Monthly Horoscope for December 2022

    Attention: Kindly note that these are general and broad predictions based on planetary movements and placement of stars in houses applicable to millions of persons across the world having the same sun sign. For precise predictions for individuals, your precise time, date and place of birth is needed. We will make your horoscope and conduct detailed analysis. Contact us to know your future in 2022

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March 21 - April 19

1St to 7th December -- on 1st and 2nd serious attention is required for your health.   Physical exercise and yoga will make you feel better. Between 3rd & 4th Short travels and expenditures for your family is indicated. You won't be thinking clearly. You will not be in harmony with the surroundings, especially at the work place. Between 5th & 7th your PR sphere will grow. You will accomplish whatever task you take in your hand.  Mental worries will be considerably lessened.  You will work with full devotion. 

8th to 15th December: between 8th & 10th family peace will be disturbed.  Fatigue and uneasiness may upset you enough to make you not discharge your duties efficiently whose consequences you’ll suffer.  Between 12th & 13th you will achieve great results in the field of education. You’ll get due reward for your hard work. This is an ideal time for you to indulge in studies and research work. On 14th & 15th you’ll feel light and tension free, though some of your close ones may feel antagonized.

16th to 23rd December --Between 16th & 17th Sometimes you give the illusion that all is well, even though it may not be. It's easy to fall for the illusion of having fun and not question whether it is true. You can feel what you really are feeling with a little energy from the current planetary alignment. Your health and well-being are the first things you should focus on. Between 18th & 20th change in conditions and circumstances is expected. Setting new goals you'll make efforts to achieve them. Gains from friends are also likely. Between 21nd & 23rd Worries may mount. You could be saddled with some additional and vital responsibilities.

24th to 31st December --Between 24th & 26th do not try innovations just for the heck of it, especially if things are going great for you.  Unnecessary experimentation is as harmful as meaningless addiction to old methods. But from 26th to 28th be prepared to take a few calculated risks and try a few unconventional ideas during this period. From 29th to 31st despite much hard work, you'll not get any commensurate result.  You will have to work with much caution and prudence to achieve your end. 


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April 20 - May 20

1st to 7th December – Between 1st & 3rd your hard work will be rewarded.   Financial activities will take most of your time.May spend on home-maintenance. Between 4th & 5th you could be drawn in some controversy.  Professionals suffer from clouded thinking partly as a result of electromagnetic smog. You may take a wrong decision with respect to your career. Between 6th & 7th Good time for taking long term academic decisions. Success in tests and interviews is assured.

8th to 15th December – On 8th   and 9th things could be very fluid and there could be last minute disruptions. It is important for you to have some back plans in place, just in case things turn turtle unexpectedly. Between 10th & 11th some big responsibility could be given to you.   It is best to keep away from an issue that doesn’t concern you. Between 12th & 13th be careful in your work as even a little lapse may cost you.  You will need to be at your wittiest best to counter someone’s allegation.  Between 14th & 15th parents or some senior's health may worry you.   Pay attention to your domestic duties. A relaxing time will nurse you back to health.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th Social activity may keep you busy.  Planet energy gives you a chance to meet someone new and better. You know there's potential, but it's only when you actually start to talk that you realize how important this is. Each other is fascinating and charming.  Between 18th & 20th you can feel confident right now, but you need to have an idea of what you are looking for. Information is power. Other people are trying to take power from you. Do not allow them to get away with this .Between 21st & 23rd it is a good time for people hoping for government jobs with stable income sources. There is no need to rush towards your goal, you will have enough time to meet your needs, and make things right. Some solid achievements gained now will show their effect throughout your life.


24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th some auspicious ceremony at home is likely.  You’ll pass time in the company of your family seniors and children to enjoy their affectionate and blissful company. Between 27th & 28th you will save good money. Those who are trying to get job may get good offers. Your allowances and other facilities may get a raise.  But between 29th & 31st there will be confusion and quarrel in the family.  You are advised to meditate and keep calm during this period.

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May 21 - June 21

1st to 7th December –Between 1st & 3rd you’ll have a gainful period. At home your opinion will carry weight.  Those in media and publication business will get a boost in their career.  Between 4th to 5th discuss your concerns with trusted and knowledgeable well wishers and act on those instead of just worrying about your concerns. Between 6th & 7th be careful about your food and drinks as you may develop stomach trouble.  Your mind will be lost in various thoughts; thereby you lose the power of discrimination.

