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March 21 - April 19

1st to 7th November- Between 1st & 2nd you may remain in the pink of health, and also improve your condition if you have been suffering from any health issues. Between 4th & 5th there are chances of getting fruitful results in higher study and research related work. You may also succeed in the exams and project related matters. Between 6th & 7th you'll face hurdles and delay with foes trying to damage you. Open communications will help to ease the tensions. 

8th to 15th November- Between 8th & 10th May face a fresh challenge at working place. A good advice from a well wisher may help your progress. Work with devotion if you want to succeed in your work.  Between 11th & 12th Miscommunication or distance in a romantic relationship may give stress to you. Try not to be demanding and overburdening to your partner. Between 13th & 15th students will perform well and might travel to pursue higher studies. Fortune favours for betterment, but savings are dissatisfactory.

16th to 23rd November-  Between 16th & 17th Keep yourself medically checked regularly to avoid any health problem. Indigestion or blood circulation problems might persist after 15th when sun transits to Scorpio. You may be involved in some minor accident – so drive carefully.  Between 18th & 20th you will be busy in romantic affairs with much success.  Your familial bonds will also be strengthened.  Between 22nd & 23rd much of your time will be wasted in useless debates.  Nothing of importance will be achieved.  Ideas are going to meet with resistance; go slowly as a head on approach will damage the chance of acceptance.

24th to 30th November-  Between 24th & 25th you’ll take policy based discussions in your business. Have back up plans, to insure against the possibility that your original plans may backfire.  On 27th & 28th you may feel yourself surrounded with worries.  Much traveling and running around may deteriorate your health. Students will face obstructions in their studies and hence the results may not be as expected. Between 29th & 30th may get some good news.  Your Learn Mode is activated as you explore and experiment with the emerging technology or a new subject. Trends catch your fancy and a new direction starts emerging.


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April 20 - May 20

1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 2nd gear up for some grinding and be an unbearable match to your opponents. Give your best shot but avoid clashes. Between 3rd & 5th you'll get mixed results.  Your parents and senior will show affection. It is high time to take some rest as over-activities may exhaust you. Between 6th & 7th November time you will succeed in whatever you do.   Relationships take centre stage as Jupiter enters your 7th house.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 9th money due to you may be held up.  Don't give any money on loan as it will never be recovered. Avoid any confrontation with your rivals and entertain no stranger.  Between 10th & 11th   meeting new people and spending time with loved ones will be the highlights. Friends and family may come knocking at your door more than usual. Between 14th & 15th at work new challenges will confront you. Ideas are going to meet with resistance, go slowly as a head on approach will damage the chances of acceptance.

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th you'll have to face some government related major problem, in which you'll use all possible approach and influence to get out of it by hook or by crook.  Avoid futile litigation.  Between 18th & 20th you may tend to be more watchful and scrutinized before giving a commitment to anyone. You may feel nervous this week. Hence you may tend to make mistakes out of nervousness with your close ones. Between 21s & 23rd fresh feelings may help you to bring harmony to your family. Emotional mood swings and anger may be the main risk to your health.

24th to 30th November –between 24th & 25th Kids will get their institution for higher studies. Trade and profession will get you good results.  Between 26th & 28th students will get opportunity for higher studies. Those who find financial difficulties will get aid from many sources. Between 29th & 30th Rein in your raging impulses as you cannot afford to throw away advantageous positions that you have carefully built up by letting your angry reactions supply everything. Your hard work and patience will eventually prove quite rewarding. 


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May 21 - June 21
1st to 7th November – Between 1st& 3rd you'll be relieved of the previous tension.  Family life will be peaceful and the members will be mutually cooperative. It is about time you made home life heavenly, kindly don't miss the chance. You’ll be full of positive thoughts. May receive happy news between 4th & 5th including the one favourable to your kids.  Don't stress yourself out too much, and try and keep your expectations under control. Between 6th & 7th your financial status will improve. With your friends' cooperative attitude you'll succeed in buying a landed property.  The students will continue their studies unobstructed.  

