Sign of the Month : Cancer



Happy Birthday Cancerians (June 22- July 22)



Sign Cancer
Symbol & Shape Crab
Ruling planet Moon
Character Emotional and Moody

Know yourself


 The crab is a symbol of your sign and being aquatic it denotes your emotive side.  Moon is planet ruling this sign.  Moon is said to be cool and soft planet and is believed to be influence most the human mind.  Natives of this sign are said to be very emotional and easily carried by their sentiments.  They are of quiet nature and discharge their duties determinedly.

The Cancer type usually presents a very receptive character; he is rather passive with a strong tendency to dream and is endowed with great intuition. Generally, he does not like sharing his soul and usually his relationships are characterized by coldness, somehow toned down by cordiality. As far as his personality is concerned, the Cancerian appears to be a subject that changes mood frequently; he gets easily annoyed, especially if criticized as this is something he does not like. The Cancerian is recognized also, for the enormous love he feels for his house; he does not like his private space invaded and generally invites only a few intimate friends to his place.   They are generally capable of earning enough physical comforts and facilities by their merit and hard work and enjoy them merrily.   They have a feeling of patriotism and are committed to their social responsibilities.  They have great love and fascination for travel.  They are blessed with good memory.  Their goals are well planned and being a hard working person, they do not have difficulty in achieving them. Emotions take precedence in your romantic life.  With your strong feelings you get involved in your relationship.  You keep emotional tries with the people you love and should these ties break, you become emotionally shattered. Below is the brief view of how you relate to other signs of the zodiac. These are only general points. For specific  matching  we require your  birth particulars  because that analysis will be specific to you according to your time of birth and place of birth.     

 Cancer your best Zodiac matches are: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.


(March 21-April 19 )
(April 20-May 20)
(May 21- June 21)
(June 22-July 22)
(July 23-August 22)
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(Sept. 24 - Oct 23)
(Oct, 24 - November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Capricorn
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March 21 - April 19


Cancer and Aries: a water and fire sign together. Water and fire are not compatible.  The fiery temperament of Aries & the receptivity of the water element of cancer do not mix. The relationship succeeds on all fronts only if both Aries & Cancer are mature. Also if other aspects between the charts (requiring horoscope comparison) are harmonious. Basically the relationship could spark activity, but could also end up as a flash in a pan. Aries & Cancer are impatient with each other. The dynamic Aries tends to steamroll the overly sensitive Cancer. To build rapport & find that common ground should be a priority in this relationship, Else it is difficult to build further from this shaky & unpredictable basis.To make this work you will both have to give it your all, & really & truly understand & be sensitive to each other. 
April 20 - May 20


