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One of the everlasting desires of a man in is to have a child. While those part of world’s five ancient civilizations aspire that even after death, the family tree continues to grow and expand, modern civilizations do not have such concerns for family tree through a male child. According to Vedic astrology, the birth of a child takes place only with the blessings of Almighty.

There were times when Kings and rulers used to consult astrologers before and after the birth of a child. There are also instances in the Vedic astrology and great Indian manuscripts that the timing of child’s birth was either delayed or even prematurely delivered to ensure auspicious birth time.

May we tell you that these have nothing to do with any religion and faith. Its science of astrology and scientific approach that decides the destiny. Astrologically compatible partners beget good, healthy and lucky children. Our manuscripts (shastras, Vedas and puranas) recommend proper time for even conception. Like conception on Amavasya & Prathmi periods can lead to birth of physically or mentally underdeveloped child. Conception on Ashtami & Navami gives arrogant & intolerant child. Conception on Chandrashtama days gives unhealthy child with loss of memory. Suitable time for conception leads to good children. What is good time and what precautions be taken is as important as you decide on auspicious timing of other major events of your life.

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Astrology can provide parents to understand their child's emotions, preferences, likes, traits and other significant areas. This can help in deciding their careers, avoiding conflicts and even cementing a long term relationship.

Astrology can give a small child or a newborn a head start over others.
Astrology can help your child achieving your dreams.
Astrology can give you an insight into your child’s nature and temperament.


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Panchang is a spiritual and scientific calendar which is derived from Vedic astrology

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Sign of the Month: Gemini

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