 8th to 15th December – On 8th & 9th an outward journey is possible. You will enjoy your travels to the hilt. Possibility of overseas travel is there.  New contracts and social work will prove advantageous.  Between 10th & 11th Inadequate preparation on the academic front is likely to have bad repercussions. Your impulsiveness may make you commit mistake at work. Take precautionary measures right away.  Between 12th & 13th intuition will prove to be a more reliable guide than logic during this period. On 14th &15th as you'll feel quite tired and exhausted.  A sudden brainwave may help you to find solution to vexatious issues.

 16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th you'll enrich your knowledge. You may accomplish some religious deeds as well. You’ll feel quite satisfied.   Between 18th and 19th since you're in a good mood, you would want to socialize.  Someone from opposite sex will be attracted by your cheerful personality. When you meet them, you may say or do something for which they applaud you. Between 20th & 21st you'll have peaceful time.  But endeavours won't be duly rewarded.   Don’t give credence to those who tattle. Despite putting your heart and soul in the current assignment, you are unlikely to derive full satisfaction. Between 22nd & 23rd your domestic responsibilities will swell which may appear rather taxing.  Expenses will mount.

 24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th you will take some important decisions which will have direct bearing on your career. You may accomplish some religious deeds as well.  Between 27th & 28th ensure   that you are armed with the facts and figures pertaining to your field of activity, before making important presentations. Between 29th & 31st you may have to cut corners to fit everything in the budget.  Too many responsibilities at work may leave little time on your hands. Take care of your health as well; else you may have to go to the medical clinics. .

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June 22 - July 22

1st to 7th December --Between 1st & 3rd you will become clever in taking decisions and will even be more courageous while defending them. High officials will prove very helpful.  Between 4th & 5th you will most likely fix most of your relationships that were in a hanging state for a long time. Between 6th & 7th you might begin more than one communications-related or learning project. You will do unexpectedly well in studies. 

8th to 15th December – Between 8th & 9th be balanced in your approach to all matters and take care to analyze any situation from all angles.  Blinkered vision and too much focus on only certain aspects could lead to missing out on certain cues from your environment and lead to missed opportunities. On 10th & 11th Favorable trends will confer both short term and long term advantages on you. You will be able to deliver even in the face of time pressures.  On 12th & 13th Students need to get the right push to further their learning curve.  Avoid undue haste & attempt to corner, as this could prove counter –productive. Between 13th & 15th things will be rather worry-prone in love affairs. Spend time re-appraising plans and introspecting on current events, so that you can priorities your time and resources in tune with practical developments.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th postpone all important job, avoid confrontation with anyone since it is not a favourable period for you.  Between 18th & 19th you may go out for some knowledge enhancing programme.  Students will do well.  Between 20th & 21st look for the facts in hand rather than the images in mind. Be realistic and patient in your approach to all matters. Between 22nd & 23rd excessive work load followed by stress can bring down your energy level. Pay attention to minor ailments and joint pains. 

24th to 31st December –On 24th and 25th there is a threat of stress building up and affecting your health. Hanging around people who are spiritually centered will have a beneficial effect. Between 26th & 27th try to establish yourself in the current position firmly, before attempting to expand the range of your activities. Between 28th & 31st you'll have good romantic escapades. Change is in the air, due to an out and out attraction you feel for someone special whom you have only recently met. Some very intense feelings could surface and may take you by surprise. .

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July 23 - August 22

Planetary Position: 1st to 7th December – Between 1st & 3rd some confrontation with a family member or among them may upset you much. You will feel quite remorseful about your misbehavior with someone.  Between 4th & 5th you may have to work hard, even for small things.  Do not waste time in aimless pursuits. Between 6th & 7th your enemies will be subdued as you will gain upper hand over them. Your financial status will look up.  You will engage in charitable activities.

8th to 15th December – On 8th & 9th your healthy lifestyle will help you recover from your physical problems. Yoga and having positive thoughts will play big role in keeping you healthy.  The elders will also bless you. On 10th & 11th time should be utilized for re-appraising plans, tying up loose ends in current strategies, and for maintaining the tempo established on earlier days. Between 12th & 13th Journey is possible. Your leadership attitude could be mistaken for high handedness. You will need to react fairly quickly to new situations.  Between 14th & 15th don’t allow trivial responsibilities or irritating people to distract you from your noble goals. Now is the time of year to focus on your long-term aims and ambitions, planning ahead.  