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th be careful in whatever you do.  You will have to act with courage and patience to succeed in this competitive world.  Avoid your adamant attitude as well as hazardous ventures. Gain in indicated between 11th & 12th.  On both of these days you may earn profit in profession. Socially also you'll show your class.  Salary hike will be expected for those in service.  Between 13th & 15th you'll get success in any competition or interview.  You'll love to be of service to your parents.

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th you are likely to be cautious, secretive and generally suspicious , So, you may tend to be more watchful and scrutinized before giving a commitment to anyone. Between 18th & 20th you'll be the butt of a scathing criticism. This is a good time to begin new fitness routines and for taking efforts to shake yourself free of undesirable dependencies. Between 21st & 22nd economically you'll feel happy and contented. Dare to explore the untrodden paths and unexplored avenues under this optimistic time.

24th to 30th November –Between 24th & 26th it is best for you to maintain good health habits as it may increase your self-esteem. You may take care of yours as well as your family's health. You may make changes to improve your lifestyle. Between 27th & 29t stick to tried and tested methods and play it safe in all that you do now. Intuition will prove to be more reliable guide than logical reasoning. Between 29th & 30th do not rush in where there are doubts; this is a sensitive time, when mistakes can prove costly. You have to be careful about not causing any ill-will in the family.

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June 22 - July 22
1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd you may be able to secure a good job, thanks to your witty attitude and intellectual skills. You may be eager to learn and acquire more skills and apply them in your studies. You may have a sense of passion and zeal for preparing entrance exams and clear it with desired results. Between 4th & 5th Success in the Interview or competition is assured. A sudden expense could burn a hole in your pocket. Pay attention to your personal growth. Maintain your digestive system in good condition, to fulfill your responsibilities. Between 6th & 7th your area of influence will grow; you may be famous in your society and friends circle. Agreements signed now will prove quite productive later on, though domestic happiness will be somewhat curtailed

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th social activities will keep you busy. It is high time you signed some new contracts / agreements. Journey will be quite rewarding. In administrative issues you will get full success. Health may not remain good. Between 11th & 12th an unusual turn of events could alter a long range plan. If you express your mental anxiety, you are likely to lose goodwill among friends and colleagues. Between 13th & 15th Social activities will make you satisfied. Occult sciences and spiritual matter would appear interesting.  Meditate on your family deity. 

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th you would like to work harder to finish all the pending jobs but you won't be able to do so.  You'll balance your budget and feel satisfied by its being on even keel. Between 18th & 20th pangs of inexplicable anxiety can knag at your insides now; discuss your concerns with trusted well wishers to vent out your feelings and bust your stress.  Between 21st & 23rd patience is the key, when it comes to home front. Family and friends will try to dominate your social calendar- get your balancing hat ready.

24th to 30th November –Between 24th & 26th freelancers will be showered with new ideas and concepts new ideas and concepts – go for it, as it will help you to bank in profits. Between 27th & 28th Elderly family member’s full cooperation will add to your confidence. New contacts will be established for familial and official work. Singles will love their freedom over long term relationship. Between 29th & 30th finding time to recharge your batteries from time to time will feel you energized and active. Take care of your eating habits. Stomach infections can be consistent this month.
July 23 - August 22
1st to 7th November –Between 1st & 3rd you will be in a mishmash of emotions and feelings. Also, there are chances of accumulated feelings finding an outlet. Your capacity for emotional display may take people by surprise. However, you will also enjoy the higher responsibilities reposed on you. Be careful about your health between 4th & 5th any callousness will undo whatever you have done up to now.  Take it easy and engage yourself in activities that that help to reduce stress and anxiety.  Between 6th & 7th May have better deals in profession. Job seekers should be persistent and focused.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th the elders' blessing and guidance will help you get over some problems. This is a good time to dust off old and forgotten methods, and see how you can incorporate in your current strategies. Between 11th & 12th – Be careful while driving your vehicle. Avoid crossing swords with authority figures/influential figures, even if you feel genuinely aggrieved. Between 13th & 15th People may try to exploit your simplicity. Avoid confrontations as the time is not favorable.  Your close friends may criticize you.  Postpone decision in important matters.

