Number 2

By nature, man is curious to know about his unforeseen future.What is in store for his future? How will be the time for him in future? Will he ever be able to succeed in the task he has taken up? Which field should he choose in order to earn a lot of fame and fortune? These are some queries that always prick the human conscience. Astrology, since antiquity, had helped mankind to know the future events before hand.

  Number 2

Number  2 people are ruled by the Moon, which makes them gentle by nature, imaginative, artistic and romantic. They are peaceful but restless. Their imaginative nature makes them inventive, but they lack determination to execute their ideas forcefully. The moon gives them a love of aromas and fragrances, and they possess refined natures. 

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Being kind hearted, gentle, helpful and caring, friendships are sacred to them. Considered to be less practical as they get easily satisfied, they work less so as to get more time to dwell in an imaginary world. Faults which they should guard against are restlessness, lack of self confidence and continuity in their plans. Personal problems are due to their own strong and demanding nature which isolates them. Unhappy surroundings make them despondent and over-sensitive very soon.

They should cultivate self-confidence, become independent, avoid flatterers, should not leave jobs unfinished due to lack of interest, should avoid acting in haste and try to meditate.
Strong periods:
For auspicious activities, travelling and business promotion, the period June 20 and July 27 is most beneficial.
Good days:
Good dates:
2, 11, 20, 29 of any month are good for carrying out new plans or ventures. No. 1, 4, 7, 10,. 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 are also beneficial.
Should take care of digestive system, throats and lungs, and avoid stress and strain.
Favourable Colors:
All shades of green, cream and white will be useful colours if used in your surroundings or on your person. Green colour soothes the nervous system.
No.1, 2, 7 and 9 make ideal romance partners for No 2; their association with 7 is good, but relations with 4 and 5 bring difficulties. As 2 are emotional people, they should be conscious of their friendships with the opposite sex.
Famous personalities:
Edison (February 11), Thomas Hardy (June 2), Harold Wilson (March 11), Queen Marie Antionette (November 2)


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