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th the period will be quite trying.  Work will develop hurdles. Your haphazard working style will add to your troubles. Between 18th & 19th Success in any competition/exams/interview will cheer you up.  You may also get awards from Government. Between 20th & 21st   is a good period for joining hands with likeminded others to handle common issues.  Keep sentiments and irrational feelings at bay while taking crucial decisions. Between 22nd & 23rd is an energetic alignment that favours direct action and adventurous decisions. You will be able to overcome the challenges of your competitors.

24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th It is high time you started fresh dialogues and made new contacts. Be diplomatic in your interactions with authority figures. Between 27th & 28th home situation will be unsatisfactory.  Conjugal harmony will be disturbed. Be discreet about your affairs and do not let outside influences create havoc in your personal ties.  Between 29th & 31st a time of fun and frolic, make the most of it. Your personal magnetism would be on the rise. Some entirely unexpected opportunities on professional front are likely to come your way. If you wish you may explore some of them.  

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August 23 - Sept 22

1st to 7th December –between1st& 3rd position of moon will make you derive benefits from the friends.  Your some cherished projects will be accomplished easily by your friends' help.  On 4th & 5th all your plans and schemes will be a non starter.  You may not receive expected help from your relations. Loggerheads with colleagues must be avoided at all costs.  On 6th & 7th the resistance power of your body may decrease. Some health issues might bother you and hamper your daily routine. Ones, who are prone to cold and cough, must especially remain cautious and take required medicines.

 8th to 15th December – On 8th & 9th you will also be able to regulate unnecessary expenses. Your hunches based on past experience will prove spot on in business matters.  Between 10th & 11th currently favorable stars have taken charge of your professional front.  For Business owners decision made in this phase may give you fruitful results. Moreover, financially, it is a good time to get rid of pending financial works. On 12Th & 13th those who are single or living away from spouses must be responsible in their romantic choices to avoid unnecessary issues.  On 14th & 15th extra responsibilities may be entrusted on you, transfer or deputation to another place is not ruled out.

16th to 23rd December – The period between 16th & 17th will give you mixed results. Undertake independent research before going along with unconventional suggestions from others. Between 18th & 19th those in jobs may face threat of downgrading.  Hence it is advisable to exercise caution in all areas of profession. Between 20th and 21st you may feel jittery and restless as conflicting thoughts and feelings push you toward contradictory conclusions. You aren’t able to think straight, let alone make choices you can trust. Between 22nd & 23rd students will succeed by their hard work and faith in God. This is a great time for metaphysical activities and creative pursuits. 

24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th Any concern you have about your debt or credit rating will need to be addressed realistically. Instead of allowing any feelings of anxiety to take over, realize that it's time to develop a plan. If you focus on doable, strategic steps to handle your finances, you will be on your way to ensuring long-term security and responsible budgeting. Between 27th & 28th Family-peace and happiness is indicated. Love relations will cheer up.  Beloved may have rendezvous with their lover.  Between 29th & 31st your enhanced intellectual prowess would help you solve complex problems with ease. Your self-confidence and determined approach would enable you to attain aims at work place. Do not forget to appreciate the achievements of your juniors.


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Sept 23 - Oct 22

Planetary Position –1st to 7th December – Between 1st & 3rd if you had been job hunting, then you could find what exactly you are looking for. It is probable that a change of tempo in your daily routine is overdue and will help you make a bold decision you have been struggling with.  Between 4th & 5th you'll have to work against your wishes.  Act with tact and patience to let this phase pass. On 6th & 7th Success in test or interviews is expected owing to your fine performance.  You will realize some of your hidden talents.   You must use them to achieve even the impossible targets.