16th to 23rd November – Good opportunities for progress will be received between 16th & 17th.  You can implement your business schemes. Application of the new techniques can brighten up your prospects.  Concentrate on the financial aspect of your schemes.  Between 18th & 20th Home and family will be a source of joy and happiness. You may expect a lot of happening on the personal front. If eligible, you are likely to find your perfect match during this time. Between 21st & 23rd there is a tremendous potential in making, improving and groundbreaking changes in your financial standing.

24th to 30th November - between 24th & 26th Monetary income will rise but more expenses may not allow any saving.  Between 27th & 28th old disputes will be settled to lighten your mood. You will be successful in smoothing over differences, by using your diplomatic skills among family members. Between 29th & 30th singles will encounter someone special, giving them immense happiness. You may participate in some noble and philanthropic work. Despite your busy schedule you will have time for your family. You’ll feel mentally satisfied and cheerful.

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August 23 - Sept 22
1st to 7th November - Between 1st &3rd some misunderstandings and differences may spoil your meaningful relationship. It’s better not to let any discrepancy come across your bonding. And if anything such comes, handle it with sensitivity, tact and kindness. Between 4th & 5th you'll earn handsomely but will also have to spend as much. Between 6th & 7th you need to raise the level of compatibility and use your persuasion skills to maintain the required intimacy in your relationship.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th for those who are interested in a specific subject and gaining an in-depth knowledge about the same, this is the right time to take it up. The graduating and post graduating students will achieve good progress in academics. Between 11th & 12th you are to remain busier with occupation-related activities. The business person is to be keen on formulating a strong strategy to rope in more high worth customers, to boost sales in a big way. Benevolent Jupiter is to support business person on this count. Between 13th & 15th a chronic disease may crop up on to make you go to a hospital. After mid month your positive attitude and strong immune system will keep you in good spirits.  

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th Exams results won't be as expected.  Self employed people will experience some delays with cash flow. Between 18th & 20th Share market or speculation may give you good return but avoid being over greedy. Steer clear of work-place politics and shallow gossip. Between 21st &23rd you may get a good professional offer. May take up an important assignment or work. You’ll value more your efficiency in work than money.  

24th to 30th November – Between 24th & 26th don’t forget your health and well-being. Feeling of restlessness and internal chaos will be there. Find peace by doing what you love the most. Intimate relations and love will bring you happiness.  Between 27th & 28th your hard work pays, things begin to settle down on the occupational front. Yet, there is a sense of unease – which may even prompt you to look for a change of job or scene. Blame it on the planets – and keep a calm façade – as all this is sure to get intensified. Between 29th & 30th Stress can take a toll on your health and relationships – so be careful. Stay positive about everything. Get out, get going and connect with nature to relax and refresh yourself.

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Sept 23 - Oct 22
1st to 7th November – Between 1st and 3rd you will be mentally dissatisfied owing to forced to work with persons of drastically different thinking. At times you will have clashes with them. Don’t rely on anyone in money matters. Be wary between 4th & 5th as your   busy lifestyle & stress can affect your health.  Protect your eyes from strain as sun transiting in your house can bring untoward problem. Between 6th & 7th you positive thinking will let you achieve your targets and brow-beat your rivals. Benevolent Jupiter helps you on many accounts, bringing you some positive momentum. Sun and Mercury together provide necessary intellectual impetus, helping you feel confident and sure of yourself. 

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th don't act without thinking twice on every step.  This cosmic alignment is positive for your social standing, confidence and monetary gains.  Between 11th & 12th your confidence surges; you feel attractive and energetic. Spotlight is trained on you; perform on a stage now.  Between 13th & 15th a change is on the horizon. Have you been looking for a job? Then, a fruitful opportunity may arise.