Cancer and Taurus a water and earth sign together. The natural affinity   between earth & water means that a genuine friendship can ensure. Taurus is an individual you want to impress. In doing so, you go all out-you spend time and money. Taurus is well aspected to your sign. Cancer's intensity and hypersensitivity fares well with the solid steadfast Taurus. It makes them feel safe and secure and gives the relationship continuity. The moon of Cancer & Venus of Taurus could add up to romance. You appreciate each other. There is a mutual relationship inherent in this relationship. It is evident, that many dreams, hopes & wishes of Cancer could be fulfilled through a close association with one born under Taurus.Taurus fares well under the strain of Cancer's mood swings...and both know how to make a house a home. 
May 21 - June 21
Cancer and Gemini: a water and air sign together. The signs are regarded as neutral to each other, but the Gemini Mercury & cancer Moon can create an atmosphere of subdued tension. Gemini and Cancer usually eye each other warily. Gemini senses that a Cancer may be too brooding, gloomy and serious for their lighthearted ways. Cancer does not like the fact that a Gemini always seems to be hard to grab on to, and that they seem to always have one foot out the door. Plainly there is a lack of reality in this relationship. There is a tendency for Gemini & Cancer to criticize each other. The two person care for each other & thus are seeking to correct faults. But, invariably, an eroding takes place; the relationship tends to grow thin. The relationship could proceed on promises… or could burst as if a fragile bubble.  If Cancer can let go and Gemini can come in for a landing once in a while, it may work. The relationship.
June 22 - July 22
Two water signs together. These signs are ruled by emotion.  Two cancerians will produce a relationship in which feelings & emotions play a dominant role This is a very interesting relationship. Both work for the same dream. Both love good food, entertainment and family reunion. They feel safe with each other and tend to latch on quickly. This combination will bring happiness but the reverse can also apply. It is the most exciting relationship. Two Cancer individuals are apt to find much to criticize about each other. Both are sympathetic & compassionate, so will help the other in times of trouble. Emotions can make clear thinking difficult, so some upsetting or muddled situations can occur when things go wrong.   It’s a good idea to assess difficult situations with the head & the heart to put this relationship on the right track. 
July 23 - August 22
Cancer and Leo: a water and fire sign together. Water is not compatible with fire. Their respective rulers Moon & Sun complement each other. In spite of your different nature, there will be a strong bond. There is much attraction in this combination. There are enough differences to create healthy curiosity. The relationship is not apt to be dull. In spite of differences nature, there will be a strong bond. Cancer often will have to give way to a dominant Leo but Leo has qualities that make Cancer’s moon shine brightly. Leo needs appreciation & attention, which Cancer is ready to give. This partnership could become very deep & strong; bringing abundance & joy for both people concerned They should be aware of maintaing balance in all respects, as both tend to go to extremes.  Leo needs praise, cancer requires security.  These elements can be successfully combined, provided both are mature -& sincere.
August 23-Sept 23
Cancer and Virgo: a water and earth sign together. Water, which is compatible with earth, enhances the merit of this combination. This is a sweet relationship. Virgos have a way of making the emotional Cancer feel safe and secure. Cancer proves to be sincere, loyal & conscientious so will appreciate, the qualities of Virgo, which are care, attention to detail & thoroughness. Cancer is patient & therefore willing to accept Virgo who will not be happy with quick, shoddy work. Virgo is too much of a perfectionist to do things in a hurry. Virgo could irritate cancer through constant striving towards improvement.Cancer is Hypersensitive & easily hurt, so Virgo should curb the tendency to criticize when cancer errs. . They love talking together and expressing their feelings. This is a very strong combination not only for a love relationship but also for business. Cancer is determined to live his/her dream and Virgo can work very well behind the scenes to make Cancer's dream come true.
Sept 24 - Oct 23
Cancer and Libra: a water and air sign together. Although Water & air are not very compatible, their respective rulers-The Moon & Venus have much in common & harmonize.  Marriage is for Librans and they are usually happier when married and may even feel incomplete, otherwise. Cancer's home is his castle, no matter how modest or luxurious it is, but Libras need to spend time outside. They enjoy entertainment, love luxuries (as necessities) that provide them with joy and energy. A thorough understanding is required before becoming seriously involved. That understanding comes about through a dialogue. Cancer cannot take things for granted with Libra.  Finding common ground for emotion & natures to interact would be a priority for this relationship to flow smoothly. Only if their moon or rising signs are compatible will this relationship have a chance to last.   
Oct 24 - Nov 21
Cancer and Scorpio: two water signs together. These two are naturally drawn to each other. With Scorpio there is physical attraction Water and water flows easily together. Chances for harmony are high. They are both very intuitive and feel each other's needs, just like the tides. There is plenty of compatibility. There is warmth of attraction here-And the sparks ignite into a roaring flame. The attraction gets cancer & Scorpio together. Just because there is an attraction does not mean that they live happily ever after. That depends on the maturity of cancer, of Scorpio- that depends on how their charts blend. Cancer will have to be receptive one-Scorpio presses, is forceful & dominant. Cancer tends to be moody, and a Scorpion sting can make you hypersensitive If You are, & if you want the attraction to grow into something permanent, take appropriate steps.  Utilize your inner wisdom, Cancer, if you do this, Scorpio can indeed be for you.  Practice kindness. 
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Cancer and Sagittarius: a water and fire sign together. The combination of water with fire highlights the great difference in their natures. Cancer is a real homebody and loves a secure, sure thing. On the other hand, Sagittarius is spontaneous, fun loving and outgoing. Sagittarius is not as exciting, where you are concerned, as is Scorpio. But the relationship could be more pleasant. Natives of Sagittarius have a way of helping you to relax. There is, however a lack of fire here. With Sagittarius you investigate, try various projects, But the staying power cannot be too great. Sagittarius is far too wayward & freedom loving to be domesticated & home orientated like cancer. Sagittarius is mentally, emotionally & physically independent which can make Cancer insecure. Both are generous in different ways. But there is a bright side here. Sagittarius will likely be able to get the Cancer to not take himself/herself so seriously. They share laughter, and have real affection for each other. 
Dec 22- Jan 19
Cancer and Capricorn: a water and earth sign together. Water is compatible with earth but because These two are opposing sun signs on the astrological wheel. They attract each other. Their competition not only can be complementary but also competitive, and it means they have a lot to learn from each other. If Capricorn gives top priority to ambition & success, sensitive Cancer will feel hurt or neglected. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your moon to stress independence, originality & new experiences. Cancer & Capricorn may have opposing views, But it could happen that both change- & both discover new interests. If this occurs, Capricorn & Cancer can grow together. And, of course, this would make an ideal situation & create a fine relationship. These two could benefit greatly from a romance together. Cancers and Capricorns have compassion and understanding to spare, and this will help them to achieve lovely harmony.
Jan 20 - Feb 18
Cancer and Aquarius: a water and air sign together. There is a kind of warmth here, attraction exists. But Be ready for lots of frustration! The brooding, emotional Cancer will find Aquarius's independent aloofness maddening .Cancer’s sensitive feeling & clinging emotions can disturb Aquarius who needs time for independence & detached action In a way, Aquarius is a universal, rather than a personal lover who likes to show interests & affection with friends & humanity. This could create rifts & differences in the relationship, causing conflict & discord.   Cancers need attention and reassurance and stability, and even then they never quite feel all the way loved. Aquarius is better with groups than with one-on-one intimacy. Aquarius is an air sign and it's very hard for them to get out of the clouds and focus. Strong friendship & understanding would be advisable to make a go of this partnership.
Feb 19 - March 20
Cancer and Pisces: two water signs together. These two make wonderful music together. The water/water combination tends to be the most harmonious. They are sensitive, passionate, romantic, comforting, and sympathetic. These feelings have priority over logic, reason & analysis in this combination of signs. A great deal of sympathy exists, but the two of you tend to get into a gut of gloom. This happens when your ideals are not fulfilled. Some practical necessities can become muddled or confused. Both feel things deeply, so each can evoke a sympathetic response in the other even without a word being spoken. Their relationship could be either of the height of bliss or the depths of sadness together. In all this relationship is favorable, although at times it could lack solidity. This is a romantic combination; there is an abundance of idealism. But the bleeding here could be woven with gossamer threads. 



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