8th to 15th December – Between 8th & 9th contracts & written communications, along with short distance travels are favoured. Separate work from personnel issues, or you will have troubles with deadlines. At home matrimonial proposal may get active consideration. Between 10th & 11th Progress in the affairs of   children will be marked. You are advised to invest time with your children as well in order to strengthen the bond. Between 12th & 13th your personal valour will show its impact. Social relationships, friendships, and supportive alliances are strengthened now. Your energy and confidence are high and you can accomplish much in a harmonious, flowing manner right now.  Between 14th & 15th though your health requires special attention, you need not be panic stricken. Balanced diet, physical fitness activities will prevent you from health breakdown.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th Intuition will prove to be a more reliable guide than logic during this time. You may be implementing new things in your life. You would do well for yourself if you could be more objective. Do not jump to conclusions.  Between 18th & 19th you are more capable of helping friends and loved ones, who are dealing with some crisis. Intimate relations are intensified now. Between 20th & 21st pangs of inexplicable anxiety may trouble you now; discuss your concerns with trusted well wishers to distress yourself.  Between 22nd & 23rd a relationship can be deepened and reborn now, given new life by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one.

24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th your all job-oriented efforts will be successful.  This is a great time for giving finishing touches to your research reports.  Between 27th & 28th you'll have good time with your kids and family. Servants and subordinates will be a source of happiness and help. Your act will endear you greatly to your spouse.  Between 29th & 30th May have to help some needy close relation.  Despite a lot of changes around you, you will find clarity in your thinking and vision after a long time..

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Oct 23 - Nov 21

1st to 7th November – Between 1st & 3rd you may get cornered by troubles. There might be health issues of your close ones.  Unanticipated health expenses may complicate the routine. Between 4th & 5th this is the time to set your targets high. Expect monetary gain from foreign transactions.   Between 6th & 7th you'll help the needy ones and shall get mental satisfaction.  Your social life is on the peak with much activity.  You'll enjoy good time with your family, participate in your relation's happiness and enjoy closest dishes.

8th to 15th November – Between 8th & 10th Plan well and ahead – if you are travelling for work or social reasons. If you are studying in the side, heavy work pressure may not give you time to study.  Between 11th & 12th a tiff between the spouses or working partners is possible.Money will be lost in useless pursuits and your own friends may make you commit foul deeds – so be careful.  Between 13th & 15th Students sitting for competitive examinations should avoid their carefree attitude and be more determined in their goals.

16th to 23rd November – Between 16th & 17th fitness and sport will come naturally to you. Embrace this phase and naturally raise your level of physical well being. Your pace may slow down as sun transits to your moon sign after 16th.  Between 18th & 19th your romantic feelings at the moment are dominated by hope and optimism, but if your dreams are not fulfilled it is all too easy for you to become disillusioned.  Between 21st & 23rd you will face a very negative period.  Misled from your way, you'll waste money and feel the economic crunch.  
24th to 30th November –Between 24th. & 26th you will be busy with occupational activities. Business fellows need to formulate a strong strategy in terms of roping in potential customers and boosting the sales. Benevolent Jupiter seems to support business fellows on this count. Between 27th & 28th Career oriented folks may feel elevated, on being entrusted with a complex, lengthy job. To handle the same without much stress, you need to brush up all your skills. Between 29th & 30th you may feel anxiety taking over you, making you quite enraged and angry, even over petty matters in your day to day life. You may notice that a distance is formed between you and your family members, creating a sort of a barrier in between which may have a negative impact on the bonding that you share with one another.
1st to 7th December – Between 1st & 2nd Family atmosphere will remain tense. Students would have a tough time as distractions will be high; however despite the pressures results in exams would be good.   Between 3rd & 4th is the time to make direct approach in all matters. Do not expect influential persons to give you special favours. It is best to be circumspect in all your dealings with authority figures. Between 5th & 7th Avoid important decisions for the present. Troubles in a distant place are indicated. It is the time to do some retrospection. If you are finding stumbling blocks, you need to find the reason for them. Destiny does not control our action. It is ourselves who largely control what destiny can give us. 