16th to 23rd November – On 16th & 17th some of you may be changing their residence, while a few may be handed over a transfer order. Whatever it is – Saturn moving through your 4th House would prompt a real ‘move’. Between 21st & 22nd Professionals may also get a better designation and remuneration, portend the stars. As a business person, you may now explore new territories - to boost sales, or may launch a new product. A game-changer of sorts may be expected here. The progress will be slow but steady.

24th to 30th November – Between 24th & 26th is the ideal time for new beginnings on the family front. Those in commitment should try out spending time together and talking things out to take their relationship to the next level.  On 27th & 28th students may get easily distracted and may not study according to set standards. It may be difficult to focus, but they may overcome these obstacles with their willpower and dedication. Students may need to give more time to academics and not get stressed. Between 29th & 30th your simplicity may be misconstrued as your weakness. Be careful not to express your emotions. An open mind and willingness to compromise will save you from making a mistake that could cost you even a friendship! A little give and take will work wonders. 

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Oct 23 - Nov 21
1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd for the lovebirds, planets are not supportive of wedding plans at this moment and are advised to postpone their plans. On the contrary, one will have a pleasant and enjoyable time with near ones in the relationship. Between 4th & 5th is the time to set your targets high.  Expect monetary gain from foreign transactions.   Between 6th & 7th you'll help the needy ones and shall get mental satisfaction.  Your social life is on the peak with much activity. You'll enjoy good time with your family, participate in your relation's happiness and enjoy closest dishes.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th feeling quite tension free, you'll try to accentuate your PR terms and revive contact with high officials and politicians to serve your ends.  Plan well and ahead – if you are travelling for work or social reasons. If you are studying in the side, heavy work pressure may not give you time to study.  Between 11th & 12th a tiff between the spouses or working partners is possible. Money will be lost in useless pursuits and your own friends may make you commit foul deeds – so be careful.  Between 13th & 15th relations with the family will be fulfilling, during overwhelming situations, remain calm & take the high road.  Students sitting for competitive examinations should avoid their carefree attitude and be more determined in their goals.

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th fitness and sport will come naturally to you. Embrace this phase and naturally raise your level of physical well being. Between 18th & 19th your seniors will praise your work. Students will get very good results if they study devotedly. You will receive mother's affection to the full.  Between 21st & 23rd you will face a very negative period.  Misled from your way, you'll waste money and feel the economic crunch.  Your opinions will be misconstrued. Behave with humility on to have this adverse impact nullified.

24th to 30th November – Between 24th & 26th you will be busy with occupational activities. Business fellows need to formulate a strong strategy in terms of roping in potential customers and boosting the sales. Benevolent Jupiter seems to support business fellows on this count. Between 27th & 28th Career oriented folks may feel elevated, on being entrusted with a complex, lengthy job. To handle the same without much stress, you need to brush up all your skills. Between 29th & 30th you may feel anxiety taking over you, making you quite enraged and angry, even over petty matters in your day to day life. You may notice that a distance is formed between you and your family members, creating a sort of a barrier in between which may have a negative impact on the bonding that you share with one another.

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Nov 22 - Dec 21

1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd some mistake may prove costly. You’ll have to work hard and with utter seriousness. Much running around may be necessary, yet result won’t be good. Between 3rd & 5th an excellent time to reboot your health & fitness goals. Refrain from pushing yourself to the limit, because exhaustion can bring major health issues. Between 6th & 7th a positive change in life is expected. Your hard work will pay rich rewards.  Believing in the Karma-Theory you'll surely work well and get good return.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th a minor dispute may arise with your partner. Try to nip it in the budding stage to avoid its assuming alarming proportions.  Mostly the time will be spent in futile and worthless activities. Between 11th & 12th for job seekers an opportunity may line up for you- seize it, as this could be your ticket to promotion.  Those who want to switch jobs or start a new business should take the plunge, as luck is on their side.  But between 13th & 15th Love birds keen on tying the nuptial knot may not get the cosmic nod – for now. Have a heart, and hang on a bit longer. Things will change soon – for better.

