (exalted Sign) may get them a very good job or a brilliant career.  Children’s prospects may remain a nagging worry.  In service, Saturn’s effect may make you keep your boss enough pleased to recommend you for promotion.  Those in service may get a good job offer during this phase.  You may get help from a stranger or from an unknown quarter to boost up your career.  You’ll manage to impress your acquaintance with your abilities and efficiency.        

Love Relations and Friends:  Despite Aquarius natives being sentimental by nature, they don’t let their head be inactive either.  Their feelings are mostly genuine and true.  Your beloved will be under your total influence.  However between 16th May and 4th August, the Dhaiyya effect may expose some of your secret affairs.  This year less friends and more opportunist persons posing as friend may surround you.  Be wary of the same and seek a genuine true friend caring for you from the depth of the heart.

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  The full aspect on your sign of Mars in 7th and Saturn being in 9th, may cause a major expenditure on your vehicle.  May buy a new one as well.  Owing to Mars effect you may go for buying moveable as well as immoveable property.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  Professional income would be okay but children’s education may force you to incur some loan.  If you want to build your house, be happy as you’ll surely get the loan for it.  For getting out of the debt-trap chant ‘RINAMUKTAAYA NAMAH’ Mantra every day.  Nothing untoward is apprehended but some family member’s health may pose a problem.  You should be careful about your health.

Journeys:  May go out on a long leave with family, though business connected journey would be more and fruitful as well.  Such will also be the case with service personnel.  

Remedial Measures:  Wear ‘Neeli’ embedded ‘SHANI YANTRA’ round your neck or the black Saturn Ring made from the horse’s iron shoe in the right middle finger after due consecration.  Also feed the ants and chant ‘Dashrath Shani Strotra’ every day.  Keep fast on Saturdays and in the evenings (of Saturday) light a lamp at the root of the Peepal tree.  Also give few morsels of food to crow before you eat it yourself.


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Feb 19 - June 20

Good wishes for the year 2012.  According to the planetary position, this year may prove a year of grand achievements for you.  Jupiter in 2nd house promises possibilities of your getting good money and, the fulfillment of your business expansion desire that you coveted for long.  Many important works would be accomplished; with the source of income multiplying.  Between 16th May and 4th August you could get a very important assignment which may enhance your status and reputation both.  People will honour your talents and abilities.  At the yearend minor fluctuations in health may cause a bit of concern.  Bones and digestive system related problems could surface, needing a minor surgical operation as well.  Some significant target may be achieved by your progeny, relating to education.  Your kids may get admission in the desired institution though with much running around and hard work.  But upto June, with Mars in Leo may make you enemies quite strong.  But the right guidance of the seniors may make you progress well.  You’ll try your level best to remove the irritants from the relations a fresh.

Even thought the Pisces native are spiritual minded, they have to struggle quite a lot.  Your introducing a new technique in business may double up your profit, with the quality of production improving.  The use of a new machine may bring a wonderous change in your life.  But with the Sun in 10th house, relations between father and son or the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law may not be very cordial in the middle of the month.

Pisces natives are generally man of action and they don’t rely much on fate or luck.  The lord of 12th, Saturn, will be in 8th from your sign, curtailing your futile expenses and saving money for future.  Avoid speculations and lotteries as they won’t give you anything.  Those struggling for a good job may get success in the tests or interviews if they work hard.  The retrograde Saturn in coming in 7th may cause some misunderstandings between the spouses.  In legal cases you’ll be able to get victorious and subdue your enemies.  Jupiter in 2nd may make you a bit more religious and conscious of your social duties involving some expenses as well.  You’ll be blessed by your seniors and the divine forces to achieve your ends.  However, if in business, over reliance on your partner may cause you concern.  You may start a new venture in which barring the initial troubles you’ll earn good profit.  Between August and December the falling health of your some relation may cause worry.  May be, separation from some close one is also not ruled out.  In the beginning of the year some auspicious ceremony could be held at home.  Owing to Mars going in 6th in the first half of the year, legal cases may give you some trouble.  But after June, with Mars going in 7th, you may get success in the property related cases.