8th to 15th December –Between 8th & 10th be on your guard about behind the scene activities.Your inability to express yourself fully may lead to some misunderstanding with your close ones. You should try to clear the same without compromising much in the process. On 10th& 11th Health and lifestyle concerns need attention. It is time to work on life’s little details. Between 12th & 13th loved ones may be under the weather now; do what you can do to cheer them up. Between 14th & 15th there would be increase in your cycle of clients and public dealing professionally. Overall there would be growth but along with struggle and hassles.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 18th you may try to escape your responsibilities and may feel listless. There could be some politics within your work equations but as long as you can handle the diplomacy there would be good amount of growth due to your delegation and team efforts. Between 19th & 21st do not do anything, just because you got an impulse to do that. Many times what we decide in anger or frustration may turn against us. Between 22nd & 23rdPersonal trends are pushed by the fact that you are prepared to help yourself, rather than wait for fate to favour you. Your image will become brighter and your character's transparency will influence people

24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th you may be saddled with some important responsibility. Keeping a low profile & doing your entire task should be your focus. Between 27th &28th legal and corporate issues must be handled with care, even if things seem poised for a smooth settlement. You’ll have all avenues open to have dialogues with all.  But you'll have to work hard to put your ideas into practice.  Between 29th to 31st the unmarried may hope to tie the nuptial bond.   There will be auspicious celebrations at home. You may have many short distance journeys or pleasure trips.

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Nov 22 - Dec 21

Planetary Position –

1st to 7th December – On 1st & 2nd your creativity will help you implement your plans effectively and work devotedly to see objectives now more clearly and ways to get where you want to go, using dependable plans and the assistance others can provide. On 3rd & 4th you’ll get good news. Literature, art etc. may appear to rivet your interest.  Most of your time will be spent in entertainment.  Between 5th & 7Th be careful not to do anything that may make you lose yourself worth.  Be very prudent with your spending and watch your habits.

8th to 15th December – On 8th & 9th your image is going to be of high importance. Think twice before making any statement. Avoid getting into tiffs and ties with people in power.  Between 10th & 11th you may have to display an unusual degree of patience as a prelude to gaining something you value professionally.  Rely on natural build up of events as there is little doubt that the balance will swing your way. Between 12th & 13th Dealing with new themes will be beneficial. It will be in your hands to grasp the opportunities. Encash the good time as much as you can.  Between 14th & 15th your mental energy will be high. You must also be prepared for changes.  Great time for initiation into new spiritual mentors.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th there is good scope for betterment in life; try to spend some time with your partner. Conjugal bliss seems to be more peaceful and it gives both happiness and prosperity. Between 18th and 19th you should eschew debates and heated discussions, lest they breed enmity. Your interactions with others may be partially motivated by fear. Between 20th & 21st do not be overconfident about the results of your efforts. Destiny can play strange tricks. Keep close to reality. Watch the development of the next few days before you decide on other thing. Between 22nd & 23rd you find yourself energetic and may overdo the workout bit. Rising expenditure can alarm some.


24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th there may be few takers for your creative talents, so look at other avenues too. A peculiar habit of yours can come under the scanner on the home front. Between 27th & 28th older or more experienced persons will have valid points to raise regarding your current activities; heed their well meant suggestions for your own benefit. Between 29th & 31st at the workplace, you may be asked to handle some crucial roles and responsibilities all of a sudden, which can upset your existing schedule.

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Dec 22- Jan 19

1st to 7th December –Between 1st &3rd A life-changing love interest can enter your life if you are currently unattached. Your social circle could provide you with much-needed encouragement to take your romantic life to the next level. Between 4th & 5th you will take bigger risks but you should carefully consider the pros and cons while taking major decision. Between 6th & 7th you   will succeed in your educational pursuits.  Your talents and skills will be recognized.

8th to 15th December –. Between 8th & 10th it’s easiest to take the line of least resistance and find a reasonable compromise! Probably the only decent way to proceed is to voluntarily insist that other people have their say. That way they’ll give you the credit! Impeccable manners will help you achieve your aims, and traditional values will help cement a relationship. Between 11th & 13th you may like to do something new. It’s an intriguing period for communication and discussion. This naturally favours those of you with important arguments to make, or interviews to attend. Between 14th & 15th although a play-it-by ear is your best bet at the moment, long term planning will soon become an absolute necessity. 

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 18th you must keep yourself cool and act thoughtfully. Despite your capabilities, you’ll wander a little because you don’t know which direction you should advance in.  Between 19th&21st Do try to tackle financial issues, amongst which are your own extravagant tendencies. There is nothing wrong with spending more than necessary, just as long as you have the readies in your pocket! Between 22th & 23rd many of you will be able to achieve a breakthrough and bring around an official or key person to your way of thinking in spite of various pressures in the background.

