Girl/boy friend Deserting

Celebrity Preity Zinta is without a boy friend these days. Perhaps,the  hubby has found a new friend. But unfazed Preity’s hands are full with other things. Rekha is single and looking for a solace. Every day, celebrity magazines are full of juicy details of who is deserting whom and who is hugging whom. Some people even wonder where has Rahul Gandhi’s friend and hubby has gone and the person is only visiting rural folks all the time.

 Some are paranoid of winning back their friend back while others move on.  Take yourself out of such mental agony and traumatic situation. Tension of parting with a girl friend or a boy friend deprives the person of mental tranquility and self confidence. Instead of torturing you by drawing your attention on many of yours fallacies or mistakes I would like to let you know how to win back your friend. 
 These days, age doesn’t matter as every one needs a friend – some need for comfort while other need for emotional outbursts. Everyone need a hubby for different reason. Some need to have an extra-martial affair while other live only on this relationship. You may have done something on your own to ensure that your friend deserts you or he or she may have found a better person than you.
If you are a teenage boy or a girl and  yearning to win a person of the opposite sex, such of yours longing can’t be a sign of infatuation or be considered a sexually stimulated desire. But its natural. But what to do when you are 60 plus and still need a friend in your life.   
So what’s the solution ?
Vedic Astrology has all the answers to your problems. 

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Rahukaal January 2023

RAHU KAAL means Bad Time during the day (Avoid doing anything during this brief period)

Panchang January 2023

Panchang is a spiritual and scientific calendar which is derived from Vedic astrology

Sign of the Month : Gemini

Sign of the Month: Gemini

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