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Vedic Yantras are geometrical figures intended to represent basic energies. Just as every elementary geometrical figure has a symbolic value corresponding to the basic notions. Similarly, Yantras symbolise energy. In a way, Vedic Yantras are the graphic representations of Mantras.

Yantras can be drawn, engraved or painted on a variety of substances numbering eight. These eight substances can be gold, silver, copper, crystal, birch, bone, hide (which can include any type of paper) and Vishnu stone (Shalagrama).

Just as each planet can be placated by a Mantra as special sound generates energy, a Yantra is equally useful to achieve the objective. If Mantra is the invisible driving force, the Yantra is visible means to gain power, wealth, ward off evils / diseases/ill effects of planets and physical manifestation of fine Mantra-Shakti.

Yantra is a scientific technique or a path through which one can attain Siddhi and some yield desired results instantly. Some Yantras are found placed in ancient temples and places of worship of various sects. Even today Yantras are worshipped at Tirupati, Nathdwara, Somnath temple, Amba-Mata Mandir.

A Yantra coupled with mantra can do miracle in your life because God and Goddesses bless those who worship them. The cosmic energies can do wonders. A dot known as bindu in Sanskrit symbolizes all pervading space- the origin of all that exists.

A proper scientific method like recitation of Beej Mantra to get the Yantra energised and thereafter proper Mantra is recited regularly can give you what you aspire.

But it is extremely essential before worshiping a Yantra and recitation a Mantra, you must get your horoscope analyzed so that proper relief and results can be achieved. There are 37 types of Yantras to achieve different objectives and fulfil your desires.

List of Yantras
Yantras can enhance your business, wealth, prosperity and luck, love life and attraction, education, health, children and placating the planets to keep you away from all ill-effects

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Business promotion Yantra
Yantra for Wealth
Yantra to Defeat Enemies
Sarv Karyasidhi Yantra Shri Yantra Bagala Mukhi Yantra
Subhlabh Yantra Kuber Yantra Hanuman Yantra
Vyapar Vridhi Yantra Mahalaxmi Yantra Mahakali Yantra
Yantra For Education
Yantra for Attraction & Love life
Yantra For Children
Gayatri Yantra Shukra Yantra Santangopal Yantra
Saraswati Yantra Vashikaran Yantra    
Yantra for Prosperity & luck
Other Yantras For Adversity
Yantras For Health & Long life
Durga Bisa Yantra Kaalsarp(Naagpash) Yantra Mahamritunjay Yantra
Ganesh Yantra Batuk Bhairon Yantra Mangal Yantra
Meru Yantra Durga Bisa Yantra Surya Yantra
Nav Graha Yantra Hanuman Yantra    
Sarv Karyasidhi Yantra Mahakali Yantra    
Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra        
Yantras Of Planets
Nav Graha Yantra Mercury Yantra Shukra Yantra
Brihaspati Yantra Rahu Yantra Mangal Yantra
Chandra Yantra Shani Yantra Surya Yantra
Ketu Yantra        

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Yantras can change your life, prevent malefic effects and give you whatever you aspire. Click Here

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