Physical Comforts and Health:  Relief from chronic ailments is indicated.  Barring seasonal sickness you may enjoy a good health.  Be careful in January-February period.  Also be careful about the vehicle you drive – never drive it under intoxication.  Before March a chronic disease may need surgical operation.  Some senior person of the family may fall ill to make you run to the hospital repeatedly.  All told, health-wise you’ll have this year good.  But you should be careful about your diet and regular medical check up.  Also maintain regularly your exercise schedule.

Trade, Profession & Money:  You’ll enjoy much financial prosperity this year.  Expand your business or professional activities as you’ll surely reap good financial benefits.  Jupiter in 2nd house ensures freedom from the financial crunches.  But enter the business deals or professional contacts after much scrutiny of the conditions.  However, those dealing mainly in the speculative transactions and Share Market must remain guarded.  Children’s education, preferably in foreign countries may make a big hole in your pocket.  Money inflow, this year will remain stready and gradually your coffers will swell.  Don’t trust your partner and strictly monitor his or her every activity.  Don’t sign any paper without thoroughly studying it.  Overconfidence in these matters may be your undoing.

Home, Family, Kids & Relations:  Conjugal pleasure of high order will be enjoyed throughout the year, though retrograde.  Saturn in 7th, between 16th May and 4th August may cause some misunderstandings.  You attitude towards your larger family will be positively affectionate.  You’ll treat your parents as though they are mortal gods for you.  But occasionally you may hurt them a bit.  A minor banter will continue between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law.  About your children’s education you may take some very important decision.  His or her admission in a big institution may cost you a fortune.  In general your relations will be selfish and opportunistic – so don’t rely on them.  Health of some senior member may cause you trounle.

Education, Studies and Career:  A good year, in general, for the students provided they must be devoted, but not as good as for the technical students.  All students shouldn’t waste their time in loitering, love and dating as they may ruin their career in these foolish activities.  The transit of Jupiter from 2nd to 3rd house may open up ways for the unemployed to find decent employment.  Those in service may get promotion and transfer to their desired station.  Their VIP contact may prove very handy in these matters.  Also always seek guidance from your seniors in career prospects.  Any lapse in office may have serious consequences – so be punctual and work devotedly.  You may be under pressure to meet your target.  Work with cleverness, humility and prudence to progress well in service.         

Love Affairs and Friends:  Success in love is assured.  Your affair may continue through electronic medium or phone.  But be careful as your love-escapades may adversely affect your career prospects.  Avoid all such secret affairs as they are bound to be exposed.  However, friends will come to your rescue in their matters.  You’ll also be equally helpful to them.

Vehicle, Expenses and Auspicious Ceremonies:  Upto June, when Mars be in 8th from your sign, drive your vehicle very carefully.  May buy a new one this year.  As far as auspicious occasions are concerned, the most auspicious will be your spending on your children’s high education which will be quite substantial.  Nothing is more auspicious than giving your progeny good education.

Losses, Debts and Unexpected Happenings:  No chance of any debt as your earning will be good.  On the other hand you may be on way to square up to old debts.  Only due to your callousness something untoward may happen.

Journeys:  Plenty of small and long journeys.  Pilgrimage with your family is possible apart from the frequent business trips.  You’ll be quite considerate to your family members.  

Remedial Measures:  Wear ‘Suneila’ gem embedded GURU YANTRA round your neck and feed holymen on Thursdays to strengthen Jupiter.  Keep a yellow hanky in your pocket.  Apply saffron mixed sandalwood paste on your forehead and navel and personally render some service in a religions shrine.  Keep a little Chane Ki Dal lied in a yellow cloth in your bedroom to keep Jupiter in good humour.


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