Seeking Admission

Seeking Admission or choosing the course ?

An admission is a bigger problem in today’s world than seeking a job. Getting admission into a kinder-garden or premier institution is so serious a problem that couples change their jobs, cities, place of residence within the city or delay even in birth of their child.

Since a reputed school with a track record helps in gearing up a child to global learning and prepares to face the world with confidence & courage, admission is a key. Admission and school/institution is a bigger business and industry. And all sorts of questions keep haunting; whether my child get admission in school of choice? What career be chosen – engineering, computer science, arts, commerce, medicine, professional courses, journalism, entertainment, music, acting, whether the education will be within the country or outside etc.

Selecting a course/subject in the beginning of your educational career is the second biggest problem.  

Astrology is a proven tool whereby parents can assess the potential of their child & get detailed report where the child should go for studies, which course he should chose and whether the direction he or she want to go will succeed or not 

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Rahukaal January 2023

RAHU KAAL means Bad Time during the day (Avoid doing anything during this brief period)

Panchang January 2023

Panchang is a spiritual and scientific calendar which is derived from Vedic astrology

Sign of the Month : Gemini

Sign of the Month: Gemini

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Monthly Horoscope for January 2023