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th  students will be attentive to your studies, will grasp knowledge quite well and will be able to memorize very well. Overall you will excel finely in your academics and progress effectively on your academic. Between 18th & 20th   as difficult as it may be, entrepreneurs must remember that patience, especially in business, truly is a virtue.  Employed one is to get tired of handling disturbance during the day to day activities here. Viewing this, you can have a challenging time to meet the scheduled deadline.   Between 21st & 23rd Argumentative energy might be highlighted in your home; giving cool headed responses will help you to deal with any stressful confrontations effectively. 

24th to 30th November – Between 24th & 26th Be it in a relationship, where a recent break up may make you worry, however you may soon realize that everything has a shelf life. You may accept this as a reality than regretting the pain of loss. However, if you are married and are raising kids, you may be proud of their achievements as they may bring name and fame in your life. Between 27th & 28th Travel plans scheduled, may meet some glitches, especially if they are work related. Be careful, and postpone to the next month. Distractions galore! This may make you miss a deadline. Between 29th & 30th students looking for an employment opportunity to add to their pocket money are advised to stop neglecting their studies; complete your education first! Make sure you don't deviate from your focus and channelize your efforts in the right direction.

Dec 22- Jan 19
1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd planetary positions here do not seem very supportive for students. There will be difficulties in remembering and writing. Student in college will waste time in entertainment and simply waste time loafing with friends. This can be detrimental to your career. Between 4th & 5th a short journey is predicted to your favorite destination, which can bring a sense of fulfillment and make you confident. Have some relaxation time as this may be the month in which you may need adequate rest. If you fail to do so, your health may suffer.  Between 6th & 7th you will be in an enthusiastic mood. You wish to enhance your income, but it would be best to stick to conservative and ethical routes. A work conflict awaits you on 7th or 8th. Just be as amiable as you can.
8th to 15th November – The period between 8th & 10th will keep you busy in saving money for the future requirements. Your job and career life would be filled with satisfaction, and you can hold your earnings for a satisfactory time too. You may be able to buy that special thing that you`ve had your eye on, but might be hesitant to purchase before. Between 11th & 12th Journey may prove productive. The harmony and happiness of family members will be of vital importance. Do not let meaningless formalities and outdated traditions to restrict your natural style.  Between 13th & 15th if there is a two way pull between domestic & professional commitments, give more importance to domestic concerns. Loved ones will have pertinent remarks to make regarding current matters.
16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th Current planetary position indicates that you may feel discomfort with some issues in personal life. Don’t worry. Keep yourself busy with other occupational activities as things will get better with time. Students need to flush out all negative and disturbing thoughts from their minds to pay attention and progress effectively. Between 18th & 20th you may meet some people who may give a good boost to your career and financial position later on.  Your charismatic personality will show its class. You'll act philosophically and in an ideal way.  Between 21st & 23rd be vigilant; keep your eyes and ears open for all the events happening around you. Your intuition is trying to tell you something, trust it. Think and act positively, the rest would fall in place.
24th to 30th November – Between 24th & 26th family confrontations may disturb your mood.  For mental peace you may take recourse to occult services. But nothing of serious nature shall happen.  Between 27th & 28th for those who are career oriented and inclined to grow and better at everything they do, this period shall offer you some relief and comfort from your usual worked up schedule, no work overload, no extended hours and no impractical deadlines . Between 29th & 30th you are on a mission to solve all the pending problems, by finding their solutions. And very aptly, your optimistic attitude and creative outlook would come to rescue you in difficult moments