 24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th Mutual relations with all will be very warm.  Change will bring a new tang to your life.  Journey if undertaken within this period will prove productive. Between 27th & 28th you'll feel rather uneasy and lethargic. All your plans will remain non-starter.  Rest and prepare yourself for future commitments.  Between 29th & 31st be diplomatic in your interactions with influential figures; avoid unnecessary power plays and ego tussles with anyone.   

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Jan 20 - Feb 18

1st to 7th December -Between 1st & 3rd is a contradictory period for you.  You need to make some important changes in the rule you live by, but the very prospect leaves you paralyzed and withdrawn. This is actually part of healing yourself and finding your inspirational sources again. Between 4th & 5th Dispute with relations & senior officials may surface. Children may add to your worries. Keeping a low profile should be the focus. Between 6th & 7th your brain is likely to produce some weighty ideas for both job and business expansion but to put them in action can be really tough.

 8th to 15th December –Between 8th & 11th period will be full of clashes and confrontation. People may misconstrue your noble intentions.  Between 12th & 13th Financial gains may come through communication. Some of you who are into accounting and commerce will do well.  Between 13th & 15th   the period is likely to grant you a pool of options and opportunities to grab. Subsequently, for those who are looking out for a job change, this might be a favorable time for you too.

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 18th. Commission related jobs will give you good money. However, be careful in financial matters as a little callousness can have severe consequence. Between 19th & 21st period is likely to grant you a pool of options and opportunities to grab. Subsequently, for those who are looking out for a job change, this might be a favorable time for you .Between 22nd & 23rd you will most likely fix most of your relationships that were in a hanging state for a long time. However, regardless of the general positivity of this period, be attentive to what you say and what you do.

 24th & 31st December – Between 24th & 26th you may go out on a journey. Though hazards will be more but you'll derive profit from your travel.  Between 27th & 28th you can have differences of opinion with your superiors. Watch your words, while dealing with them. Between 29th & 31st December sticking to old methods without a rationale will make you stale, while trying to usher in change, just for the heck of it can upset well settled rhythms and prove counterproductive. Your plans must have the best of both tradition and innovation.

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Feb 19 - March 20

1st to 7th December – Between 1st & 3rd with hard work you'll mould even the odd circumstances in your favour. You must maintain your cooperative nature to bring about the desired results in your workplace. Obstacles in your work will seem to fade away.  Contacts established between 4th & 5th will benefit you in a variety of ways.  You may pass some time in entertainments. Your occult science's studies will fortify you as much as to face any circumstances with confidence. On 6th & 7th your impulsiveness may make you commit mistake. Inadequate preparation on the academic front is likely to have bad repercussions. Take precautionary measures right away.  

8th to 15th December – Between 8th & 11th innovative strategies will power your way forward towards your goal. New friends will enhance your zest a bit.  New avenues may be searched in business and profession.  Between 12th & 13th feeling of inexpiable anxiety may trouble you.   Discuss your concerns with empathetic well wishers to let out steam and to get insights regarding your issues.  Between 14th & 15th despite expenses your budget will remain stable.  You'll be committed to have a simple but principled life. 

16th to 23rd December – Between 16th & 17th avoid crossing swords with influential persons even if there seems to be unnecessary provocation from other side. It is not a disgrace to avoid being provoked –great warriors always choose their fights intelligently and bid their time to get even.  Between 18th & 19th higher education learners are likely to concentrate and Young students may act responsibly as they will not want to miss any opportunity to earn money while learning. But be careful, as this may act has a distraction give their best. You will come across opportunities to have intellectual conversations. Between 20th & 21st you are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Between 22nd & 23rd for those who have just finished their education and are on the lookout for their first job, the period is likely to grant you a pool of options and opportunities to grab.

 24th to 31st December – Between 24th & 26th prioritize your health issues and you will see the benefits for a long time to come. Old people are advised to be careful with their joints and muscles as problems can occur on either front .Between 27th & 28th you might like to do things very soon. In fact, there may be a lack of patience. Due to your impatience you may take a few wrong and unfruitful decisions. Remember, your over confidence may lead you towards miseries. Between 29th & 31st you'll have good time to relax and rest.  May have to undertake a journey.  News from abroad or far off places would spread a magical smile over your face.

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