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Jan 20 - Feb 18
 1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd High officials will be considerate. You must execute plans gathering dust for long. At this point of time, even your colleagues and superiors support you. Your logical replies will floor your every opponent and people will admire your gift of the gab. Between 4th & 5th rivals and competitors will be envious of the victories you are racking up- get focused and keep your cool. Between 6th & 7th change is in the air.  A sudden reshuffle in your social life will help you to boldly take the reins in a partnership. The service people may get good job offers. 
8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th you may face some difficulties in your love life due to misunderstandings as the week predicts. Do not provoke your partner in any way lest it may turn into a tug of war. Be honest with yourself and ponder on long term happiness.   Between 11th & 12th artists will win accolades for their signature projects by the right audience. Venus in the 11th house will bring ample profits and luck to those whose work revolves around creative field or networking.  Between 13th & 15th students seeking to pursue higher studies in abroad should carry out their plans meticulously, since there are excellent chances of success.
16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th Health issues are likely, mostly because you are not giving due attention to your fitness. Seasonal ailments may bother you. Drive your vehicle carefully. Between 18th & 20thThe malefic dark shadowed Rahu planet is placed on 4/10axis.  This celestial arrangement can contaminate the harmony in marital life. Marriage will exist for the sake of existence and there will be no emotional connections, the rather temperamental tendencies will overpower love. Between 21st and 23rd Students may show interest to pursue bachelors. And this may apply to any field as they may get confident with their preparations. But at the same time those who have been preparing for any competition may lack confidence.
24th & 30th November – Between 24th & 26th Avoid getting drawn in any unwanted dispute and indulging in lottery or speculation. Conservative and cautious approach is recommended in all matters. Between 27th & 28th do not jump in, where there are doubts during this tricky period.  It is better to play it safe, rather than feel sorry later. Between 29th & 30th your popularity and fame graph may again take an upward plunge. This is a good time for launching publicity campaigns and creative works.
Feb 19 - March 20
1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd Planetary positions indicate a good, supportive time for couples, eager to bear a child. Parents will have a reason to cheer – as the apple of their eye may bring laurels. Between 4th & 5th Professionals remains busy, immersed neck deep in work and extra responsibilities. Don’t let the work related stress affect your health adversely. Take out time to relax and refresh yourself. Developing a creative hobby is a good way to escape from stress. Between 6th & 7th investment made earlier shall bring good return.  Be prepared to take few calculated risks to boost your prospects.  It is not a mistake to indulge in few power plays to get your things done; just ensure you are in the right end of the field.
8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th Happy events will keep you happy and your coffers well filled.  Sudden breakthroughs are possible in all matters during this period. Between 11th & 12th you may keep distance from your dear ones owing to ego problem. Sudden developments in romance may leave you excited; but this is not the right time to make any long term commitments.  Between 13th and 15th Confusion may prevail, but you wisely handle it. Those in the early part of their career may be able to impress their seniors with their good work. But you may have to work for extra hours to accomplish your tasks on time.
16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th you’ll learn how to use your talents best for better results. Expect promotions, awards and opportunities to go higher than your envision in your career. Between 18th & 20th your life will have much peace and plenty. May go to religious shrine or institutions in your ecstatic mood. If spiritually inclined, now seems good supportive time to follow your interest. Between 21st & 22nd Job stress can fray nerves, keep you up at night, and contribute to your health problems. Hence, do not give in to the added burden of financial as well as personal burdens take a toll on your well-being. Instead, use few stress busters to get freshen up intermittently.
24th to 30th November – Between24th & 26th you'll feel delighted to have your most coveted target .May take a big decision about the marriage or engagement of your son or daughter.  Between 27th & 28th keep your mind sober and cold in every trying situation. Do not give in to baseless optimism, while handing sensitive issues. Between 29th & 30th you better be emotionally and mentally strong as someone from your close relatives is going to give you a heavy emotional breakdown. Don’t lose courage. Be confident; handle yourself and the situation with tact so that even the relationship doesn’t get affected.

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